Top 5 Hidden Benefits of Content Marketing

So far, you have heard of content marketing, but if you have not invested in it, it may be because you are skeptical of long-term gains; you are unwilling to invest heavily in something that might become a fashion.

You may be intimidated by the complexity of the strategy you perceive, or if you don’t know what you are doing, you are afraid to sneak in. Or you may be delayed because you are busy with other marketing strategies.

Benefits Of Content Marketing

Boost your SEO and traffic

Anyone who takes inbound marketing seriously knows that you can’t win SEO without a great content strategy. In fact, effective content creation is the foundation of organic search and the best way to attract more website traffic.

After solving the technical SEO problem on your website, are you waiting? of course not. You continuously generate high-quality content that excites the audience.

When you generate useful content that answers search engine questions, Google will reward you for better rankings on the search engine results page (SERP). In addition, backlinks from authoritative websites and blogs will increase Google’s trust in your site.

But don’t expect anyone worthy of your link to quote parts of the general and downplayed content.

They want unique data-driven content to inspire, attract, inform, inspire and entertain. Content marketing also adds keywords to your arsenal in every piece of content you create, which helps to enhance the effectiveness of long-tail keywords.

Over time, these keywords will add up with each piece you create, attracting a wide range of targets and hungry traffic.

Establish E-A-T

Google uses a concise acronym to summarize what you want to see on the site: E-A-T or expertise, authority, trust. One of the benefits of content marketing is to establish these qualities.

To understand how brands can achieve this goal, look for any e-commerce topics relevant to beginners (for example: “How to increase e-commerce sales” or “What should you sell online”). Next, look at SERP. We bet that Shopify will at least appear on the first page of these queries.

Shopify’s goal is to provide a simple and beginner-friendly platform. They attract target audiences by providing timeless content written by experts to solve pain points and build customer relationships.

As Shopify establishes itself as a thought leader in e-commerce, it will get trusted brand mentions on licensed websites. This improves EAT and thus strengthens SEO. Therefore, when this aspiring entrepreneur finally decides to stop planning and start doing it, Shopify will be their platform of choice because they have built expertise and authority at every step of the customer journey.

It is not isolated on the SERP. If your goal is to become a thought leader on a trusted industry website, everyone who reads the article will see your brand as a trusted source of high authority information.

Create brand awareness

Mazda is also a good example of how different types of content can create brand awareness. Their Zoom-Zoom magazine is one of the best examples of content marketing in the automotive industry.

The magazine provides information about Mazda vehicle testing, interesting stories about how many states someone can go through in 24 hours, and employee highlights.

The magazine tries to celebrate the Mazda community and even attract readers by asking them to use #ZoomZoomMazda to share their Mazda experience on social media, whether or not someone finds your content on SERPs, industry resources, or links from friends.

They found out. Then they share it and others find it. Before you know it, you already have a new army of brand champions.

Let your brand personality shine through

Another benefit of content marketing? Brand personality: The first thing any brand expert will tell you is that a brand is more than just a logo and color palette.

Successful brands dig deep into their values ​​and paint a complete picture of who they are, what drives them, their commitment to customers, their differentiation, their personalities, and their values.

Think about Sephora. Its huge content center is not only operated by a group of biased employees but also driven by the customers themselves.

In addition to various effective marketing activities that promote inclusivity, physical positivity, and similar reasons, Sephora also provides recommendations, tips, and advice from its customer base on its blog.

Show these values? His voice. From optimistic and energetic to authoritarian and straightforward, your brand voice lays a direct foundation for the story of who you are.

The category or product page on your website may not provide you with a great opportunity to make your brand’s personality shine. However, good content provides you with a rich platform.

 Connect with your audience through multiple learning formats

All your potential customers have unique needs, and there is no common format that can meet all needs at the same time. Some people are visual learners, while others prefer to read.

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