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First Spamzilla is not a spammy tool 🙂

The worst thing about purchasing expired domains? All the time it takes to sort through them all to find one that is decent.

It is a lot of work to go back into the Wayback machine each year and check domains for links.

Spamzilla automates all background checks for every domain. This allows you to quickly narrow down the most valuable domains at the best price. It claims that it does this. But does Spamzilla really work as claimed?

The short answer is YES. It is a fantastic tool for analyzing domains and finding things that domain-hunters may have missed.

It isn’t perfect, and it needs to be checked regularly to make sure the domain isn’t being spammed.

Continue reading if you’d like to know more!

What is Spamzilla?

Spamzilla is a cloud-based software that scans (no,  no not scams) auction and expired domain lists. It then analyzes each domain with its proprietary software to identify domains that were misused or abused previously.

This is done by first scraping Pending Delete and Fully Expired GoDaddy Auctions and GoDaddy Closeouts. Then they use Majestic or Ahrefs APIs to obtain the metrics, backlinks, and anchor text for each domain.

They then run each domain in’s Wayback machine, and in order to determine if they have been used in the past as PBN’s or spam sites.

They may also be alerted to excessive 301 redirects, which could indicate abuse.

Spamzilla then gives you a Spamzilla score of 1 to 100. 

1 being spotless, 100 being definitely spammed.

The majority of domains are somewhere in the middle, and I haven’t seen any domain drop below a 3.


Get access to 350,000 new expired domains every day!

  • For automated spam checking, the best domains have been selected
  • Spamzilla analyzes historical data and backlinks data
  • Check out 12 tabs of Spamzilla data analyzed
  • Only clean domains with powerful backlinks are available!

Screenshot 2021 10 20 at 18.38.16

Try Spamzilla Today!

What does Spamzilla cost?

Screenshot 2021 10 20 at 18.52.01

Spamzilla is available in two versions: the free and the paid. Spamzilla’s paid version costs $37 per month and grants you full access.

You can only review 25 domains per month in the free version. The paid version has a full domain list, which you do not have access to.

You can analyze up to 1850 domains per month with the paid version. Additional credits are available if you need more.

Spamzilla’s paid version also has a database that contains expired domains, which is constantly being updated.

These domains are then filtered using industry-standard metrics like Moz (DA/PA), Ahrefs(DR,UR), or Majestic (TF/CF).

What is a good Spamzilla score?

Spamzilla scores below 20 are considered safe. Spamzilla has been used extensively by me over the last few weeks, and I have also purchased some great domains.

There have been instances when I found domains that were clearly spammed, with scores below 20. There have been domains that appear a bit shabby but have a Spamzilla score above 20.

Spamzilla Tutorial

Although the Spamzilla interface may seem overwhelming at first glance, it becomes very intuitive and easy to use once you have spent some time with it.

Screenshot 2021 10 26 at 15.00.11 wpp1635254136766

Spamzilla will open for the first time, and you’ll be presented with the following database. Below is a list of all the columns:

Domain: The website name you can buy

Source The source from which you can purchase the domain can be expired and available for free pickup anywhere. Or, it can be bought through an auction site.

TF Majestic’s Trust Flow is a great metric to use to determine the trustworthiness of a website. The higher the number, the better.

CF Majestic’s Citation Flow. You want the TF to be equal to the CF – if it is greater than the TF, it is likely that you are spamming.

Maj: Majestic’s Back Links. Usually, the more backlinks a site has, the better. Sometimes, however, too many backlinks can indicate that the domain is spammed.

Maj: Majestic’s Referring Domains. Again, the more domains that refer to Majestic the better. Sometimes, however, too many domains can lead to spam.

Maj Topics: Majestic’s Topics – A quick and easy way to determine the niche of a domain in order to locate topically relevant domains

Site Lang: Main Language The backlinks are in.

Moz Domain Authority: Moz Domain Authority is the most widely used metric to determine domain strength. However, it can be easily modified.

Moz D:Moz Page Authority – How powerful is the main page for a domain. Similar to Ahref’s UR metric

Age: Age at the time the domain was registered. It could have been dropped at any time, or it could not be active.

SZ Score This is Spamzilla’s spam score. The lower the score, the better.

Open the Filter

Screenshot 2021 10 26 at 15.00.30

First, click the filter button at the top. This will open the page that allows you to sort through the millions of domains available.

While I won’t go into detail about each metric, I will make recommendations based on your needs.

Domains that are no longer available

It is best to have low expectations if you are looking for good domains that have expired. These are my filters:

  • TF: 2
  • DR: 10
  • SZ Score: 0-20

Tip — You’ll still need to look closely at expired domains because they are often spammed. This means that you need to look at domain snapshots carefully and run the domain in Ahrefs to check if it is ranking for junk keywords such as “Nike Air Max shoes”.

Auction Domains

You can spend more if you are willing to invest. These are my filters:

  • TF: 2
  • DR: 20
  • SZ Score: 0-20

Auction ends: Today or one day in advance

Tip: It is best to not bid too early on auction domains. The price will rise quickly as a result. Pros wait until the last five minutes to place a bid on domains. This keeps the competition low, which allows you to sometimes jump in and grab domains for a very cheap price.

Spamzilla: How to Screen Domains

After you’ve narrowed down your list to domains that have link juice and aren’t spammed (hopefully), you will want to do some research and look into the domains.

Click on Spamzilla to do this:

Screenshot 2021 10 21 at 18.54.29

This gives you a great overview of the history of Wayback Machine. This is a great alternative to going through every year. It saves you a lot of time and is the most important aspect in screening domains.

You should carefully go through every screenshot. One small detail can make the difference between a good and bad domain.

It is also possible to view domain backlinks, redirects, and even domain historical wordcounts and drops. These views can indicate whether a domain was used for spam or as a PBN.

Price tag

Spamzilla costs $37 per month. It also comes with Spamzilla screening software. This saves you so much time when purchasing domains.

What about the Features?

Spamzilla is the best in terms of price, but what about all other features?

Spamzilla also displays DNS History and Domain Drops count. This information is helpful when manually checking if a domain has been used as a PBN.

Spamzilla has Historic snapshots from, Spamzilla offers a WayBack Exporting feature that allows you to quickly and easily download a website from

Is Spamzilla Worth it?

Spamzilla is the best option for domain buyers who are looking to buy domains.

It does all it promises and is cheaper than other similar programs that have fewer features.

Screenshot 2021 10 21 at 18.44.48

Spamzilla is always adding new features to their site and working with more auction-domain companies, so it’s only a matter of time before they raise prices.

If you are looking to reduce your domain purchases, I recommend visiting Spamzilla and purchasing it at the current rate.

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