How to get followers on Tumblr?

Tumblr (stylized as Tumblr ) is an online microblogging and social networking website founded by David Karp in 2007. Registered users can post multimedia and other content to a short-form blog. Users can follow other users’ blogs. Bloggers can also make their blogs private. Most traffic comes from the USA, UK, Canada, Japan, France, Spain, Italy, Brazil, etc. People use Tumblr for different reasons: some want a simple platform to share photos/videos others are looking for something more meaningful, like making friends or finding love.

Tumblr has many unique features that allow people to interact via posts, messages, and chat rooms. Tumblr has many subcultures, and it’s important to appreciate them all because, in the end, it’s what makes Tumblr so unique.

Many Tumblr users think getting Tumblr followers is a difficult task. It’s a competitive world out there, and knowing how to get more followers will help your blog grow, which is why this article exists.

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Here is a detailed guide on how to get followers on Tumblr:

1) The first place you can start is with your blog.

Make sure that it looks nice and clean because your readers will notice if your profile isn’t set up properly right away. You must have a good-looking blog front page, or else nobody may ever visit it again. Study some other blogs in your niche (e.g., fashion, music to see what their blog looks like, and do the same for blogs that are more popular than yours. Don’t copy their blog styles, but take inspiration from them)

2) Update your blog regularly

You will also need to make sure you have recent posts on your blog front page, or else nobody may ever visit it again.

3) you must put a clear call to action at the end of your post.

Call To Action (CTA): This instruction, often in a text box, tells readers what to do next. Examples of CTAs include “like this” and “subscribe here.” A common example of a CTA is when bloggers ask their readers to follow or subscribe to their blog to get new updates when they publish new posts.

4) Link your blog back to your Twitter and Facebook as well.

So many bloggers link their blogs back to their Instagram or Pinterest accounts, but that’s not nearly as popular for some reason. Though, nobody cares about Pinterest and Instagram, so link all of them together if you can.

5) Make sure you leave at least 15 minutes between posts.

If all of your posts go up one after another, then nobody will want to bother looking at your blog. A reasonable time to leave between posts is about 20 minutes so that readers who like you can check back multiple times a day and get their fill.

6) Make sure your post titles clearly describe what the post is about.

If they don’t, no one will ever click on them! The title of my last article was “How to get followers on Tumblr,” which is a clear enough description for most people. Nobody wants a blog with many fliers because that’s no fun at all for anybody involved.

7) Don’t use too many all caps in your headlines,

or it may start to sound unwanted after a while. Use all caps sparingly, or else nobody will want to read anything you write.

8) If you want to get many followers on Tumblr,

you mustn’t copy and paste other people’s posts. You should write your stuff and be creative. It takes time, but if you initially set yourself up with a good blog, finding readers will be much easier later on.

9) Make sure your blogs have clear titles at the bottom,

such as “written by @name” or something similar, so that people know who wrote the article. If a reader wants to follow you, they need to know-how.

10) You can also use different websites like Blogger, Ello or with your own website

to like and follow people back to get more people to follow you. It’s a good idea to use sites like these because it will create more exposure for your blog and get it out there where more people might see it!

11) Figure out what times of day you have the most readers on Tumblr

(e.g., afternoon or evening), and then schedule your posts to go live around those times when you know the most people are likely checking in. This is yet another thing that can help increase traffic, especially if somebody who used to be an avid reader has stopped visiting recently. You should probably tweet at them too, saying, “Hey! I updated my blog today; why don’t you check it out?”

12) Make sure your blogs have tags so that they’re easier for people to find.

This means having tags such as #lolcats and #tumblr at the end of your blog posts. I don’t have too many, though; people will probably get tired of them if they’re used too much in all of your posts.

13) Don’t be afraid to ask readers to retweet your posts

and follow you on Twitter, even if it seems vain. If you want many followers, you may need to consider giving out free stuff (e.g., an ebook or a video guide). You can also post something along the lines of “I just started my Tumblr blog, follow me for a chance to win this awesome prize!” – since those kinds of headlines are more likely to catch people’s attention.

14) If you want to increase your followers on Tumblr, then you should follow others.

Follow some popular blogs in your niche first and then unfollow them later if they don’t follow you back. People like reciprocation, so this will make them more likely to follow you back, and it might result in some new readers for your blog.

15) Make relevant content

Be sure that anything you post is relative to the kind of content that people are used to seeing on your blog; otherwise, it will be ignored. It’s not a good idea to go around posting about politics or religion if all of your posts are about funny pictures from The Simpsons. Also, make sure whatever content you post has a link back to either another page on your blog, someone else’s blog, or a website with like-minded content.

16) #Tag your posts

Also, be sure to tag your posts correctly so that people can find them more easily. For example, if you were to make a blog post tagged #relationships, then people who search Tumblr for things regarding relationships would come across your blog more easily than they might otherwise. Tagging works in far more ways than just long-tail keywords such as #lolcats.

17) Don’t feel obligated to follow somebody back if you don’t want to when they follow you on Tumblr.

Maybe they didn’t follow you because they wanted to read your blog and not because they like you as a person. Some bloggers have the misconception that it’s rude not to follow someone back if they’ve followed you, but the fact of the matter is that not everybody wants to follow you back. People use Tumblr for different things, so respect their decision if they don’t want to follow you and try not to take it personally.

18) Take the focus off of yourself

Don’t post too much about yourself or tell people what your interests are unless it’s genuinely interesting. Nobody cares that much about boring details such as your age or where you’re from. If somebody came up to me and started telling me all this uninteresting information, then I’d probably just walk away and go do something else. Make your posts about other people instead of yourself – show how awesome they are. It will make them more likely to return the favor by following you in return.

19) Make comments

Comment regularly and post all of your old stuff (with new things added regularly so that people aren’t bored of you). If somebody has been reading your blog for years but hasn’t commented, then they’re probably not going to. However, if it’s clear that you read and appreciate other people’s blogs, then they might feel more obligated to return the favor by leaving a comment.

20) Ask the subjects of your posts to re-blog them to increase exposure.

Do this with every blog post instead of just one or two; otherwise, there will be less chance of success.It should work well as long as what you wrote about them was positive.

21) Use hashtags to reach a wider audience.

There are some Tumblr blogs with over 100,000 followers but only 5,000 posts. That’s because increasing the number of people who see your posts is much easier through using hashtags. Simply find popular tags relevant to your niche and add them wherever they fit in naturally. This will help you extend your readership more easily than if you didn’t use any at all.

22) Use keywords as tags

Include keywords as tags even when they don’t seem applicable just so that they show up in the tag cloud for other people’s convenience. It might be hard keeping track of which tags you’ve already used, so it makes sense to include multiple similar ones just so that the tag cloud looks more natural and less as if you simply searched for your most popular tags. Do not use too many related tags, though, or Tumblr’s spam filter might start to flag your blog.

23) Remember that quality beats quantity every time.

Look at some of the very top blogs on Tumblr, and you’ll see the outcome they don’t have nearly as many posts as other people, but they still get more likes, re-blogs, follows, etc., because their posts are better written and/or just plain interesting! This isn’t always possible since it depends on how much free time somebody has but try to take a leaf out of their book when writing new blog posts in the future.

24) Have your unique style of writing/attitude.

If you want more people to follow you, it’s best to try and set yourself apart from other bloggers. You’re just another nameless face on Tumblr if your posts are all the same. It’s easy to be different nowadays, add humor here, make something about cats there, stay formal in some areas, etc. Customize your blog to feel like it comes from an actual person rather than just being one generic “follow me cause I’m awesome!” kind of page.

25) Be funny or serious, depending on what sort of blog you have.

Don’t mix both kinds unless they’re equally good at either. People enjoy reading blogs where they know what mood to expect if you want more people to follow your blog, it’s best to stick with one or the other. Nobody wants to feel as though they’re being forced into reading something that they might not like. Keep posts on the same level of humor/seriousness, depending on what type of blog you have. Don’t mix them at random!

26) Interact regularly with other bloggers.

It doesn’t matter if some people are bigger than others because everybody has the potential for greatness (or at least popularity). Some of Tumblr’s most popular blogs aren’t particularly big, but you’ll notice that there are hundreds upon hundreds of re-blogs for their posts. The biggest ones typically get many followers anyway, but a fair few medium-sized ones are much, much more popular. Why is that? It’s because they take the time to talk with other bloggers by re-blogging and leaving comments at least once a day.

27) Don’t feel obligated to re-blog every single post that you come across

It just clutters up your blog. Instead, check out the last ten or so posts from every person you follow and then pick out which ones appeal to you most. Save them in an organized folder for future reference if possible, or simply visit again another day since there’s nothing wrong with wanting to look through all of your friends’ recent updates whenever possible. It is not understood why some people expect everyone else on Tumblr to re-blog their posts no matter how bad they are. It’s like being in school again with everybody making fun of the kid who did nothing but hand his homework in; on time and expect a perfect score.

28) If you want more people to follow your blog, try not to be rude.

It’s fine if you disagree with somebody or want to let them know that their posts suck, but there’s no need for harsh language or insults. Some blogs attract followers by being extremely mean and hateful towards others while still staying popular. Most people prefer nice bloggers who have good manners and appreciate getting new readers/friends instead of those who just act as though they’re superior. This is Tumblr, not high school. The rules are different here.

29) Don’t beg for followers, likes, re-blogs, or anything else.

It’s an instant turn-off. If you want more people to follow your blog, then writing formal and interesting posts should be enough motivation for somebody to hit that “follow” button after reading them. If not, then they probably didn’t deserve to have you as a follower in the first place if they can’t even muster up enough interest to care about what you write. Nobody wants somebody who asks for ideas every day or cries when their post only gets a few notes. Just keep making awesome posts and let the readers come to you instead of constantly begging on Tumblr’s street corner wearing a sandwich board.


To get more Tumblr followers, you have to spend time building a presence which includes posting on the regular, going social, making friends with like-minded people, and promote your blog by spending money if necessary. It would be best to start now because plenty of numbers will suit your interest, so why not create an account today? Good luck.

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