What Is Snov.io? And How To Use It?

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 Snov.io is an outreach automation platform for marketers and sales offering a variety of tools for lead generation, email verification, email sending, and email tracking.

Whether you’re a sales rep, a marketing specialist, a recruiter, or a small business owner, Snov.io can help you find, verify, contact, and convert leads faster.

You can accomplish so much with Snov.io’s toolbox of business essentials. Snov.io can help you create a consistent inflow of leads to fill up your funnels with Snov.io Email Finder.

You can collect targeted leads on websites, professional social networks, google search results, or anywhere because the possibilities are never-ending.

With the help of Snov.io, you can also reduce your bounce rate. It helps you to get better deliverability with the Snov.io email verifier by cleaning your email list.

You can verify on the go or you have the option to upload your own list to receive non-duplicate and bounce-free valid emails.

You can also contact your leads at scale with personalized messages that feel genuine and look very human-like, i.e., non-bot-like.

With Snov.io you can send email campaigns and automate follow-ups using triggered sequences with Snov.io email drip campaigns. It also helps you track sent emails right in your google mail with its limited email tracker.

You can do it all with or without logos and paid plans because it ensures pure productivity.

With the help of Snov.io, you can discover the technologies stack of your competitors and clients for a deeper insight into their needs and pain points with Snov.io technology checker.

If you want to integrate Snov.io’s tools directly into your platform you can do that too with the help of their powerful REST API. With Snov.io, building and automating funnels is easy.

Why use Snov.io?

There is a wide range of features that Snov.io provides that are listed above but to understand the need to use Snov.io we must analyze its features further so to better understand its working.

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The working of Snov.io is categorized with its various service plans with different pricing. The Pricing is as follows:


Snov.io offers a number of pricing plans for members as follows:

XS: You can get this subscription for free and in this plan, you are provided with 50 credits and 100 Unique recipients

S: You can get this subscription at USD 33 a month and in this plan, you are provided with 1,000 monthly credits and 1,000 Unique recipients

M: You can get this subscription at USD 66 a month and in this plan, you are provided with 5,000 monthly credits and 5,000 Unique recipients

L: You can get this subscription at USD 141 a month and in this plan, you are provided with 20,000 monthly credits and 20,000 Unique recipients

XL: You can get this subscription at USD 241 a month and in this plan, you are provided with 50,000 monthly credits and 50,000 Unique recipients

XXL: You can get this subscription at USD 482 a month and in this plan, you are provided with 100,000 monthly credits and 100,000 Unique recipients


Snov.io is very easy to use because it is very most straightforward. Beginners can start using this with just a simple tutorial provided by Snov.io video tutorials at their YouTube channel which can get anyone started at this. They also provide you with emails that are very helpful.


Snov.io basically does exactly what it says on the tin. Pulling a list of emails from your preferred website takes seconds, and being able to use the email verifier to immediately confirm those addresses is an added advantage.

Why not use Snov.io?

Despite the fact that you may collect email addresses from a wide range of websites, the system presently does not allow Facebook – but that may change in the future.

There is a free version of Snov.io. It does not, however, offer export and has extremely restricted limits.

If you’re on a tight budget, Snov.io can get a little pricey once you get into the more comprehensive packages.

How Snov.io works and how to use it

With its various pricing plans, you can sort out what plan suits your need and can subscribe to it. Now to understand how Snov.io and its different features work and how to use them.

As Snov.io works on different platforms so its access is different for each one of them so we will analyze them one by one.

Sonv.io is a combination of tools to enhance your working and your working environment and it provides the following services:

Web App:

In the web app of Snov.io, you are provided with the email finder, email verifier, email drip campaigns, domain search, company profile search, social URL search, emails from names, linkers, and technology checker.

We now see how to use all these web app features for ourselves:

EMAIL FINDER: The email finder will be used through a chrome extension that works for many browsers or with an API and emails will be stored on the prospect page of your Snov.io account.

EMAIL VERIFIER: Like the email finder it can be used through an extension or API and will help you verify your emails from one to many and you can also do that without the API or extension in the Sonv.io account.

EMAIL DRIP CAMPAIGNS: With the help of triggers, timers, and goals using the drag-and-drop campaign building tool you can build your own email drip campaign. You can sort out your campaigns by selecting a specific audience to send your campaigns. To get better results you can use personalization attributes and you can analyze, pause or even edit your campaign in real-time even after they are launched.

DOMAIN SEARCH: If an email address is connected to a specific domain, it will help you collect it and it also supports a bulk domain search.

COMPANY PROFILE SEARCH: Based on the locations, industry, size founding, dates, names, or specialties you can search for companies.

SOCIAL URL SEARCH: It gets us a list of social profile links, and we’ll send you a list of email addresses linked with those profiles.

EMAILS FROM NAMES: To discover email addresses in bulk, upload a CSV file including the first name, last name, and domain name.

LINKER: Fill in the Job Title, Skills, and Location boxes to get a list of pages to go over for potential candidates. To collect your prospects, use the Email Finder plugin.

TECHNOLOGY CHECKER: Choose a technology and a list of websites that use it will appear.

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What else to use if not Snov.io

If you don’t feel like your needs are being satisfied you can always use the alternatives to Snov.io that are given below.


MailChimp is a big commercial platform that assists with marketing efforts. It not only handles email marketing but also offers a plethora of other useful features.

They are mainly focused on outreach automation and artificial intelligence. They provide a free plan as well as premium plans with a lot more features that range from $9 per month to $299 per year.

⇒ Start MailChimp For Free 

Find That Lead:

Find That Lead is an email finder that also assists with email verification and sending. It makes locating emails a snap.

It also gives you the choice of managing your social media to generate as many leads as possible, as well as assisting you in selecting the ideal audience for your marketing. The prices range from $49 to $399 each month.

⇒ Start For Free  

Moosend :

Another all-in-one marketing automation software with excellent email marketing features is Moosend. It allows you to do A/B testing, analyze your data, use their drag-and-drop email editor, and customize your emails fully.

They provide a free alternative as well as an $8-per-month plan that allows you to tailor your demands and set your own price.

⇒ Start Moosend for Free Now 

HubSpot Email Marketing Tool:

HubSpot offers its own email marketing tool, which is available for free. You may use it to manage to send kickback emails to prospects, thank you emails to consumers, and campaign promotions.

It comes with a drag-and-drop editor that is simple to use. Other HubSpot products are also connected with this piece of software.


Capture email addresses based on your prospect’s first name, last name, and company name with only two clicks from professional social networks, corporate websites, or anyplace else on the internet.

With our cold emailing technology, you can send highly customized email campaigns at scale. Send up to 400 emails each day with numerous customization options per sending address.

Through our reporting and analytics tool, you can follow the results of each campaign phase, compare your efforts to the rest of your industry, and keep track of your team’s success.

Through our native CRM connectors (Salesforce, Pipedrive, Close.io, and HubSpot CRM), you may connect your Prospect.io account to hundreds of additional services.

When it comes to Snovio, there’s a lot to recommend. Although you’ll have to dig a little deeper into your pocket for larger limitations (or limitless email sending).

if you’re only looking to create a contact list, Snovio can accomplish it fast, efficiently, and affordably. Overall, a fantastic, user-friendly add-on.

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