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Blox Builder Review: Page Builder for WordPress & Joomla

Not sure if Blox Builder is the right page builder for your website? In this post, we’ll review the top features of this WordPress plugin, list out all the pros and cons, updated pricing, and help you decide whether or not it’s suitable for you.

Blox Builder Review: In a Nutshell

Blox Builder is a new drag and drop page builder that allows you to basically do anything you can expect from a page builder plugin. This means a couple of things like:

  • What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) content layout to create pages, regardless of what your current theme allows you.
  • It doesn’t require any coding skills – so basically anyone can design a unique page, thanks to the friendly user interface.
  • It allows you to create a responsive design that is mobile and browser friendly
  • It packs tons of elements, add-ons, and a very helpful catalog of pre-built themes
  • And most importantly, it works with all WordPress and Joomla themes, so you can keep your current design and still enjoy the goodies Blox builder offers.

Putting all things together, Blox Builder allows you to create stunning page layouts, even if you’re not a professional or a designer. To operate this, all you require is your unique idea and leave the rest to this plugin.

Blox Builder Pricing

It’s Free.

Well, some part of it. To keep this review factual, We should probably mention that there’s a Pro version of this theme available. But you don’t have to get the Pro version, just to enjoy the basic features.

Let’s say the free version offers limitless design possibilities and the paid version unlocks the page catalog and all the additional add-ons. Which is kind of normal, and all the page builder plugin follows this pricing model.

You can download the main plugin from their official page, from or go to the WordPress plugin section and install it directly on your Website.

Here’s the current pricing of Builder:

image Wordpress & Joomla Page Builder 23

One thing worth mentioning here is that, unlike the rest of the page builder plugins, Blox builder offers you all the advanced features in the personal plan. The business and unlimited plans are just for extending usage, in case you own multiple websites.

If you’re dissatisfied with the product, you can always opt for the 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

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Hands-on User Experience

Now that we’ve covered the highlights, let’s enter the more practical section of our review.

Under the hood, Blox Builder is basically a WordPress and Joomla plugin, that works pretty much with all themes out there. To get the plugin working, you first need to install and activate it on your website.

The first encounter you’ll have with this plugin is in the pages section. Right next to the Add New button, you’ll see two additional buttons, Import Blox Page and Import From Catalog.

The Import Blox Page, as the name suggests allows you to import pages if you’ve previously made with this plugin. And the Import From Catalog button allows you to choose from a library of pre-built themes.

Pre-built Templates

All the Blox Builder design capabilities are great, but what if you don’t have a design idea in your mind? This is where the pre-built template comes in handy.

The plugin currently has almost 100 premade page templates you can install on your website, based on the subscription you’re using. Once you find the template suitable for you, click on the Active button to use it.

image 2 Wordpress & Joomla Page Builder 24

Blox Visual Editor

The next important feature, you need to be familiar with is the Blox Visual Editor. This is the current drag and drop interface that features all the elements you can use on your pages. Here’s a breakdown of the Visual editor.

You can access the Visual Editor by going to Pages > Add New Page > Edit With Blox > Edit With Blox Visual Editor.

Here you can find a basic box type interface that you can use to create stunning new website pages.

  1. This hamburger menu includes all the settings and high-level controls like Import Page, Export Page, Save, and Preview Settings.
  2. This lets you see what your design looks like on desktop, tablet, and phone interface
  3. This includes the preview button, theme settings, and a Save button
  4. The gear sign icon lets you manage sections, addons, rows, and columns
  5. You can click this to add multiple blox layouts.

The main interface you want to play around with is the gray box in the middle. Click on this and you’ll be redirected to all the elements you can use.

image 4 Wordpress & Joomla Page Builder 25

Here you can select different addons and add them to your page interface. It’s worth mentioning here is that not all addons support advanced settings. For review purpose, we’ll be selecting the Image icon.

image 9 Wordpress & Joomla Page Builder 26

You can control the addon settings from the left side of the screen. It will include all the basic and advanced options that come with that specific addon.

image 6 Wordpress & Joomla Page Builder 27

Now if you hover over to the left side of the blox interface, you’ll see a settings icon, which you can click to set your Addon Row settings. Furthermore, you’ll also get options, like adding columns layout, Background change, Animation, and advanced settings (to add manual CSS code).

The same options for Column settings are available on the right side of the Blox interface. This covers the same settings option, but for the column interface of the screen.

And that’s pretty much what you can do with Blox Visual Editor. Of course, there are tons of elements, and each offers a different interface and options you can play around with. But to keep the review short, we’ll just let you play around with the categories.


How good is the Support?

This is the area where most users think they’ll never use, but trust us, it should be an important part of your consideration. Always lookout for the support part because you might use it one day.

Blox Builder uses the UniteCMS ticket support service. It’s fairly simple and your queries will be answered in about a day or two.

image 8 Wordpress & Joomla Page Builder 28

So, the basic idea is to submit the Ticket and someone from the community or the official developer will answer your queries. Apart from this, there’s no live chat or phone call support.

Blox Builder also has a huge library of articles and tutorial videos. These are perfect to get started with the plugin or to know some great insights.

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Who is Blox Builder Best Suited for?

One thing we can admit when we were testing this tool is that it’s super fun and easy to use. The main selling point of Blox builder is the library of unique template designs and elements.

It’s one of the easiest page builder plugins you can grab, and it also lets you use its most features for free. Especially, the Blox visual editor, which offers a kind of DIY solution to all your design problems.

Also, it features pre-built templates for major categories in marketing like a services-based page, simple blog, article site, simple eCommerce site, event-based, and business directories.

8 Things we like about Blox Builder

  1. Wide range of Templates: There are over 100 Page templates that are ready to install on your website. Each of these template designs comes pre-loaded with dummy content, which you can just replace with your original content. Although the entire template design series are available for the Pro version, you will get a handful of these if you’re a free user as well.
  2. Build for beginners: Blox Builder is built for beginners in mind and can be easily controlled with the help of Blox visual editor.
  3. CSS Editor: The plugin allows you to add advanced CSS code in every element and addon of the theme.
  4. Built-in Preview: You’ve got the option to test your website in real-time. Just click on the interface icon and you’ll be able to view your design in mobile, tablet, and desktop interface.
  5. Elements: Blox builder features over 800 elements that are super easy and fun to use.
  6. Easy Import: You can easily import your catalog from the main display settings.
  7. Global Page Control: Blox builder allows you to change your page global settings right from the visual editor. Just click the gear icon and you’ll see the option.
  8. Joomla Integration: A very responsive WordPress plugin that you can also use on your Joomla-built website as well

4 Things we didn’t like about Blox Builder

  1. Widget’s movement: The widget’s movement icon (four arrows) requires some extra skills to operate.
  2. No autosave: Your selections are not auto-save on your browser.
  3. Post Integration: Blox builder only customizes the page section of WordPress.
  4. No custom column: As of now, there are no custom column widths in the Blox builder.

Blox Builder Review Conclusion

So, is blox builder better than the competition?

Well, the answer depends on your usage. Each WordPress page builder plugin comes with drag and drop support. The only difference is the element section and pre-built plugin. Blox builder has a huge library of Elements and Addons that you can use on your pages but their pre-built theme section is kind of limited.

But we’re optimistic that the developers will add more themes as the plugin grows. Also, while there’s a Pro version available to use, you can get most of the plugin options in the free version as well.

So, there’s not much to complain about.

Are you using Blox Builder or thinking of using one? Let us know down in the comment section what’s your favorite feature about this.

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