How to get a permanent U.S. mobile phone number

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How to get a permanent U.S. mobile phone number

Various things would force one to get a U.S. phone number, one being having businesses located outside the country while your customers are from the U.S. Normally, it is inappropriate to have this number, especially when you don’t reside in the country.

But under some circumstances, you will be obliged to have it. There are various ways you can get a U.S. phone number, not temporarily or using money but permanent and free. Often, you can only get a phone number if you pay for the service, have an activated sim card and cellphone, and sometimes you will need to register for the VolP service to get a number.

However, today things are changed, and it is possible to get a free phone number without paying for any of that. In this article, we will discuss various methods you can use to get a permanent U.S. phone number, but first, let’s look at some of the reasons that can force you to get a U.S.-based number.

Why is the U.S. phone number important?

As mentioned earlier, the first and main reason is business purposes. When you need to connect with your U.S.-based customers, but your business is located outside the country.

Also, having such a number gives your business some superiority and reputation within the market. You will be charged a fee during communication with other countries’ numbers, but a U.S. number charges no fees when you communicate with those in the U.S.

For business sake, it is also confirmed that customers residing in the U.S. would likely take calls from U.S. numbers. Apart from business, you can have this number because you want to contact family members but still enjoy the advantages that come with it.

Whichever the case, below, we have some methods that can help you get a permanent U.S. number for free.

1.Google voice

google voice

Google voice is a good tool providing an individual with a free and permanent phone number. This tool allows for more than one phone to ring simultaneously if they are incoming calls.

However, this service is not available in the entire world but is limited to some countries. To have Google voice or get a number using it, you will need to have a U.S phone number. You can use methods such as HeyWire, or the TextPlus apps to get the number and then use it to verify Google voice.

You can also get a Google voice number by having a Google voice account. With this number, you can receive hangouts calls which are free and international. This use of hangouts is popular within the Indian community. To use the hangouts with Google voice, you must have a U.S. Google voice number and account.


hay wire

This is an application that can help in getting U.S.-based numbers. If you use this app, you will get a permanent U.S.-based number, and the most fantastic thing is that you do not have to pay anything.

The number allows you to text other people. The people in your contact list that you are trying to reach through a text on a number you got do not need to have the app installed on their devices. Moreover, there are no charges when you are texting to a Canadian or Us phone number.

Whether you have a poor network connection, you can still text and send voice messages instantly. Also, you can send texts to Twitter, and whenever you are not in a position to reply to a text, the number has an auto-reply feature that sends responses on your behalf.


send plus

This is also an application that you need to download and install on your device whether you are using android or iOS phones before using it. On your device, open this app and create your account by registering using the email address. You will then be directed to import your contacts, but this step is optional.

Once your app opens, locate the settings and scroll to the bottom. You will find the option of getting a free TextPlus number. Click on this, and you will get your number. Feed the information about the state you live in, the area code, and you will be set.

This number allows you to make calls, receive calls and send and receive messages. You can do this to any number as long as it is verified with an email, a Google voice, or a bank. Also, this number offers you some cool features.

For instance, the call-back text feature is something you cannot find in every number, and even more, this text is free of charge with this number. When you cannot respond to the caller, this number allows you to send the callback text to the other person freely.

Although most people use WhatsApp and this feature seems unimportant, it is a handy feature for those not on WhatsApp.


sendhub business sms solution

This is an application that is available in Google play store and Itunes. This means that it is available for application. It is a perfect app for sending lots of messages at once, especially those that are business-related.

However, to use this application, you are required to provide either a Canadian phone number or U.S. based one for verification. Because you want this app for your business operations, you can start downloading any of the above apps to get the U.S. number.

The number you will get there will be used in the verification step while using the SendHub app. SendHub has some amazing messaging features. For instance, the creators of this app included a group text option in the messaging system. This can be done from any device.

Moreover, the users of this app can easily share their contacts and files within themselves or with many people. As a business person, you will benefit from the toll-free number, call analytics, and business insights available in this app.

In conclusion, given that you are obliged to get a U.S.-based number, know that there are many options available for you. You can use the methods discussed above, and if they don’t work for you, don’t give up because there are others such as OpenPhone and iNum.

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