How To Start a Travel Blog? (+ 53 Travel Affiliate Programs To Join For Free)

How to find the right domain name for your traveling blog?

Plus 53 Travel Affiliate Programs

How to Find a Name for My Travel Blog

It is easy to come up with an idea for a blog, but the difficult task is selecting a blog name. Travel blogs can be fun and interesting to read, but readers don’t know the effort that goes into making them. Naming the travel blog requires a lot of effort on part of the writer. In fact, for most people, naming the blog can become a huge obstacle to launching the blog itself. Fear not, as we will help you pick the perfect name for your travel blog. 

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Determine Your Target Readers 

Before all else, you have to narrow down the people you are aiming your blog at. A travel blog aimed at the wrong target audience will never be successful. For example, if you name your blog something that attracts older readers, but the content is about adventure and partying in foreign countries, it will not be successful. This will put off readers as the name indicated something else.

Hence, before you decide to name your travel blog, determine who you want to aim at. Mature readers will be attracted to more sophisticated content, whereas younger readers will be interested in something more thrilling. 

Determine Your Niche 

Naming your travel blog will remain a difficult task until you decide your niche. We are sure you are wondering, what niche do I have to decide on now? Isn’t the travel blog itself is a niche? The answer to the latter question is no.

Even if you have decided on writing a travel blog, you must narrow down the topic you want to write on. Do you wish to write about the cuisines of different countries or about the top destinations to visit while traveling to a specific country? Maybe you want to focus on writing about the best places to photograph while traveling. 

Before deciding upon a name, you should figure out what exactly you want to write about. Choosing your niche doesn’t mean you have to only focus on writing about your niche; you can add other topics as well, but keep the emphasis on your chosen niche. 

Why It Is Important to Name Your Travel Blog 

After you have figured out your niche, it is vital to start branding. Your travel blog should be treated as a brand. Just like a company has to market its brand, you have to market your blog. Simply writing about travel will not make you successful. You have to create a brand for yourself that best represents your writing.

Your brand will allow you to be successful in the world of blogging. It will allow you to establish yourself with your audience and search engines.

There are many ways of transforming your blog into a brand, but the first step to take is to give it a name. Choose a name that showcases you and your personality. It needs to be unique and close to what you represent. 

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How to Name Your Blog 

It can be hard to start brainstorming ideas right away. The task can be often overwhelming and off-putting. Therefore, it is recommended to follow a set of steps that allows the whole process to become easier:

See What Works Already 

The best starting point is to see what is already present in the travel blogging industry. You should see what names people are using and how they are being utilized. However, keep in mind that you should not copy any names. That would be unethical and will not help you gain correct attention. What you need to do is see what is working in the market so that you can spin a name off that. Don’t focus on reinvention but on aligning yourself with what works. 

During your research, pick blog names that stand out the most to you. Ask yourself why they caught your attention and what is different about them. Then see if you can come up with interesting synonyms that can work for your blog. Synonyms are the best way to stay aligned with existing names while creating a new name for your brand. 

Bring Your Creativity 

What can set you apart from the competition? It is the creativity you bring. Everyone is unique in their own way. Your individuality and creativity should be reflected in your blog.

One way of being creative with travel blog names is by using words that reflect imagery. Words that allow the reader to quickly envision your blog will stand out more. Just simple words and names will not excite a person enough to visit your travel blog. Therefore, try sparking readers’ interest by adding imagery to your name. Imagery holds a lot of power, so using this strategy is bound to bring more readers your way. 

What can make your blog even more interesting is the use of foreign words in the title. Using a foreign language is one of the best tricks in the book to get people to notice you. It shows your traveling spirit and that you are willing to get out of the box. 

When incorporating a foreign language word or phrase in your title, make sure you add the definition on your homepage. While the use of a foreign language can be unique and interesting, especially for a travel blog, everyone can’t understand it. It might get people to click on your blog, but if they don’t understand what the blog is about within seconds, they will click elsewhere. Hence, while you are being creative, don’t forget your target audience. 

Remember Your Niche 

We have already covered why your niche is important for branding, but it is equally important for search engines. Everyone uses Google to search for anything they want to find on the internet. Most people only look at the results on the first page.

People tend to search for keywords like affordable travel, luxury travel, and adventurous travel. Google or any other search engine will only show the top results related to the keyword on the first page. If you want your blog to be search engine-friendly and be visible on the first page of search results, your travel blog name should be related to the niche you are writing about. This is known as search engine optimization. By adding exactly what the search engine recognizes, your chances of being recognized by people increase. 

Thus, no matter what you do, always keep your niche in mind when thinking of a name. This way, you can come up with a name for your travel blog that people are more likely to click on. You should always consider search engines and their algorithms because your work will be found through them. A travel blog name is only good if it is search engine-friendly. 

Stay True to Your Beliefs 

Your travel blog name should reflect your beliefs. At the end of the day, you will be the one creating content for your brand, so always keep yourself in mind.

Many people start blogs for specific purposes. If you are doing the same, always keep that purpose in mind. If you want to use your platform for a humanitarian cause, try to incorporate that in the name. For example, if you believe in green living, it would be a good idea to put that in your name.

Having a name that truly represents you shows what you stand for at a quick glance. You can even attract those who might not want to read about traveling but are interested in getting more involved with the causes you support. 

Showcase Your Personality 

When you get personal with your readers, they will become more interested in what you have to say. If you have a unique personality, it can be a good idea to add that to your name. It can allow people to relate to you on a more personal level.

A travel blog is different from other lifestyle blogs because the focus is more on the destinations rather than the blogger. However, if you can find a way to bring in a personal touch to your posts, your blog can be far more than just about traveling. 

Choose a Name Ending with ‘.Com’

These names are known to perform better on search engines as compared to simple ones. However, the problem is that these names are mostly taken and have become too concentrated on the internet. This is where you have to be creative and make a name that will be unique and can have the .com ending. Remember to make it not only eye-catching but also search engine-friendly. 

What Not to Do While Naming a Travel Blog 

We have covered all the things you should consider while naming your travel blog, but there are also some things that you should never do. Just as it is important to understand all the things you should be doing, it is equally important to understand some of the things you should refrain from. 

Never Choose a Name That Limits You 

If you choose a name that does not allow you to grow as a brand, you will never be able to gain long-term success. A travel blog is a brand that should have the ability to grow and evolve. If you decide on a name that is limiting you to the short term, you will never be successful.

You might choose a name that will not make you happy in the long run when you are more established. Maybe it sounds good today, but when you have more experience in the industry, it can sound childish and unprofessional.

Therefore, always choose a name that you will be happy with within the long term. Choose a name that you will not change in the future and that you can grow with as your personality grows. 

Don’t think you can change your blog name later. Frequent changes to the blog name can result in the loss of readers. This is because you are rebranding, and frequent rebranding is never good. It will take longer for you to establish yourself in the industry because you will have to start marketing from the beginning every time you rebrand. Thus, always decide on a name that fits your niche well and that you won’t have to keep changing and will allow you to mature as a writer as time goes on. 

Don’t Overcomplicate the Name 

While unique and creative names will catch attention, overly complicated names will only result in people leaving your blog. If the name is too long with more than eight letters, many will not prefer clicking on it. Blog names are what people see when they are browsing the long list of search results, so make sure it is simple yet unique so that you are not losing potential readers while catching their attention. 

Register Your Blog Name 

After you have decided on the perfect name for your travel blog, the last step is to register it. What does it mean to register your name? It means buying the name. This will allow you to own your blog name so that no one else can use it as it is. You can use a web hosting service that will allow you to own the name. After this, you can start designing your blog and bringing your dream of a travel blog to fruition.

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Getting started with a niche website

  1. Write lead-generating content. Make sure you write content that will generate leads. There are some questions people want to get clarified. They could search for healthy dog teeth or what harness suits best my cat. . You can make a list or write a review and tell people why they should buy product A instead of Product B. If you feel uncomfortable writing yourself you can hire a writer on Fiverr or Hirewriters.
  2. Invest in White Hat SEO traffic. A great SEO tool is Surfer SEO. Never use black hat SEO unless you want to get penalized by Google.
  3. Optimize traffic to convert by using targeted and low competition keywords. My favorite tool to find keywords is Keysearch.To rank in Google, Bing, etc you need not only the right Keywords but there is SEO, PPC, SMM, competitive research, Content marketing, and here is where SemRush comes in. This is an online tool that offers all this. Take it for a free ride for 7 days by clicking here.
  4. Develop a niche-related website. To start your first website click here to learn more about it.
  5. Create an email list. You can build your email list by offering a free e-Book for example so you attract people to sign up. An email list makes it easy to engage your customers and make them coming back to your site. AI recommend using Mailerlite. They are free to use up to 1.000 subscribers.
  6. Put your affiliate links near the top. When you position your affiliate links near the top, it will be easier for you to convert. Make the links clearly visible.
  7. Make video reviews or tutorials to educate your visitors. There is a lot of free video-making tools out there like Blender, Lightworks, and Shotcut to name just a few.
  8. Always Monitor Your Conversions Rates. You can split test your landing pages or put the affiliate links in different ways on your page and see which one converts better.
  9. Use a clean template so your visitors won’t get distracted. You get free themes over at
  10. Take advantage of social media. Social media allows people to interact. Grow your social media engagement by posting regularly on your Facebook Instagram page or Twitter account. The traffic from social accounts helps also to rank in google.
  11. Take action!

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53 of the Best Travel Affiliate Programs in 2021

Almost everybody wants to travel, especially after the Covid-19 crisis, it is hard to find someone who doesn’t want to grab the luggage and head out for holidays.

If you are an ongoing marketer and are looking for travel affiliate programs to help your jet-set blog reader to make the most out of their adventures we put together a list of the best travel affiliate programs

  1. Travel Payouts
  3. Skyscanner
  4. Expedia
  5. Priceline
  6. Airbnb
  7.  Get your Guide Tours
  8. Viator
  9. Tripadvisor
  10. Agoda
  11. Jet Blue Vacations
  12. SwissGear
  13. Simo
  14. Airwander
  15. Hotel Travel Club
  16. Tours4Fun
  17. Canvas Holidays
  18.  HostelWorld
  19.  Kayak
  21. Vivid Seats
  22.  Expedia
  23. Sailing Europe
  24. Cruise Direct
  25. Orbiz
  26. Urban Adventure
  27.  Boat Bookings
  28. Cheapflights
  29. Travelocity
  30. Vayama
  31. Momondo
  32. Zipcars
  33. Top Villas
  34. One Travel
  35. Virgin Holidays
  37. Lonely Planet
  38. MSC Cruises
  39. Villiers
  40. Expert Flyer
  41. Jetrader
  42.  CheapOair
  43. Turnkey Vacation Rentals
  45. Allianz Global Insuranc
  47. Travel Guide
  48. Claim Compass
  49. Air France
  50. Holiday Autos
  51. Zip Car
  52. HotWire

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