spamzilla review

Spamzilla Review


First Spamzilla is not a spammy tool ūüôā

The worst thing about purchasing expired domains? All the time it takes to sort through them all to find one that is decent.

It is a lot of work to go back into the Wayback machine each year and check domains for links.

Spamzilla automates all background checks for every domain. This allows you to quickly narrow down the most valuable domains at the best price. It claims that it does this. But does Spamzilla really work as claimed?

The short answer is YES. It is a fantastic tool for analyzing domains and finding things that domain-hunters may have missed.

It isn’t perfect, and it needs to be checked regularly to make sure the domain isn‚Äôt being spammed.

Continue reading if you’d like to know more!

What is Spamzilla?

Spamzilla is a cloud-based software that scans (no,  no not scams) auction and expired domain lists. It then analyzes each domain with its proprietary software to identify domains that were misused or abused previously.

This is done by first scraping Pending Delete and Fully Expired GoDaddy Auctions and GoDaddy Closeouts. Then they use Majestic or Ahrefs APIs to obtain the metrics, backlinks, and anchor text for each domain.

They then run each domain in’s Wayback machine, and in order to determine if they have been used in the past as PBN’s or spam sites.

They may also be alerted to excessive 301 redirects, which could indicate abuse.

Spamzilla then gives you a Spamzilla score of 1 to 100. 

1 being spotless, 100 being definitely spammed.

The majority of domains are somewhere in the middle, and I haven’t seen any domain drop below a 3.


Get access to 350,000 new expired domains every day!

  • For automated spam checking, the best domains have been selected
  • Spamzilla analyzes historical data and backlinks data
  • Check out 12 tabs of Spamzilla data analyzed
  • Only clean domains with powerful backlinks are available!

Screenshot 2021 10 20 at 18.38.16

Try Spamzilla Today!

What does Spamzilla cost?

Screenshot 2021 10 20 at 18.52.01

Spamzilla¬†is available in two versions: the free and the paid.¬†Spamzilla’s paid version costs $37 per month and grants you full access.

You can only review 25 domains per month in the free version. The paid version has a full domain list, which you do not have access to.

You can analyze up to 1850 domains per month with the paid version. Additional credits are available if you need more.

Spamzilla’s paid version also has a database that contains expired domains, which is constantly being updated.

These domains are then filtered using industry-standard metrics like Moz (DA/PA), Ahrefs(DR,UR), or Majestic (TF/CF).

What is a good Spamzilla score?

Spamzilla scores below 20 are considered safe. Spamzilla has been used extensively by me over the last few weeks, and I have also purchased some great domains.

There have been instances when I found domains that were clearly spammed, with scores below 20. There have been domains that appear a bit shabby but have a Spamzilla score above 20.

Spamzilla Tutorial

Although the Spamzilla interface may seem overwhelming at first glance, it becomes very intuitive and easy to use once you have spent some time with it.

Screenshot 2021 10 26 at 15.00.11 wpp1635254136766

Spamzilla will open for the first time, and you’ll be presented with the following database.¬†Below is a list of all the columns:

Domain: The website name you can buy

Source The source from which you can purchase the domain can be expired and available for free pickup anywhere. Or, it can be bought through an auction site.

TF Majestic’s Trust Flow is a great metric to use to determine the trustworthiness of a website. The higher the number, the better.

CF Majestic’s Citation Flow. You want the TF to be equal to the CF Рif it is greater than the TF, it is likely that you are spamming.

Maj: Majestic’s Back Links. Usually, the more backlinks a site has, the better. Sometimes, however, too many backlinks can indicate that the domain is spammed.

Maj: Majestic’s Referring Domains. Again, the more domains that refer to Majestic the better. Sometimes, however, too many domains can lead to spam.

Maj Topics: Majestic’s Topics РA quick and easy way to determine the niche of a domain in order to locate topically relevant domains

Site Lang: Main Language The backlinks are in.

Moz Domain Authority: Moz Domain Authority is the most widely used metric to determine domain strength. However, it can be easily modified.

Moz D:Moz Page Authority РHow powerful is the main page for a domain. Similar to Ahref’s UR metric

Age: Age at the time the domain was registered. It could have been dropped at any time, or it could not be active.

SZ Score This is Spamzilla’s spam score. The lower the score, the better.

Open the Filter

Screenshot 2021 10 26 at 15.00.30

First, click the filter button at the top. This will open the page that allows you to sort through the millions of domains available.

While I won’t go into detail about each metric, I will make recommendations based on your needs.

Domains that are no longer available

It is best to have low expectations if you are looking for good domains that have expired. These are my filters:

  • TF: 2
  • DR: 10
  • SZ Score: 0-20

Tip ‚ÄĒ¬†You’ll still need to look closely at expired domains because they are often spammed.¬†This means that you need to look at domain snapshots carefully and run the domain in Ahrefs to check if it is ranking for junk keywords such as ‚ÄúNike Air Max shoes‚ÄĚ.

Auction Domains

You can spend more if you are willing to invest. These are my filters:

  • TF: 2
  • DR: 20
  • SZ Score: 0-20

Auction ends: Today or one day in advance

Tip: It is best to not bid too early on auction domains. The price will rise quickly as a result. Pros wait until the last five minutes to place a bid on domains. This keeps the competition low, which allows you to sometimes jump in and grab domains for a very cheap price.

Spamzilla: How to Screen Domains

After you’ve narrowed down your list to domains that have link juice and aren‚Äôt spammed (hopefully), you will want to do some research and look into the domains.

Click on Spamzilla to do this:

Screenshot 2021 10 21 at 18.54.29

This gives you a great overview of the history of Wayback Machine. This is a great alternative to going through every year. It saves you a lot of time and is the most important aspect in screening domains.

You should carefully go through every screenshot. One small detail can make the difference between a good and bad domain.

It is also possible to view domain backlinks, redirects, and even domain historical wordcounts and drops. These views can indicate whether a domain was used for spam or as a PBN.

Price tag

Spamzilla costs $37 per month. It also comes with Spamzilla screening software. This saves you so much time when purchasing domains.

What about the Features?

Spamzilla is the best in terms of price, but what about all other features?

Spamzilla also displays DNS History and Domain Drops count. This information is helpful when manually checking if a domain has been used as a PBN.

Spamzilla has Historic snapshots from, Spamzilla offers a WayBack Exporting feature that allows you to quickly and easily download a website from

Is Spamzilla Worth it?

Spamzilla is the best option for domain buyers who are looking to buy domains.

It does all it promises and is cheaper than other similar programs that have fewer features.

Screenshot 2021 10 21 at 18.44.48

Spamzilla is always adding new features to their site and working with more auction-domain companies, so it’s only a matter of time before they raise prices.

If you are looking to reduce your domain purchases, I recommend visiting Spamzilla and purchasing it at the current rate.

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samcart review

SamCart In Depth Review- Is It Worth The Money

What is SamCart

SamCart is an online shopping cart that sells digital products.¬†SamCart can help you set up a membership area and sell ebooks, courses, coaching, or online courses.¬†It’s a hosted service and doesn’t require technical knowledge.

SamCart, a piece 3rd-party shopping cart software was developed by Scott Moran and Brian Moran. ThriveCart has been considered to be the closest competing service.

It’s a simple addon that allows you¬†to make the most out of every sale. By optimizing your checkout pages experience, you can increase conversion rates from sales pages.

Try SamCart for Free for 14 Days


    ksnip 20210918 160215

  • New¬†Customizable Order Bump Layout¬†Multiple order bumps can be presented to increase your LTV.
  • New¬†SamCart Courses — Create online classes using SamCart without any additional services
  • Integrations – 3 payment processors, 18 email service providers, 7 membership systems, Zapier, custom webhooks
  • Upsells in a Click
  • You can pay what you want
  • Subscriber Saver
  • Cart Abandonment
  • Advanced Subscriptions
  • Coupons and Discounts
  • Premade templates
  • Reporting (sales and refunds, subscriptions upsells, fees, traffic, etc.)
  • Triggers — Fire events that occur at specific times
  • A/B Split Testing — Test which layout is more popular (but not pricing).
  • Marketing Analytics (aka.¬†UTM codes
  • Affiliate Program
  • You can set up custom domains per product

Payment Options and Coupons

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SamCart offers many options to position and price your products.

  • Subscribe to our newsletter (weekly or monthly), quarterly, annually, or on a custom day
  • Amount of rebills (nonstop up to ‘X’ amount).
  • Trail period
  • Price at the beginning and the recurring price
  • Both digital and physical products
  • Shipping costs can be added to physical products depending on where they are shipped
  • Coupons — Recurring or one-time.¬†Flat rate or percentage
  • You can choose from a variety of payment terms
  • Buy Bumps
  • Taxes — Sales tax and VAT

SamCart supports the sale of physical products but it’s designed to be part of a sales funnel, like a newsletter or book. It’s not intended for one-off purchases.

Try SamCart for Free for 14 Days

SamCart Templates

ksnip 20210918 154130

SamCart’s templates are a popular feature.¬†There are two options: premade templates or empty layouts.

The empty layout is a collection of simple designs that can be used to match different cart designs. There are eight empty layouts available:

  • Blocky¬†— Simple design that includes contact information at the top, middle order summary and payment methods at the bottom.
  • Startup¬†— This is a modern layout using the Blocky template, with the payment options in the middle.
  • Launchpad¬†— A different version of the Startup template.
  • Accelerator¬†– Two-column layout, with product information on the right and order information on left.
  • Multi-Step¬†— This breaks down the sales page in multiple steps (Contact Information and Order Details as well as Confirmation).
  • Popup template¬†— Create a popup order from orders received from another website.
  • Full Width¬†— This layout is perfect for mobile ordering.
  • Two Column¬†— This layout is similar to the Accelerator layout but the order information can be found on the right.¬†The content is in the left column.

There are also pre-made templates. These templates can be used for specific niches. There are 19 options to choose from

  • One-page Blueprint¬†– SamCarts has recently promoted the idea of having all your information on a single sales page.
  • Publisher¬†— This template can be used to sell a book or an ebook.
  • Fitness¬†— A sample design to promote your book or course in fitness.
  • Video Sales letter¬†— VSL can be used to sell products and is a popular sales tool.
  • Masterclass¬†— A way to make an online course sellable
  • Portrait¬†— An example online shopping cart from a photography studio.
  • Trainer¬†– An example of an online personal trainer.
  • Studio¬†— A mockup of a dance studio to promote live coaching.
  • Avo¬†— This is an example of a product-based, all-in-one sales page.
  • Webinar¬†— SamCart used this example to show how webinars can be an effective way to sell high-ticket products.
  • Inventor¬†– This template can be used to sell a high-end physical product.
  • Nutrition¬†— A sample layout to sell healthy dietary ebooks or memberships.
  • Classroom¬†– A template that makes it easy to market courses to students.
  • Traveler¬†– Sell travel information online
  • Author¬†– Promote your book using this design.
  • Agency¬†– Sell pre-prepared consulting work in this simple-to-change format.
  • Authority¬†— This template can be used by experts to promote your course.
  • Software¬†— A template to sell software as a download or as a service.
  • Trial¬†– Sell some before you charge your customers full price.

Although the templates are not terrible, they could be a bit cleaner in terms of removing design elements.¬†These templates show the flexibility of SamCart’s editor.

These designs are both mobile- and desktop-friendly.¬†Mobile ordering is a key aspect of online shopping today. You should make sure that your service supports mobile ordering.¬†SamCart’s pre-made templates and options to enable/disable items on mobile, as well as wallet support, make SamCart a great choice.

Drag & Drop Builder

SamCart’s visual editor offers many options for making your order page stand out and increasing conversions with various promotional techniques.

The Core Features

There are many options for displaying information on your order form.

  • Headline
  • Text
  • Divider
  • Bullet
  • Button
  • Image
  • Video
  • Icon


These tools can be used for increasing sales of your product. There are many styles available for each of these tools.

  • Progress bar¬†— Displays the progress of the user during the order process.
  • Countdown¬†Limited time offer¬†It can be the date they entered the sales page, or a specific date and/or time.
  • Guarantee¬†– One of the easiest ways to reduce risk is to show a seal.
  • Testimonial¬†— Another way to make sure the buyer is making the right choice is to use social proof.
  • FAQ¬†– Get rid of common objections with the frequently asked questions section.
  • Tabs¬†— Too much information on a sales page can make it confusing for the buyer.¬†Tabs make it easy to present many information.
  • Custom HTML – Add custom HTML to your order page,

SamCart’s editor also offers a collection feature, called Collections.¬†This feature can be thought of as mini-templates that you can use on your order pages.¬†These are pre-designed layouts you can use on any page.

You can choose to display or hide all of these on mobile and desktop devices. You can save your winning design as a template if you have a design that you like and want to reuse (which I highly recommend).

Affiliate Program

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SamCart’s affiliate program is simpler than ThriveCart.¬†SamCart’s settings are global and can not be modified by affiliates or products.¬†The reporting for affiliates is, well, basic.¬†Affiliates don’t have any option to add their own pixels or create an exclusive bonus.

SamCart does not have a postback function for super affiliates such as me. Affiliates who want to track conversions have only one choice. Affiliates have only one option: the Marketing Analytics option, which is available only with the Scale plan. As a SamCart customer, you must enable Utm_content so that your affiliates have access to traffic source information. This is not a practical solution.

SamCart’s Affiliate Program works but it is not the best part of their service.¬†You should consider ThriveCart or adding an affiliate system such as TUNE or Cake to meet your affiliate needs.

Try SamCart for Free for 14 Days

SamCart Integrations

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SamCart offers Zapier integration and webhooks for extending their service.

Payment Gateways

SamCart offers slightly more payment gateway options than ThriveCart. SamCart uses Braintree, while ThriveCart uses This restriction may limit your choices in your shopping cart system.

SamCart is able to support Stripe. It’s easy to set up and apply for.¬†PayPal is another popular payment method that SamCart supports. It is highly recommended that you enable it.¬†My experience shows that many customers prefer PayPal due to its security and the ability to pay using a checking account and concealing credit card details.

SamCart also supports Stripe if you want to accept a digital wallet such as Apple Pay, Microsoft Pay or Google Pay.

  • Braintree
  • PayPal
  • Stripe

Email marketing providers

SamCart has many email providers that you can choose from.

  • ActiveCampaign
  • AWeber
  • Bronto
  • Campaign Monitor
  • Campaign Refinery
  • CM Commerce
  • Constant Contact
  • ConvertKit
  • Drip
  • E-goi
  • Eloqua
  • EmailOctopus
  • Emma
  • Feedblitz
  • GetResponse
  • HubSpot
  • iContact
  • Infusionsoft
  • iPost
  • Iterable
  • Jilt
  • Kajabi
  • Kartra
  • Klaviyo
  • Mad Mimi
  • MailChimp
  • MailerLite
  • Mailgun
  • MailPoet
  • Market Hero
  • Marketo
  • Maropost
  • Moosend
  • Ontraport
  • Pardot
  • SendinBlue
  • Sendloop
  • SendPulse
  • Sendy
  • SharpSprint

Membership platforms

Try SamCart for Free for 14 Days

Membership service is necessary to sell digital products or monthly subscriptions to private areas. ThriveCart is compatible with a variety of membership services and WordPress plugins.

ThriveCart is a direct partner with these membership programs:

  • Digital Access Pass
  • Kajabi
  • MemberMouse
  • MemberPress
  • OptimizeMember
  • Thinkific
  • WishList Member

Zapier allows you to connect with other memberships.

Fulfillment Services

You only have one choice if you want to sell physical products.

  • ShipStation


Other services are not included in this category

  • Intercom
  • Register as an Affiliate


When a particular event occurs, you can send events to external services. These events can be for each product or all products (global). These events can be performed:

  • Place your order
  • Add Product to Your Order
  • Product purchased
  • Product Refunded
  • Product Partially Refunded
  • Prospect created
  • Cancellation of Subscription
  • Failure to pay a subscription fee
  • Subscription Fee
  • Subscription Delinquent
  • Subscription Recovered
  • Subscription Restarted
  • Subscription Started
  • Subscription Charge Refunded
  • Partially Refunded Subscription Charge
  • Upsells Available

These triggers can be used with SamCart’s built-in integrations, Zapier or webhooks to create your custom integration.

SamCart Pricing

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SamCart has four pricing options.

  • Launch Plan: $49/month
  • Grow Plan: $99 per month
  • Scale Plan: $199/month
  • Enterprise Plan: $399/month

SamCart Launch plan is for entrepreneurs who want to launch their first digital product. This plan is not suitable for subscription businesses or people who need the one-click upsell and payment plan features. These features cannot be unlocked with the Grow or Scale plans.

The SamCart¬†Launch Plan¬†has what the Launch Plan doesn’t.¬†It features customer management, subscription charges reminders, advanced cancellations, upsell capabilities, and many other features.

Advanced SamCart features are included in the SamCart scale plan. This plan includes all features of the Launch and Grow plans, as well as their Affiliate Center, cart abandonment and built-in A-B testing. It also integrates CRM integrations, webhooks and priority email and chat support.

For large companies, the SamCart Business Plan can be used. This plan includes a dedicated account manager and integration setup. It also gives you everything you need to get going quickly.

Notification: SamCart updated its pricing page and changed the names of their plans (originally called the Basic Plan, Pro Plan & Premium Plan).

Every SamCart pricing program comes with a free trial and a money back guarantee.

ThriveCart vs. SamCart

Both SamCart and ThriveCart have very similar services. Which would you choose? The choice between the two can be difficult. As with most competing services, which one you choose is up to your particular needs.

ThriveCart seems to be a little more professional, at least in my opinion, when i t comes to creating shopping carts and the visual editor. I was happier with the results of ThriveCart. I found the administration area to be more intuitive.

I liked ThriveCart‚Äôs affiliate system, which has more functionality and allows affiliates to create their own bonuses.¬†This is something that most third-party affiliate programs don’t offer.¬†SamCart’s affiliate program, on the other hand, is extremely basic. I would recommend using an affiliate service if you are serious in affiliate marketing.

Many people will choose between SamCart or ThriveCart based on the services they are currently using.¬†If you use Braintree to process credit cards, this will restrict your options to SamCart as ThriveCart doesn’t offer it.

SamCart Alternatives

What are some alternatives to SamCart These are some of the most popular alternatives to SamCart:


Try SamCart for Free for 14 Days

My Recommendation

SamCart accounts are a significant monthly investment but it is still a powerful platform for internet marketers (especially those who have the Scale Plan).

You will be able to create beautiful checkout pages with their advanced features and easy-to-use interface (and a new drag-and-drop editor).

SamCart is an excellent online shopping cart for bloggers or people selling digital products. 

SamCart is not the best choice if you sell physical products.

SamCart’s biggest drawback is its high price.¬†SamCart can be quite expensive over time.¬†SamCart has made numerous improvements to the service since its launch in 2015.

As an alternative, I recommend ThriveCart.

My personal experience with ThriveCart was a result of its powerful affiliate program and one-time fee.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

What is SamCart?

SamCart is a shopping cart for checkout platforms that simplifies the process. It offers a number of features such as one-click upsells, order bumping and subscription pricing. SamCart allows you to create membership websites with a solid payment structure.

SamCart offers a free trial.

SamCart’s pricing page clearly shows that they offer a 14-day free trial for all plans (Pro and Premium). There is no money-back guarantee.

How much does SamCart cost?

SamCart offers three pricing options that are affordable for all budgets. The basic plan, the Launch Plan (which costs $49 per month), includes everything you need in order to get started. The Grow Plan, which costs $99 per month, includes features such as upsell and the most costly Scale Plan ($199 per month), which includes affiliate tracking.

How can I cancel my SamCart Account?

SamCart dashboard users cannot cancel their accounts.¬†Either use the SamCart dashboard’s live chat or send an email to¬†You don’t have to worry because they are always responsive.

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what is snovio

What Is And How To Use It?

This site contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. This doesn’t influence our ratings at all. Read our affiliate disclaimer. is an outreach automation platform for marketers and sales offering a variety of tools for lead generation, email verification, email sending, and email tracking.

Whether you’re a sales rep, a marketing specialist, a recruiter, or a small business owner, can help you find, verify, contact, and convert leads faster.

You can accomplish so much with’s toolbox of business essentials. can help you create a consistent inflow of leads to fill up your funnels with Email Finder.

You can collect targeted leads on websites, professional social networks, google search results, or anywhere because the possibilities are never-ending.

With the help of, you can also reduce your bounce rate. It helps you to get better deliverability with the email verifier by cleaning your email list.

You can verify on the go or you have the option to upload your own list to receive non-duplicate and bounce-free valid emails.

You can also contact your leads at scale with personalized messages that feel genuine and look very human-like, i.e., non-bot-like.

With you can send email campaigns and automate follow-ups using triggered sequences with email drip campaigns. It also helps you track sent emails right in your google mail with its limited email tracker.

You can do it all with or without logos and paid plans because it ensures pure productivity.

With the help of, you can discover the technologies stack of your competitors and clients for a deeper insight into their needs and pain points with technology checker.

If you want to integrate’s tools directly into your platform you can do that too with the help of their powerful REST API. With, building and automating funnels is easy.

Why use

There is a wide range of features that provides that are listed above but to understand the need to use we must analyze its features further so to better understand its working.

ksnip 20210913 095429

The working of is categorized with its various service plans with different pricing. The Pricing is as follows:

Price: offers a number of pricing plans for members as follows:

XS: You can get this subscription for free and in this plan, you are provided with 50 credits and 100 Unique recipients

S: You can get this subscription at USD 33 a month and in this plan, you are provided with 1,000 monthly credits and 1,000 Unique recipients

M: You can get this subscription at USD 66 a month and in this plan, you are provided with 5,000 monthly credits and 5,000 Unique recipients

L: You can get this subscription at USD 141 a month and in this plan, you are provided with 20,000 monthly credits and 20,000 Unique recipients

XL: You can get this subscription at USD 241 a month and in this plan, you are provided with 50,000 monthly credits and 50,000 Unique recipients

XXL: You can get this subscription at USD 482 a month and in this plan, you are provided with 100,000 monthly credits and 100,000 Unique recipients

Accessibility: is very easy to use because it is very most straightforward. Beginners can start using this with just a simple tutorial provided by video tutorials at their YouTube channel which can get anyone started at this. They also provide you with emails that are very helpful.

Reliability: basically does exactly what it says on the tin. Pulling a list of emails from your preferred website takes seconds, and being able to use the email verifier to immediately confirm those addresses is an added advantage.

Why not use

Despite the fact that you may collect email addresses from a wide range of websites, the system presently does not allow Facebook ‚Äď but that may change in the future.

There is a free version of It does not, however, offer export and has extremely restricted limits.

If you’re on a tight budget, can get a little pricey once you get into the more comprehensive packages.

How works and how to use it

With its various pricing plans, you can sort out what plan suits your need and can subscribe to it. Now to understand how and its different features work and how to use them.

As works on different platforms so its access is different for each one of them so we will analyze them one by one. is a combination of tools to enhance your working and your working environment and it provides the following services:

Web App:

In the web app of, you are provided with the email finder, email verifier, email drip campaigns, domain search, company profile search, social URL search, emails from names, linkers, and technology checker.

We now see how to use all these web app features for ourselves:

EMAIL FINDER: The email finder will be used through a chrome extension that works for many browsers or with an API and emails will be stored on the prospect page of your account.

EMAIL VERIFIER: Like the email finder it can be used through an extension or API and will help you verify your emails from one to many and you can also do that without the API or extension in the account.

EMAIL DRIP CAMPAIGNS: With the help of triggers, timers, and goals using the drag-and-drop campaign building tool you can build your own email drip campaign. You can sort out your campaigns by selecting a specific audience to send your campaigns. To get better results you can use personalization attributes and you can analyze, pause or even edit your campaign in real-time even after they are launched.

DOMAIN SEARCH: If an email address is connected to a specific domain, it will help you collect it and it also supports a bulk domain search.

COMPANY PROFILE SEARCH: Based on the locations, industry, size founding, dates, names, or specialties you can search for companies.

SOCIAL URL SEARCH: It gets us a list of social profile links, and we’ll send you a list of email addresses linked with those profiles.

EMAILS FROM NAMES: To discover email addresses in bulk, upload a CSV file including the first name, last name, and domain name.

LINKER: Fill in the Job Title, Skills, and Location boxes to get a list of pages to go over for potential candidates. To collect your prospects, use the Email Finder plugin.

TECHNOLOGY CHECKER: Choose a technology and a list of websites that use it will appear.

⇒ Click Here To Get Your Free Account

What else to use if not

If you don’t feel like your needs are being satisfied you can always use the alternatives to that are given below.


MailChimp is a big commercial platform that assists with marketing efforts. It not only handles email marketing but also offers a plethora of other useful features.

They are mainly focused on outreach automation and artificial intelligence. They provide a free plan as well as premium plans with a lot more features that range from $9 per month to $299 per year.

⇒ Start MailChimp For Free 

Find That Lead:

Find That Lead is an email finder that also assists with email verification and sending. It makes locating emails a snap.

It also gives you the choice of managing your social media to generate as many leads as possible, as well as assisting you in selecting the ideal audience for your marketing. The prices range from $49 to $399 each month.

⇒ Start For Free  

Moosend :

Another all-in-one marketing automation software with excellent email marketing features is Moosend. It allows you to do A/B testing, analyze your data, use their drag-and-drop email editor, and customize your emails fully.

They provide a free alternative as well as an $8-per-month plan that allows you to tailor your demands and set your own price.

⇒ Start Moosend for Free Now 

HubSpot Email Marketing Tool:

HubSpot offers its own email marketing tool, which is available for free. You may use it to manage to send kickback emails to prospects, thank you emails to consumers, and campaign promotions.

It comes with a drag-and-drop editor that is simple to use. Other HubSpot products are also connected with this piece of software.

Capture email addresses based on your prospect’s first name, last name, and company name with only two clicks from professional social networks, corporate websites, or anyplace else on the internet.

With our cold emailing technology, you can send highly customized email campaigns at scale. Send up to 400 emails each day with numerous customization options per sending address.

Through our reporting and analytics tool, you can follow the results of each campaign phase, compare your efforts to the rest of your industry, and keep track of your team’s success.

Through our native CRM connectors (Salesforce, Pipedrive,, and HubSpot CRM), you may connect your account to hundreds of additional services.

When it comes to Snovio, there’s a lot to recommend. Although you’ll have to dig a little deeper into your pocket for larger limitations (or limitless email sending).

if you’re only looking to create a contact list, Snovio can accomplish it fast, efficiently, and affordably. Overall, a fantastic, user-friendly add-on.


Choosing between GetResponse and Aweber

This site contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. This doesn’t influence our ratings at all. Read our affiliate disclaimer.

With the world going online for almost all its needs, businesses must invest in digital marketing. There are plenty of digital channels available for marketers but the good-old email marketing is way more impactful than others. It can be compared to receiving a physical letter in your hand in the world before the digital one.

You are bound to read this letter since it is personalized and created just for you. Similarly, in the digital world, you will read the email created just for you if you have subscribed to it. Modern businesses, therefore, combine their digital marketing efforts to form an impactful digital strategy by using email marketing tools. Today we‚Äôll be discussing two of these major tools ‚Äď GetResponse and Aweber and bring out the differences between the two. Before getting into a detailed comparison of GetResponse and Aweber, let us first find out what they are.

This site contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links

What is GetResponse?

It is an email marketing tool that allows you to automate your emails, create newsletters, mailing lists, and capture data. It came into the business in 1998 and is now serving customers in more than 182 countries. With more than two decades of experience, GetResponse is now serving more than 350,000 customers

What is Aweber?

Aweber is a GetResponse competitor that performs almost all the functions for your business that GetResponse does. It has been providing email marketing services since August 1998 and is serving over 100,000 customers worldwide.

Importance of GetResponse and Aweber

Since you know that GetResponse and Aweber are email marketing tools, you must be wondering why do you need them? The truth is that email marketing is still more impactful than social media marketing targeting any popular social network. Let us find out the importance of email marketing in this social media world.

Why is email marketing important for businesses?

With over 2.5 billion email users around the globe, the popularity of this communication channel is hard to ignore. You might mark some random emails in your inbox as spam but what about the ones you look forward to? These billions of email users have varied interests and follow their favorite brands with sheer dedication. Allowing your website visitors and customers to subscribe to your business emails will help you bring in more revenues.

Let us briefly discuss the importance of email marketing here:

  • Email marketing helps in building brand awareness which is one of the major goals of any marketing strategy.
  • Custom emails increase the engagement of new, old, and prospective customers with your brand.
  • Email marketing is known to provide the highest Return On Investment (ROI) making it extremely cost-efficient.
  • More than 90% of people use their email daily while the numbers are far lower for social media channels. Smartphone users frequently check their emails throughout the day.
  • All your other digital marketing efforts can seamlessly combine with email marketing.
  • Research shows that email marketing is above all other channels in acquiring and retaining a customer.
  • The transactional nature of emails helps you get more engagement and sales.
  • Your email marketing campaigns can be tracked for determining their performance and altering your plans accordingly.

GetResponse vs Aweber – A detailed comparison

Now that we know the importance of email marketing, let us compare the services offered by GetResponse and Aweber. This detailed comparison between GetResponse and Aweber will help you choose the right tool for your business.

GetResponse vs Aweber – User Interface

The software needs to offer a user-friendly interface for retaining a customer long-term. If you won’t be comfortable using a tool, a lot of your time will get wasted in accessing its features.


Aims to be the easiest email marketing tool for businesses and work towards achieving this goal. From the moment you log in, you will find everything you need in a well-arranged manner for easy accessibility. You can easily set up your email list, create forms, newsletters, landing pages, and autoresponders. You will find its dashboard as feature-rich and comprehensive yet simple and easy to understand for navigation.


Provides a clean-looking and simple interface but it is not as feature-rich as GetResponse. You will have to click a little more to find out the features you need to use. It can be said that the dashboard doesn’t provide easy access even though it looks simple. For examining your website analytics, Aweber distributes the data into different sections on different pages. In contrast, GetResponse will present you with almost all the analytics on a single dashboard.

GetResponse vs Aweber – Pricing

Pricing of the plans offered by different marketing tools has a direct impact on the monthly budget of your business. It is recommended to pay for a starter plan initially and upgrade as the business progresses.


GetResponse offers you 3 major plans with variable features. Additionally, the price of these plans also varies according to the number of your email subscribers. In short, you will pay according to the features you desire and the length of your subscriber list. Here are the offerings:

  • The ‚ÄėBasic‚Äô plan starts at $15 per month for 1000 subscribers. It goes up to $450 per month for 1,00,000 subscribers. This plan provides you with unlimited emails, landing pages, exit pop-ups, forms, surveys, automation templates, and Facebook Ads.
  • The ‚ÄėPlus‚Äô plan starts at $49 per month for 1000 subscribers. It goes up to $499 per month for 1,00,000 subscribers. This plan provides you with all the features of the ‚ÄėBasic‚Äô plan. Additionally, it offers sales funnels, list-building funnels, simple CRM, e-products sales, and allows conducting webinars (maximum of 100 attendees). Collaborative tools for 3 users are provided.
  • The ‚ÄėProfessional‚Äô plan starts at $99 per month for 1000 subscribers. It goes up to $580 per month for 1,00,000 subscribers. This plan provides you with all the features of the ‚ÄėPlus‚Äô plan. Additionally, it offers contact scoring and tagging, webinar funnels, automation builders, paid webinars, and conducting webinars (maximum of 300 attendees). Collaborative tools for 5 users are provided.

In case your requirements are bigger than the ‚ÄėProfessional‚Äô plan, you can request a custom quote online. The yearly commitment to the above plans will cost cheaper for you.


Aweber, on the other hand, has an extremely simple pricing structure. It offers 5 plans that vary according to the number of your email subscribers. You get all the features Aweber has to offer in all these plans. It is pretty easy to understand such a pricing structure. Here are the different offerings:

‚óŹ For up to 500 subscribers, pay $19 per month.
‚óŹ For 501-2,500 subscribers, pay $29 per month.
‚óŹ For 2,501-5,000 subscribers, pay $49 per month.
‚óŹ For 5,001-10,000 subscribers, pay $69 per month.
‚óŹ For 10,001-25,000 subscribers, pay $149 per month.

The yearly commitment to the above plans will cost cheaper as discounts are offered by the company. For even bigger requirements, you can get a custom quote from the company. An additional free plan has been recently added by Aweber that offers limited features without charging you anything ever.


It depends on your requirements as to which email marketing tool will cost cheaper for you. If you only need the features offered in the starter plan of GetResponse, you must choose it over Aweber. In such a case, you will save a lot on your monthly bills. If, however, you are planning to use advanced email marketing features, Aweber will cost you cheaper when starting. Trying out the free plan offered by Aweber is also recommended for saving on your monthly bills.

GetResponse vs Aweber – Automation capabilities

It is impossible to manually send an email to hundreds of your subscribers when they interact with your website content. That is where the automation capabilities of an email marketing tool come in.


GetResponse makes it easy to use the automation features with the visual charts it offers. It is fairly simple to create and automatically send newsletters and broadcasts depending on the triggers important to your business. GetResponse also allows you to create auto-funnels carrying the power to send emails with sign-up and landing pages. You can build an email list, sell products, and do much more with these funnels.

GetResponse is truly a winner in automation for the depth of features it offers. The tool goes the extra mile to help you create emails targeted to increase the chance of your sales.


Aweber provides a drag and drops feature for creating autoresponders. It is extremely easy to build your marketing emails and set them for automatic sending. You won’t find any visual charts while creating your autoresponders as in the case of GetResponse. Also, Aweber doesn’t offer any auto-funnels for marketing at a deeper level. You can only send basic emails to maintain a consistent connection with your audience.

GetResponse vs Aweber – Split-testing

The split-testing feature allows you to test a few different variants of your email. You can send these variants to a small lot of your email subscribers and monitor the performance of each. The highest performing variant of the email can, then, be sent to the remaining subscribers.

GetResponse allows you to split-test 5 different variants of your email. You can alter only the subject header in different e-newsletter variants.

Aweber, on the other hand, allows you to test only 3 variants of an email newsletter. However, you can test more features with this tool including call-to-action placement, body copy, preheader text, and email sending time.


Although Aweber lets you test only 3 variants of your email, it is a winner in offering additional features. You can split-test many more features than GetResponse making Aweber a better choice for split testing.

GetResponse vs Aweber – Analytics

Analyzing the result of your email marketing campaign is important in determining any changes required. It is, therefore, essential to discuss the presentation of analytics by these email marketing tools.

GetResponse allows you to view all your email marketing analytics in one place. It tells you the click-through rate, unsubscribes rate, and email opening rate. You can also view the insights of each of your email marketing campaigns separately. The tool makes it easy to navigate through different reports and provides you with comprehensive information about your marketing efforts. You can determine the device used by your subscribers to read your emails. GetResponse even empowers you to integrate Google Analytics with your email marketing campaign results. Your SEO reports can very well be merged with your email marketing efforts.

Contrarily, Aweber brings a list of reports you can view and analyze including:

  • Daily subscriber growth
  • Monthly subscriber growth
  • Verified subscribers
  • Verification times
  • Broadcast totals
  • Clicks over time
  • Revenue generated over time
  • Follow-up status
  • Area code
  • Follow-up totals

The tool also makes it easy for you to browse through different analytics generated. You can determine our most valuable customers and highest-earning emails. All these reports are not integrated with your SEO results though.


GetResponse is a more comprehensive and feature-rich tool in terms of presenting analytics. Features like one-click segmentation save a lot of your time in analyzing the results of your email marketing efforts. Additionally, merging the results of email marketing and SEO reports is an extremely valuable service. GetResponse is, therefore, a winner in this category.


All kinds of products are sold on this platform, and it comes with lots of themes to beautify your store. If you want your site to be upgraded, it offers a low price for upgrade and some built-in features. It is a good start for little or upcoming businesses.


Firstly, the transaction fee is being charged for 3%, you can only sell 25 products on your store, and it comes with streamed advertisements at any time on the site. The payment of fees is not that friendly in Weebly.

Big Cartel

Year of establishment19981998
Customer base3,50,000+1,00,000+
User InterfaceExtremely user-friendly and well-arranged.Clean interface but a little less user-friendly.
PricingCheaper for basic email marketing functions. You will get hefty discounts for long-term plans.Cheaper in case you require advanced marketing tools from the beginning. A lifetime free plan can be utilized if you require a handful of features.
AutomationAdvanced automation capabilities for generating sales for your business.Basic automation capabilities for engaging with your email subscribers.
Split-testingYou can test 5 email variants for limited features.You can test 3 email variants for plenty of features.
AnalyticsDetailed reports are available with Google Analytics integration.Detailed reports are available without integrating any SEO results.
TemplatesHundreds of templates are available that can be customized as well.600+ templates are available for customization.
SupportThe customer support team can be contacted via live chat, social media, email, and snail-mail.Support is available 24/7 over a call, email, live chat session, and snail-mail.
Free trialA 30-day free trial is available without entering your credit card details.The free trial has been replaced with a lifetime free plan with limited features on offer.

The Final Verdict – What to choose between GetResponse and Aweber?

Both GetResponse and Aweber provide a plethora of features for your email marketing campaigns. However, looking at the primary goals of a marketing campaign, you will find GetResponse delivering more value for your money. Compared to Aweber, it is easier and cheaper to use, offers more features and in-depth analytics, and excels in automation. It is an immersive tool that focuses on bringing in sales for your business instead of just building a connection.


how to backup wordpress

5 Best WordPress Backup Plugins

Selecting the 5 best WordPress backup plugins can be very difficult, we came across several WordPress backup plugins, and I was initially confused, which plugin gives the best solution to my needs! 

Which led us to write this article, we will help you choose the 5 best WordPress backup plugins, which suits your need. We shall also be comparing the most credible and accessible WordPress Backup plugins available.

Taking your time and investing in a useful WordPress backup plugin is very important. Regardless of your business size, it’s worth every dime.

It can be tough to choose a backup plugin because it can be time and money-consuming, but it’s cheaper than having to lose all your work. We at Hostfacts, certain factors are to be considered when choosing a useful WordPress backup plugin.

  1. Website speed
  2. Option offered.
  3. Data restoration capability.
  4. Automatic Backup, backup retention
  5. Good pricing
  6. Option available to store Backup

Backup location

 Most WordPress backup services let you store your backup files only on your server. Now, to improve security, few  WordPress backup plugins support sending your backup data to remote locations such as Dropbox, Google Drive, or Amazon S3. That way, you can quickly restore your files, even if your entire website gets hacked.

Now it’s time to take a look at the 5 best WordPress backup plugins on the market!

1. UpdraftPlus:


UpdraftPlus is the very best and most popular free WordPress backup plugin.  Rated 4.8 stars on and the most used on WordPress because of its functionality.

UpdraftPlus has the highest functionalities so far, giving you the option to back up your Computer, File manager, Cloud, Google Drive, Amazon, and more.

UpdraftPlus Backup to remote storage locations: Both Free and Premium, providing options to avoid loss of data, UpdraftPlus provides Backup to remote cloud storage.

 It also supports scheduled backups and on-demand backups. With an option to choose the files, you want to Backup.

Our super Migrator feature allows you to clone and migrate your website directly to a different site, URL, or host super easily! You can do it all from the dashboard in a matter of minutes. Or use UpdraftClone to clone the test site to our servers in a matter of seconds.

Also, support various database options encrypting your sensitive databases (e.g., customer information or passwords); Backup external databases. Provides lock settings, reports for your Backup

UpdraftPlus has over 2 million users actively using their plugin and a 4.9-star rating, making them one of the best WordPress backup plugins on the market. UpdraftPlus is rated as the most popular backup solution for WordPress, with over a million active installs.

Price: Free  version while the premium comes for as low as $70

2. BackupBuddy:

s l400

 Gives you a reliable backup strategy using a trusted WordPress backup plugin like BackupBuddy.

BackupBuddy was built in 2010 to meet the need for a reliable WordPress backup solution, protecting over 500,000 WordPress websites.

It enables you to Backup your entire website, automatic schedule backup, Backup to a remote location.

BackupBUddy Saves hours of work with BackupBuddy WordPress Migration features. You Need to change hosts or domains for your WordPress BackupBuddy helps you move a WordPress site to a new host or area quickly.

Automatic domain/URL replacement. BackupBuddy has a tool for replacing all URLs and text when you migrate to a new domain. Replace text automatically in your database. Provides developer feature, malware scan, server tools

Repair and optimization of your database are some of the critical elements of BackupBuddy, and you’ll get 1 GB free Stash Live storage when you purchase a plugin.

PRICE: Free while Premium Version from $80

3. VaultPress:


VaultPress is one of the most reliable WordPress plugins we have, developed by “Automattic” the engine room of

Providing robust security for users, giving electronic files repairs, detects a malware, and dangerous attack with any issues, and provides a fix with a single click: automatic Backup, spam defense, site migration, file repair.

Jetpack owns VaultPress, so to use VaultPress, you need to install Jetpack and register for a account. 

Cons of VaultPress

First, it is costly to use because it doesn’t support multiple WordPress sites; each plan limits you to a single location.

Secondly, VaultPress provides the only option of backups for the time limit of 30 days for lower plans, which is expensive

Thirdly, unlimited backup times cost more and limits per site, which is undoubtedly reasonably valuable for small-scale businesses compared to other free and paid versions. VaultPress doesn’t offer free  WordPress backup.

Pricing: From $39 per year  

4. BackWPUp:

WordPress backup BackWPup

 BackWPUp has over 600,000 active users and more than 5 million downloads. It’s also one of the most popular WordPress plugins worldwide. Providing both free WordPress backup and a paid version. With the paid version, you are getting the all-in-one backup solution for WordPress with great support.

Extremely easy to use and allows automatic backups according to your site’s as choose.

Back up your complete WordPress installation and with the option of saving to a remote location. Back up multiple destinations per job, the backup-specific file path of your site synchronizes your file remotely on Google Drive, Amazon, and more.

Site restoring from BackupBackup is also elementary. BackWPup Pro version comes with priority support, the ability to store backups on Google Drive, and some unique features.

Price: Free, Premium plan available

 5. Duplicator:

icon 256x256 1

Duplicator is a straightforward and free WordPress backup plugin to use in backing up your WordPress files. It gives you the option of backing up in zip format and download them offline. There’s also a crucial feature of cloning your website, eliminating the manual process.

Duplicator also allows you to schedule backups, cloud storage, email notifications, auto database corrections, massive site support

Get started with Duplicator today. It provides free WordPress backup, which is reliable. 

Price: Free

General Review

Every WordPress backup plugin/ service that we discussed above has its pros and cons, but all of them offer superb WordPress files and database backup features.

We at HostFact use UpdraftPlus mainly because of its flexibility and reliability giving us the option to enforce manual retention.

Please do not store your BackupBackup on the same server as your website, and it’s highly advisable to save your BackupBackup elsewhere.  Should, in case your server fails, you will have the chance to restore it.

We highly advise you to store your backups using Goggle Drive, Amazon S3, DropBox, One drive, etc.



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