Choosing between GetResponse and Aweber

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With the world going online for almost all its needs, businesses must invest in digital marketing. There are plenty of digital channels available for marketers but the good-old email marketing is way more impactful than others. It can be compared to receiving a physical letter in your hand in the world before the digital one.

You are bound to read this letter since it is personalized and created just for you. Similarly, in the digital world, you will read the email created just for you if you have subscribed to it. Modern businesses, therefore, combine their digital marketing efforts to form an impactful digital strategy by using email marketing tools. Today we’ll be discussing two of these major tools – GetResponse and Aweber and bring out the differences between the two. Before getting into a detailed comparison of GetResponse and Aweber, let us first find out what they are.

This site contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links

What is GetResponse?

It is an email marketing tool that allows you to automate your emails, create newsletters, mailing lists, and capture data. It came into the business in 1998 and is now serving customers in more than 182 countries. With more than two decades of experience, GetResponse is now serving more than 350,000 customers

What is Aweber?

Aweber is a GetResponse competitor that performs almost all the functions for your business that GetResponse does. It has been providing email marketing services since August 1998 and is serving over 100,000 customers worldwide.

Importance of GetResponse and Aweber

Since you know that GetResponse and Aweber are email marketing tools, you must be wondering why do you need them? The truth is that email marketing is still more impactful than social media marketing targeting any popular social network. Let us find out the importance of email marketing in this social media world.

Why is email marketing important for businesses?

With over 2.5 billion email users around the globe, the popularity of this communication channel is hard to ignore. You might mark some random emails in your inbox as spam but what about the ones you look forward to? These billions of email users have varied interests and follow their favorite brands with sheer dedication. Allowing your website visitors and customers to subscribe to your business emails will help you bring in more revenues.

Let us briefly discuss the importance of email marketing here:

  • Email marketing helps in building brand awareness which is one of the major goals of any marketing strategy.
  • Custom emails increase the engagement of new, old, and prospective customers with your brand.
  • Email marketing is known to provide the highest Return On Investment (ROI) making it extremely cost-efficient.
  • More than 90% of people use their email daily while the numbers are far lower for social media channels. Smartphone users frequently check their emails throughout the day.
  • All your other digital marketing efforts can seamlessly combine with email marketing.
  • Research shows that email marketing is above all other channels in acquiring and retaining a customer.
  • The transactional nature of emails helps you get more engagement and sales.
  • Your email marketing campaigns can be tracked for determining their performance and altering your plans accordingly.

GetResponse vs Aweber – A detailed comparison

Now that we know the importance of email marketing, let us compare the services offered by GetResponse and Aweber. This detailed comparison between GetResponse and Aweber will help you choose the right tool for your business.

GetResponse vs Aweber – User Interface

The software needs to offer a user-friendly interface for retaining a customer long-term. If you won’t be comfortable using a tool, a lot of your time will get wasted in accessing its features.


Aims to be the easiest email marketing tool for businesses and work towards achieving this goal. From the moment you log in, you will find everything you need in a well-arranged manner for easy accessibility. You can easily set up your email list, create forms, newsletters, landing pages, and autoresponders. You will find its dashboard as feature-rich and comprehensive yet simple and easy to understand for navigation.


Provides a clean-looking and simple interface but it is not as feature-rich as GetResponse. You will have to click a little more to find out the features you need to use. It can be said that the dashboard doesn’t provide easy access even though it looks simple. For examining your website analytics, Aweber distributes the data into different sections on different pages. In contrast, GetResponse will present you with almost all the analytics on a single dashboard.

GetResponse vs Aweber – Pricing

Pricing of the plans offered by different marketing tools has a direct impact on the monthly budget of your business. It is recommended to pay for a starter plan initially and upgrade as the business progresses.


GetResponse offers you 3 major plans with variable features. Additionally, the price of these plans also varies according to the number of your email subscribers. In short, you will pay according to the features you desire and the length of your subscriber list. Here are the offerings:

  • The ‘Basic’ plan starts at $15 per month for 1000 subscribers. It goes up to $450 per month for 1,00,000 subscribers. This plan provides you with unlimited emails, landing pages, exit pop-ups, forms, surveys, automation templates, and Facebook Ads.
  • The ‘Plus’ plan starts at $49 per month for 1000 subscribers. It goes up to $499 per month for 1,00,000 subscribers. This plan provides you with all the features of the ‘Basic’ plan. Additionally, it offers sales funnels, list-building funnels, simple CRM, e-products sales, and allows conducting webinars (maximum of 100 attendees). Collaborative tools for 3 users are provided.
  • The ‘Professional’ plan starts at $99 per month for 1000 subscribers. It goes up to $580 per month for 1,00,000 subscribers. This plan provides you with all the features of the ‘Plus’ plan. Additionally, it offers contact scoring and tagging, webinar funnels, automation builders, paid webinars, and conducting webinars (maximum of 300 attendees). Collaborative tools for 5 users are provided.

In case your requirements are bigger than the ‘Professional’ plan, you can request a custom quote online. The yearly commitment to the above plans will cost cheaper for you.


Aweber, on the other hand, has an extremely simple pricing structure. It offers 5 plans that vary according to the number of your email subscribers. You get all the features Aweber has to offer in all these plans. It is pretty easy to understand such a pricing structure. Here are the different offerings:

● For up to 500 subscribers, pay $19 per month.
● For 501-2,500 subscribers, pay $29 per month.
● For 2,501-5,000 subscribers, pay $49 per month.
● For 5,001-10,000 subscribers, pay $69 per month.
● For 10,001-25,000 subscribers, pay $149 per month.

The yearly commitment to the above plans will cost cheaper as discounts are offered by the company. For even bigger requirements, you can get a custom quote from the company. An additional free plan has been recently added by Aweber that offers limited features without charging you anything ever.


It depends on your requirements as to which email marketing tool will cost cheaper for you. If you only need the features offered in the starter plan of GetResponse, you must choose it over Aweber. In such a case, you will save a lot on your monthly bills. If, however, you are planning to use advanced email marketing features, Aweber will cost you cheaper when starting. Trying out the free plan offered by Aweber is also recommended for saving on your monthly bills.

GetResponse vs Aweber – Automation capabilities

It is impossible to manually send an email to hundreds of your subscribers when they interact with your website content. That is where the automation capabilities of an email marketing tool come in.


GetResponse makes it easy to use the automation features with the visual charts it offers. It is fairly simple to create and automatically send newsletters and broadcasts depending on the triggers important to your business. GetResponse also allows you to create auto-funnels carrying the power to send emails with sign-up and landing pages. You can build an email list, sell products, and do much more with these funnels.

GetResponse is truly a winner in automation for the depth of features it offers. The tool goes the extra mile to help you create emails targeted to increase the chance of your sales.


Aweber provides a drag and drops feature for creating autoresponders. It is extremely easy to build your marketing emails and set them for automatic sending. You won’t find any visual charts while creating your autoresponders as in the case of GetResponse. Also, Aweber doesn’t offer any auto-funnels for marketing at a deeper level. You can only send basic emails to maintain a consistent connection with your audience.

GetResponse vs Aweber – Split-testing

The split-testing feature allows you to test a few different variants of your email. You can send these variants to a small lot of your email subscribers and monitor the performance of each. The highest performing variant of the email can, then, be sent to the remaining subscribers.

GetResponse allows you to split-test 5 different variants of your email. You can alter only the subject header in different e-newsletter variants.

Aweber, on the other hand, allows you to test only 3 variants of an email newsletter. However, you can test more features with this tool including call-to-action placement, body copy, preheader text, and email sending time.


Although Aweber lets you test only 3 variants of your email, it is a winner in offering additional features. You can split-test many more features than GetResponse making Aweber a better choice for split testing.

GetResponse vs Aweber – Analytics

Analyzing the result of your email marketing campaign is important in determining any changes required. It is, therefore, essential to discuss the presentation of analytics by these email marketing tools.

GetResponse allows you to view all your email marketing analytics in one place. It tells you the click-through rate, unsubscribes rate, and email opening rate. You can also view the insights of each of your email marketing campaigns separately. The tool makes it easy to navigate through different reports and provides you with comprehensive information about your marketing efforts. You can determine the device used by your subscribers to read your emails. GetResponse even empowers you to integrate Google Analytics with your email marketing campaign results. Your SEO reports can very well be merged with your email marketing efforts.

Contrarily, Aweber brings a list of reports you can view and analyze including:

  • Daily subscriber growth
  • Monthly subscriber growth
  • Verified subscribers
  • Verification times
  • Broadcast totals
  • Clicks over time
  • Revenue generated over time
  • Follow-up status
  • Area code
  • Follow-up totals

The tool also makes it easy for you to browse through different analytics generated. You can determine our most valuable customers and highest-earning emails. All these reports are not integrated with your SEO results though.


GetResponse is a more comprehensive and feature-rich tool in terms of presenting analytics. Features like one-click segmentation save a lot of your time in analyzing the results of your email marketing efforts. Additionally, merging the results of email marketing and SEO reports is an extremely valuable service. GetResponse is, therefore, a winner in this category.


All kinds of products are sold on this platform, and it comes with lots of themes to beautify your store. If you want your site to be upgraded, it offers a low price for upgrade and some built-in features. It is a good start for little or upcoming businesses.


Firstly, the transaction fee is being charged for 3%, you can only sell 25 products on your store, and it comes with streamed advertisements at any time on the site. The payment of fees is not that friendly in Weebly.

Big Cartel

Year of establishment19981998
Customer base3,50,000+1,00,000+
User InterfaceExtremely user-friendly and well-arranged.Clean interface but a little less user-friendly.
PricingCheaper for basic email marketing functions. You will get hefty discounts for long-term plans.Cheaper in case you require advanced marketing tools from the beginning. A lifetime free plan can be utilized if you require a handful of features.
AutomationAdvanced automation capabilities for generating sales for your business.Basic automation capabilities for engaging with your email subscribers.
Split-testingYou can test 5 email variants for limited features.You can test 3 email variants for plenty of features.
AnalyticsDetailed reports are available with Google Analytics integration.Detailed reports are available without integrating any SEO results.
TemplatesHundreds of templates are available that can be customized as well.600+ templates are available for customization.
SupportThe customer support team can be contacted via live chat, social media, email, and snail-mail.Support is available 24/7 over a call, email, live chat session, and snail-mail.
Free trialA 30-day free trial is available without entering your credit card details.The free trial has been replaced with a lifetime free plan with limited features on offer.

The Final Verdict – What to choose between GetResponse and Aweber?

Both GetResponse and Aweber provide a plethora of features for your email marketing campaigns. However, looking at the primary goals of a marketing campaign, you will find GetResponse delivering more value for your money. Compared to Aweber, it is easier and cheaper to use, offers more features and in-depth analytics, and excels in automation. It is an immersive tool that focuses on bringing in sales for your business instead of just building a connection.


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