Top 5 Affiliate Marketers You Need to Know About

Affiliate marketing is an often-untapped gold mine. Most people are not sure how to do it, how big the risk is, or how much money they can actually make from it. There are some very successful affiliate marketer out there. This is why we must learn from them. They have invested years and years of continuous efforts in practice and achieved success.

Top 5 Affiliate marketer

John Chow

John Chow is the first affiliate marketer on our countdown list. Many people consider him to be a revolutionary figure in affiliate marketing. Like Pat Flynn, John Chow has taken his online business to a whole new level in just 2-3 years.

John Chow started from scratch and now has an estimated monthly income of more than $50,000. He claimed that he only worked 2 hours a day and made so much money.

You may not like to trust your working hours, but the monthly income you generate is very real. His most recent book is “Making Money Online:

Dot COM Mogul’s Roadmap.” His website has more than 200,000 visitors every month. It is also the number one online marketer in the list of Canada’s 50 best online marketing blogs.

Jeremy Schoemaker

Well! I don’t think this person needs an introduction. Jeremy Schoemaker is a well-known figure on the Internet because he obtained the most viewed image of a Google Adsense check worth more than $132,000. So everyone knows that he made a fortune in affiliate marketing.

It is estimated that he made millions of dollars from affiliate marketing. In 2003, he opened his own blog and turned things around.

At the age of 28, he was burdened with $50,000 in debt and serious overweight problems. But after opening his own blog, he made more money in just one month than he made in his lifetime.

In 2007, he and his partner Jeremy launched an auction advertising and eBay’s affiliate marketing services. His blog has 30,000 loyal readers and is among the top 50 affiliate marketing blogs on Technorati’s list.

Kristy Mccubbin

When Kirsty McCubbin started her first job as an SEO supervisor in 1999, she had the first opportunity to conduct affiliate marketing with SEO clients.

She got her first commission within a month, and after the affiliate marketing training, she never backed down or climbed. Kirsty McCubbin always said that if you want to engage in affiliate marketing as a beginner, you should always build the best quality affiliates.

And you should always focus on skills, not the ideas she thinks, to become a good affiliate marketer:

  • Focus on user interface and user experience
  • Focus on niche markets and create quality content and more rebate links
  • Focus For search engine optimization, on-page, and off-page organic traffic
  • Focus on PPC (pay per click) activities on Google Adwords, Bing, and Yahoo
  • Focus on social media optimization (SMO) and social media marketing (SMM)
  • Focus on After the first traffic gets traffic, you can make a profit

Shawn Collins

As we know, Sean Collins is the co-founder of the Alliance Summit (2003). He has been an engaged affiliate marketer since 1997 and has more than two decades of experience. Collins used to work in the publishing industry, but it was not enough to pay the bills.

He discovered the Amazon affiliate program in 1997 and created his first affiliate website, which is about things to do in New York. Soon, he found a job at a medical book company, which hoped to have its own affiliate program.

He has been using Google AdWords and direct mail as his two strategies. He created a list of well-ranked domains on a topic and obtained their WHOIS addresses. In 2003, he founded Affiliate Summit on a cruise with Missy Ward and is now one of the largest affiliate marketing companies.

It is recommended that young marketers follow their enthusiasm. They should find their voice and start blogging. According to him, this is the perfect starting point for affiliate marketing. He advises people to maximize their time while thinking about the topic and covering as much as possible.

Zac Johnson

Zac Johnson has been engaged in affiliate marketing for more than 22 years. Even he, like Sean Collins, started his affiliate marketing journey through the Amazon affiliate program. Then he met WebSponsors and response, which was the first affiliate program.

In 2007, he decided to open his own blog on to build his own brand. Soon, he participated in the sales of subsidiary products. Without creating his own products, he made more than $100,000 per year.

In the past 18 years, you have tried everything from pay-per-click marketing to building your own website to a mailing list with 2 million people. Run your own affiliate program. He has learned not to give up failure and advises young entrepreneurs to do the same.

In an interview, he quoted: “My best advice is to have a tough skin. If you are not ready to work endlessly without immediate return, then the world of entrepreneurship is not for you at all. Everyone thinks It’s easy, but it’s the opposite. For every success story you see, there are hundreds of failures that you don’t know about.”

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