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Expedia Affiliate Program: Can You Make $1,500 a Month?

This post may contain affiliate links. I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase.

Expedia is a great option for anyone who works in the travel niche. This review will cover everything you need to know to make an informed decision about whether the Expedia Affiliate Program is worth your marketing efforts.

Expedia is a popular online travel booking site. Expedia.com is part of the Expedia Group, which also owns Travelocity, Trivago and Orbitz.

You can promote vacation packages, hotels, car rentals, and flights with the Expedia affiliate program.

The Expedia Affiliate Program

Affiliates can join Expedia’s affiliate program via CJ Affiliate Network. CJ Affiliate has the program terms. There is no information on the affiliate landing pages. It is a problem for me when affiliate networks don’t provide any information on their landing pages. Many new affiliates, especially those who are considering joining the network to learn more about the commission structure, must first join the network.

However, CJ Affiliate has a 7-day referral window. This isn’t too bad, but it’s still good for travel booking affiliate programs. TripAdvisor’s cookies are only active for 1 day.

Expedia affiliates get weekly newsletters that include seasonal deals and new offers. Expedia offers dynamic widgets and searches forms. Expedia allows you to generate links to any city, whether it is on vacation packages, flights, hotels, or flights.

Expedia’s program terms prohibit affiliates from promoting Expedia via Facebook or Twitter. Although it doesn’t mention any other social media, I recommend that you contact Expedia via the CJ platform to confirm that other social media sites can be promoted.

Expedia Affiliate Program Commission

The commission for the program ranges between 2% and 6%.

The highest commission of 6% was for cruise bookings at the time this review was written. Hotel bookings and car rental bookings at a 2% rate received the lowest commission.

How to make money with the program

You are probably aware that affiliate programs for travel booking are extremely competitive.

Your travel affiliate website must be treated as a business, not a hobby. Many travel bloggers place the booking search form on a sidebar or create a separate page called ‘Cheap Tickets’ or Book Accommodation’ that they add to their navigation.

This is both the easiest and most difficult way to approach it. The search form on your site will not be used by people. They would rather go to Expedia or another booking website if they were looking for that.

Many people will visit your website to find inspiration or information. It is crucial that your article includes your affiliate links. Although this may seem like a simple tip, you’d be amazed at how many bloggers ignore it and simply use the search box. This is something I’ve seen many times. I’m a passionate traveler, and I read a lot of travel blogs. This approach doesn’t work.

We have that sorted, you can only include affiliate links in your articles. What should you write about now?

It doesn’t matter what affiliate program or product you are trying to promote, it is important to do your research and search for low-competition keywords. This is particularly important for the travel niche, which is highly competitive.

It is not an easy task for bloggers, but I am aware of the difficulties. It is easy to find low-competition keywords, but it is difficult to write articles about them.

Furthermore, it is often impossible to find keywords that are low in competition if you are a regular travel blogger who only writes about places you have been.

If your goal is not to become a travel blogger, you can still write about destinations that are more popular. However, you won’t be able to create quality content because you haven’t been there. Your article will likely be generic. Your conversion rate will drop if you don’t give your readers tips that are based on your own experience.

What should you do? If you’re a travel blogger, booking affiliate programs should be given a low priority in your blog monetization. You can join Expedia or other affiliate programs, and you can link to bookings that you recommend when it is appropriate for your content. You may find keywords that are low-competition keywords, but sometimes you won’t.

Itineraries with detailed details are articles that I believe have high conversion rates. Your readers will likely want the same accommodation if they are going to the same place as you. If they follow your itinerary exactly, it is more likely that they will book multiple hotels.

Videos are also something I recommend. Vlogging about travel is becoming more popular because people prefer to consume it via video rather than through written content. You can expect to convert more people if you post your itinerary and link to the hotels in the description.

Expedia affiliate program is not recommended if you aren’t a travel blogger and want to promote your website exclusively as a travel affiliate site. Booking affiliate programs are easier for a travel blogger to make a commission than if you own a general travel website.

You can still create a travel affiliate website if you want, but only one destination or one type of traveler should be your focus. You could create valuable content about Mexico, or just luxury travelers. Your visitors will be more likely to trust your recommendations as you are perceived as an authority on luxury Mexican vacations.

Expedia Travel Agent Affiliate Program

The Expedia affiliate program is available to travel agencies that are incorporated under the laws in the United States. This program allows you and your clients to negotiate better rates than they see on Expedia. You also earn a commission.

Expedia’s travel agent affiliate program has a higher commission than the Expedia affiliate program. It ranges from 3% to 11%.

You will be able to access the Expedia custom booking system, dedicated call center, and cancelation assistance if your agency is accepted to the program.

Are you interested in joining the Expedia Affiliate Program

You should be aware that making a lot of money through these types of programs is difficult, regardless if you’re interested in joining the Expedia or other booking affiliate programs.

It is very competitive in the travel niche, with low commission rates. You need to get a lot of traffic in order to make a decent income. This is becoming increasingly difficult as more people are getting into travel blogging.

While I don’t think booking affiliate programs should be avoided, I do not believe they are worth the effort. These affiliate programs can be viewed as an additional source of income but not as a way to make you rich.

You should try to find low-competition keywords and link to the relevant bookings whenever possible. If you are unable to provide value for your readers, however, don’t write articles on good keywords.

If you create low-quality content, it is impossible to be successful in booking affiliate programs. It’s not a good idea for a travel website to only make money from affiliate marketing. Although you can find keywords with low competition and create articles around them, your articles won’t be original because they won’t be written from your own experience.

Getting started with a niche website

  1. Write lead-generating content. Make sure you write content that will generate leads. There are some questions people want to get clarified. They could search for healthy dog teeth or what harness suits best my cat. . You can make a list or write a review and tell people why they should buy product A instead of Product B. If you feel uncomfortable writing yourself you can hire a writer on Fiverr or Hirewriters.
  2. Invest in White Hat SEO traffic. A great SEO tool is Surfer SEO. Never use black hat SEO unless you want to get penalized by Google.
  3. Optimize traffic to convert by using targeted and low competition keywords. My favorite tool to find keywords is Keysearch.

    To rank in Google, Bing, etc you need not only the right Keywords but there is SEO, PPC, SMM, competitive research, Content marketing, and here is where SemRush comes in. This is an online tool that offers all this. Take it for a free ride for 7 days by clicking here.

  4. Develop a niche-related website. To start your first website click here to learn more about it.
  5. Create an email list. You can build your email list by offering a free e-Book for example so you attract people to sign up. An email list makes it easy to engage your customers and make them coming back to your site. AI recommend using Mailerlite. They are free to use up to 1.000 subscribers.
  6. Put your affiliate links near the top. When you position your affiliate links near the top, it will be easier for you to convert. Make the links clearly visible.
  7. Make video reviews or tutorials to educate your visitors. There is a lot of free video-making tools out there like Blender, Lightworks, and Shotcut to name just a few.
  8. Always Monitor Your Conversions Rates. You can split test your landing pages or put the affiliate links in different ways on your page and see which one converts better.
  9. Use a clean template so your visitors won’t get distracted. You get free themes over at wordpress.org
  10. Take advantage of social media. Social media allows people to interact. Grow your social media engagement by posting regularly on your Facebook Instagram page or Twitter account. The traffic from social accounts helps also to rank in google.
  11. Take action!

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32 affiliate marketing tips

32 Tips To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing!

32 Tips to make money with affiliate marketing, with a reminder of the benefits of using to set up an affiliate program.

The 5 steps to get started in affiliate marketing


1) The concept of affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a very advantageous concept for the seller as well as for his affiliates.

The principle is to promote ( via a blog post, via Instagram, via Facebook, via Facebook Ads or Google Ads advertising…) a product or a service.

It’s a bit like if we sold the product, except that one acts only as a prescriber (one does not sell directly, one presents the product, and it is the manufacturer of the product that makes the sale).

In short,  an affiliate, only get commissions on the sales made…

The risk is thus low, and the affiliate is only paid for performance.

It allows the seller to leave the work of the promotion to the affiliates (or use their strength to help them and have more impact).

Affiliates will promote quality products without having to go through their creation.

They will be able to focus on marketing the chosen product.

Traditionally, affiliate marketing works well with the following techniques

  • Appear in the Google search engine for 1 keyword related to the purchase of the product (ex: find an emailing tool, choose a household robot, which is the best smartphone less than 150 €…). In this case, you must create a Blog.
  • Advertise via Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Twitter Ads… but it is absolutely necessary to master the ROI and the advertising platforms.
  • Do Groth Hacking in order to get in touch with typical prospects via social networks


2) How to go about affiliate marketing as a seller

If you are the creator of a product or a service and you want to benefit from the help of an army of affiliates ready to take care of the promotion, you will have to start by thinking like an affiliate.

There are two main criteria to respect to get affiliates.

– The price: The more expensive, the better (be careful not to lose the “customers”.
The affiliate will look to promote products and services that offer a good commission. He will therefore find a product that will make a good sum for each sale.

If you sell an ebook for $12 and you offer $5 to the affiliate, there will be little interest in the affiliate to promote this product or service.

Some PPC followers will think twice about their return on investment.
So try to offer a fairly expensive product. If you are the author of several products, you can make a bundle that will be much more attractive for your affiliates.

For example, you sell ebooks for $25. You can make a pack of 6 ebooks for $150.

– The commission percentage: The highest possible. You will compete with competitors who offer 70% of the product price to their affiliates with each sale.

The choice will be quickly made if they have less to earn with your product…

3) How to go about it as an affiliate (the person who promotes the product)

We saw part of the affiliates’ approach in the previous point.

You need a good price to have a good return on investment depending on the type of promotion chosen (for example the PPC).

The percentage of commission continues in this line, if you touch the greater part of the price of a rather expensive product at the beginning, you will have a big leeway to carry out its promotion.

Do you know that in the English-speaking world, some affiliates only focus on products that earn them more than $ 100 in commission per sale?

There are now 3 other very important criteria to take into account to find the right product to promote: – The sales page (Product presentation page or landing page or sales pitch): This is really what will decide the outcome of the prospect’s visit.

Is it professional and inspires confidence? If you were interested, would you be willing to pay on a site like this? This is a point to be taken into consideration because if the site does not inspire confidence, a product, no matter how good, may not sell well.

We must always consider that there are 2 types of people likely to buy a product:

  • Internet regulars, who no longer hesitate to buy any product, trust and know the different affiliate platforms, and know that there is little risk involved.
  • And there are people who rarely order who may also be interested in a digital product, and who will think twice before launching, even more if the price crosses the $50 mark. It is them that will be mainly necessary to think about when choosing a product with a quality sales letter.

– Is the information available easy to find for free?

The second important point to think about.

I am thinking for example of cooking recipes. Imagine an ebook with 100 pizza recipes.

Now, look at how many pizza recipes you can find for free by doing a google search for “pizza recipes.”

It is obvious that you will lose some customer base on a product like this.

– Is the product selling well?

Depending on the case, you will have access to an indicator of the success of a product. Like Clickbank has their gravity that shows the interest in the product.

4) Where to find products to promote

To promote a product you have 2 possibilities.

– The easiest way is to register on an affiliate platform (ex: cj.com, clickbank.com, shareasale.com, and much more) which offers programs for many products and services.

You will find these products classified by category, and you can then sort them by price, commission percentage, the number of sales or date added.

It is the most practical solution to have quick access to a rich catalog and not to have to search the products one by one.

– The second possibility is to look for a given product if the seller offers an affiliate marketing program.

You will therefore affiliate with this seller directly, without going through an affiliate marketing platform.

You will therefore be able to find a real quality product on which to concentrate your efforts.

Indeed the generic platforms often offer products seen and reviewed, and often with a big competition or to the general public.

It is better to choose a product that you know, which is very relevant in its market, which is new … than to go and promote a product that you know little about.

Remember we want to sell a product we know about.

5) Now comes the promotion part!

As an affiliate, you will play an advisory role to sell a product by affiliate marketing.

The seller will take care of “selling” (shipping, payment …).

You will simply analyze your product, identify its strengths, its weak points.

You will get to know your product as well as the seller (the product must be of quality).

– Write a review of the product: Once you know your product well, you will put it all on paper, explain your experience, what you like, what you don’t like (if you find something missing, a little extra that would really make a difference, take note, you will know why later).

Using video can be a good idea to show the product (a chapter of an ebook, using the product as real).

You have already removed the doubt as to whether you bought the product or not. And believe me, you will be much more credible with proof like that!

An irresistible offer! Once your review (as honest as possible) is done, we move on to the second element that will literally make all the difference with your competition: the offer!

If I have to buy this product, why would I go through you rather than another affiliate?

Got something more interesting than another? What if you could make me an irresistible offer if I go with you? I would surely buy in that case.

Imagine for example a software to manage time that you are promoting. If you had a little time management ebook in your possession in addition to this software, it might interest me and tip the balance in your favor over other affiliates. (Of course, you must have the rights to distribute this ebook.)

Writing a simple small report of a few pages in pdf can do the trick. Just try to make a good offer.

I told you about picking up flaws before. By default, I mainly wanted to talk about “missing things.”

A step that lacks details, an interesting element that is not explained in a method, etc.

You can turn this gap into a bonus for your offer. If you can come up with the missing link, people would be more interested in going with you. Always remember the importance of the offer. The worst of the products can sell if the offer is good …

affilieur et affiliés 32 tips for success as an affiliate!

14 tips for making sales with an affiliate program:

1 – Choose one program linked to the needs of its target :

It is obvious, but it is important to remember that relevant offers that please your visitors or your mailing list.

In addition, do not hesitate to make 2 repeats on the same mailing list.

Indeed generally on a base 100 during a first sending, you get 70 to 80% of the amount of the first passage during the second passage…

On the other hand with the third, you will have an even lower return rate, and you risk tiring your readers and generating unsubscribes …

2 – Get involved in the purchase :

It is important to write in black and white “Buy this product” in order to push the Internet user to action (a simple link is not enough!).

At the same time it is essential to test the product to learn how to sell it, and to indicate to WHOM this product is intended and to whom it is not intended…

This allows on the one hand to reassure your potential buyers, and on the other hand not to deceive others (which leaves your trust capital intact).

In the same vein, indicate clearly what are the limits of the products, in order to avoid the dissatisfied ones who will give you bad publicity…

3 – Vary the affiliate programs :

The products sold through the affiliate have a relatively short lifespan, and therefore you should always look for new programs.

Similarly, as soon as you have to systematically link to a site, product, or service, you must have the reflex to check if it does not offer an affiliate program.

4 – Use all tools to promote your offers :

There is of course a classic website (Blog or brochure site), but it is also possible to use Twitter, social networks (Facebook, Instagram, etc.)

For example in Quora subscribe to questions on your sector and respond by giving a link to your affiliate account.

If the campaign is highly remunerated you can even do targeted advertising via Adwords or Facebook (but pay attention to the ROI in order to always earn money!).

5 – Get emails of your visitors :

Generating traffic is good, but to be successful in affiliate marketing you have to be able to regularly send promotions to your visitors.

For this, a newsletter, a free ebook… are excellent tools to invite your visitors to leave their addresses (nb: reduce the number of fields to a minimum)!

Social networks are interesting, but always favor email, because it is the only way to send messages regularly.

6 – Use all the keywords generating traffic for your affiliate campaign :

Don’t only focus on keywords with high traffic for your offer if you want to get ranked in google. If you want to get organic traffic focus on the low competition keywords to attract visitors to your website.

For this it is sufficient t go to Google Ads or SEMrush and generate keywords related to the main keyword.

7 – Be transparent that you are affiliating on a product :

If you want to increase your conversion rate, specify clearly when you offer an information link, this will prevent you from negative comments from your visitors.

8 – Write texts that will be valid for a long time :

A text to promote a product must be valid for a long time because you will not have the leisure to modify the texts each time.

So avoid mentioning dates or too precise facts.

Write texts that will always be true. On the other hand, if the global economy changes (ex: the Crisis), you will have to review your arguments to stick to the news (no more messages on the growth of turnover…).

9 – Always start by offering entry-level products:

Before offering high-end products from an affiliate program.

If you make sales of the Low-Cost product there will still be time to offer a complementary offer.

10 – Open a new tab when you link to the affiliate program:

  (target = Blank), in order to keep the affiliate on your site and allow him to come back if necessary.

11 – Check your statistics against that of the affiliate program, in particular, the number of links clicked:

You can do this by using the shorteners of the URL.

Also, check which program or which message generates the most clicks in order to optimize your site.

12 – Give a professional image of your website:

To inspire confidence and generate sales you must give confidence to buyers.

It is therefore essential to take care of your layout (not too much Adsense advertising…), and a layout adapted to your theme (you can create a site via WordPress).

Also, pay close attention to the loading time of your page, not to lose visitors along the way.

13 – Be effective in your texts:

Don’t write novels but keep it short, simple, and direct.

Always highlight your customers’ current problems and the benefits of the product.

And as a final tip: DO NOT SELL CHARLATAN PRODUCTS, scams,  poor quality products … you could bite your fingers for a very, very long time!

18 tips to build a successful affiliate program for affiliates

1 – Explain clearly why your affiliate program is interesting with 4 or 5 major arguments :

The price, the niche, the quality of the product, the mode of remuneration

Ideally, you should have a brief description, testimonials, statistics (turnover achieved by several affiliates, click-through rate…).

2 – Be very quick to respond to requests from affiliates:

your image and the loyalty of your affiliates are at stake!

Indeed the good affiliates will always find good offers, so don’t let them go to the competition simply because you didn’t respond to their request immediately!

3 – Explain very clearly how to set up your affiliate program :

Indeed not all webmasters are computer pros

You must therefore do a step-by-step tutorial on how to copy the links, set them up, etc.

4 – Provide as much advertising material as possible :

Text link, banner, skyscraper, square, email types to copy paste … you should if possible offer all advertising formats, because the sites all have a slightly different design!

Similarly, innovate to convince your prospects: offer an extract from an ebook, a testimonial video, a demonstration video…

5 – Be very transparent about the statistics and the turnover achieved:

A day-to-day inventory is essential.

Indeed an affiliate who sees no sales will very quickly delete your program and move on to a more profitable one…

Similarly, clearly explain what is happening passes in the event of an order cancellation from prospects (between 2 and 10%)

6 – Follow up with registrants who have not set up the affiliate program :

It is very common that some people register, but do not set up the program due to lack of time.

You must therefore either restart them manually, or provide an automatic email 3 days after registration to ask them if all is well and if they need information (link to the FAQ, a tutorial for set up the program).

One of the champions managing its affiliate program is EasyFlirt.

Indeed once you you have registered you will automatically receive a follow-up email 1 week later if you have not yet set up a store with instructions for doing it with a mini-tutorial in pictures.

A few days after setting up the store, you receive the first email to explain how to promote your affiliate products, and two weeks later still other advice to operate a mailing list and set up new systems to attract subscribers.

7 – Animate your network of ‘affiliation :

Generally, an affiliate runs his programs after a few days if he sees no return, or a few weeks if turnover is generated.

You must therefore deal with this turnover by offering animations, new advertising banners, and copy ads.

Again, one of the models of the genre is Vista Print, with an impressive prospecting and loyalty channel with a series of thematic, promotional, favorite emails.

8 – Communicate with your visitors about the existence of an affiliate program :

Most companies make the mistake of ”hiding” this tool to prevent their customers from using it for their internal use.

On the contrary, it should be highlighted to encourage visitors to become your ambassadors and consume more!

Similarly, it is important to issue press releases, articles on your blog about your affiliate program in order to make them gain visibility on the Internet.

9 – Some affiliates are more important than others :

Pareto’s law is also valid in affiliation or even more.

Indeed 10% of affiliates generally make 90% of turnover.

You must therefore offer them additional discounts by clearly indicating higher salary levels that will push them to promote your program.

Similarly, schedule appointments and calls with your “Top 10” to establish a privileged contact and help them to better sell your products (ex: specific tools, help to optimize their site …).

10 – Permanently optimize your affiliate program :

The Internet is a changing world, new advertising formats are appearing, competitors are entering your sector.

It is therefore essential to stay in touch with your affiliates, whether through email surveys (polls, etc.) or via an internet newsletter, or even a Private Blog accessible only to affiliates.

11 – Register your program in affiliate sites to recruit members:

Similarly, if you know of sites that have a non-competing activity and complementary, offer them a cross-emailing on your basics for recruiting value-added affiliates.

12 – Carefully monitor the forms sent by your affiliates if you pay by form :

It is very tempting for an affiliate to ask their readers to fill out a form to help them or oversell a product…

You must therefore be able to track the forms by the affiliate to eliminate bad apples.

13 – Set a minimum payment threshold that is neither too low nor too high :

If you require a minimum turnover of $100 before paying the commissions you will put off the small affiliates, if you pay from $15 you risk on the contrary very quickly paying a lot of affiliates.

The amount generally offered is $50, knowing that many affiliates never reach this amount.

Several means of payment (Paypal, in kind, by bank transfer, by check with a deduction if necessary …), and short payment terms (1 month).

14 – Avoid offering your program to more than 2 affiliate platforms :

Generally, affiliates are registered in the main affiliate sites.

If you use the services of one of the major sites you are sure to cover 75% of the affiliates that count. With two platforms you should reach 90%, so it is not worth paying more for 10% of affiliates who generally have little traffic.

15 – Be careful to be clear about the keywords that can be used by your affiliates in Adwords campaigns :

If you are not careful you may end up in co ncurrence with your affiliates on your brand and your strategic keywords (and most often they will be in front of you!).

16 – If your affiliation contract with an affiliate platform allows you, deal directly with the 5% of affiliates who regularly generate 30% of turnover.

You will be able to optimize your promotional actions!

As soon as your business volume generated by affiliates is too high, use an affiliate program to manage your affiliates yourself, knowing that it will take time for all that is administrative work.

17 – Always offer higher commissions than the affiliate programs of your competitors:

If necessary, only offer Top Affiliates higher commissions.

On the other hand, avoid remunerations on all customer purchases without time limit, propose a commission limitation at 1 year (max 3 years).

18 – Offer affiliate sponsorship:

i.e. you offer your affiliates to earn money on the sales made by the affiliates they recruited.

The 19th and final tip, Make several cost assumptions depending on the success of your affiliate program:

and be prepared to “turn off the tap” if the machine gets carried away.

There are 2 risks:
If successful you may very quickly see the amount payable to affiliates explode, if you have long supplier payment terms, low margins this can be very dangerous.
The other potential problem is fraud: if you pay proportionately to the turnover achieved, the risk is mainly at the level of unpaid bills but if it is a payment to the form and you are not sure to generate the turnover from “rotten” leads you must plan to stop the offer immediately (or at least stop validating new members) to carefully monitor the conversion rate, the turnover generated, the product returns and especially the margin!

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airbnb affiliate program

Ever Wondered If Airbnb Has An Affiliate Program?

There’s a little confusion over what is the Airbnb affiliate program. It is due to the fact that the company was forced to close the affiliate program in the year 2015, allowing only certain partners to stay.

While they have relaunched an affiliate program with a brand-new name in 2017, there’s some uncertainty about the future.

Does Airbnb have an affiliate program, does it? Airbnb is a partner in two different affiliate programs: Host and Guest. Airbnb guest program permits you to display an Airbnb listing on your website to earn a commission on bookings. In the Airbnb Host program, you provide hosting opportunities that earn you a profit for each new sign-up.

If you’re interested in investigating affiliate programs, it’s essential to be aware that there is a strict threshold for joining, and it is difficult to locate a wealth of information on the program on the internet. To learn more regarding the affiliate program, it is necessary to have to first apply, and then be able to qualify in order to find out more about the specifics of the program, including how commissions are structured.

We have the details you need to know prior to submitting your application, and you’ll be able to figure out whether these programs will be a good choice for your site.

What do you need to know in order to qualify to be eligible for The Airbnb Affiliate Program?

Airbnb is seeking experienced companies and partners with established names. To be an Affiliate Partner (Guest as well as Host) and to promote Airbnb’s more than four million homes across 191 countries as well as more than 600,00 cities, your website or mobile app should have greater than one million visitors each month.

Airbnb is seeking the most effective match partners, and they pick websites and applications that are relevant, creative, and well-known to the people with the intention of renting or hosting their houses.

Airbnb is also seeking enthusiastic affiliates who can leverage their website or app blogs and social media channels. 

What is the difference between the Airbnb Affiliate Programs and the Airbnb Referral Program?

The Affiliate programs should not be confused with the Referral Program, which allows users to can send their friends and family links and receive travel credits for each reservation or booking made by a host or guest by using the link. The Referral program offers you to get $20 for every new user and a maximum of $5,000. The travel credits expire at the end of one year.

Through the affiliate program, you are a partner in generating more traffic to the website. Affiliate Programs aren’t designed for users, but for websites and apps which are within the travel sector and increase traffic. They can attract more guests and hosts to book their rooms and join Airbnb and, consequently you earn a commission.

Does Airbnb’s Guest Program make up a part of an Affiliate or Referral Program?

This Guest program forms a part of the Affiliate Program. The program gives access to all Airbnb listings, which means you can advertise reservations on your website or through your app. You’ll be able to provide more than 4 million Airbnb homes in 191 countries to customers and earn a percentage for each new booking that is made via your website or app.

What is Airbnb Affiliate Commissions and Percentage?

Two ways that you earn money through Airbnb’s Affiliate Program. With their Guest Program, you are paid for every booking made by your guests. The Host Program is where you are paid a fee for each time new customers sign up to become hosts.

Unfortunately, Airbnb does not have details about the commission structure on its website. It is impossible to find this information on the internet due to their closed affiliate network. This means that only members who have been approved are able to access where all the details are available.

What other Travel Affiliate programs are available?

If you run a travel or hosting app, there are many opportunities to increase your revenue. There are Affiliate Programs that will increase your website’s traffic by promoting sites that are relevant to your field. If you are looking to promote multiple affiliates offers, it is possible to achieve this and boost your revenue as well as traffic.

If you don’t qualify for programs such as the Airbnb Affiliate Program due to their minimal traffic requirements There are a few affiliate programs you can begin using as a beginner:


Hotels.com is another website that has an attractive Affiliate Program. You can display more than 290,000. Hotels across over 60 nations. The site manages its affiliates via a third-party service such as TradeDoubler, Affiliate Window, and Commission Junction among others.

To begin, you’ll be paid an initial 5.5 percent commission for each purchase that leads to the booking of a hotel room, however, there are performance levels: 5.75 percent for monthly sales that are equal or more than $8,000 and 6% for sales of more than $12,000 per month.


Expedia is among the biggest travel brands worldwide providing access to over 140,000 properties across the globe, as well as discounted airfare and cruises, vacation packages, and car rental.

Through its network of over 500 alliances with airlines and accommodation providers, It allows travelers the chance to cut down to 500 dollars when they combine flights or hotel reservations.

Through its loyalty program, customers earn points that can be used on future trips, which is another incentive to book with Expedia.

It is the Expedia affiliate program that offers different commissions depending on the kind of referral that you are successful in which ranges from 2percent on rentals to 6 percent on cruise reservations.

While the seven-day window for cookies is one of the least effective of these affiliate program options listed on this list but the seven-day EPC of over $83 indicates there’s plenty of affiliate income to be earned with this program.


Agoda is among the largest travel booking platforms, boasting more than 200 million rentals, as well as hotel reservations.

Instead of focusing on one specific segment of the travel industry the site offers discounts for leisure, business, or solo travelers, from the biggest resorts to the tiniest treasures. This means that there are more people which travel blogs can attract.

Travel bloggers are also very important to Agoda’s travel affiliate program since it’s only available to those with their own websites. Also, there are No social influencers.

If you are eligible and qualify, you can make up to seven% in commissions per successful referral which is higher than what other big booking sites offer.

Additionally, you can access hotel power advertisements along with text links as well as other tools to boost affiliate marketing commissions.


Booking.com is the leader in the world in the booking of accommodation online. Their Affiliate Program allows you to gain access to more than 23 million rooms that can be booked in more than two million properties.

It’s simple and cost-free to join. With just a few simple steps, you’ll be able to join their extensive network of more than 12,500 affiliates around the world. It is suitable for both large and small-sized sites. Additionally, its commission structures are tiered, meaning that it grows the additional affiliate-related sales. The commission can range from 25% to a maximum of 40 percent.


CruiseDirect.com is an internet-based cruise travel business that offers fantastic deals on cruise vacations around the world. Their Affiliate Program offers an average of 3% which isn’t as high as other programs, however, it is crucial to remember that the price of their cruises is more expensive than other travel options.

One of the greatest benefits of CruiseDirect? They provide 45-day cookies that mean you’ll receive credit for all bookings completed up to a minimum of a month in a half after the user has visited their website. There are no prerequisites or minimum traffic requirements to be eligible for their affiliate program. Therefore, the program offers a fantastic opportunity for sites as well as apps.

Click here for the list of more travel affiliate programs.

Getting started with a niche website

  1. Develop a niche-related website. To start your first website click here to learn more about it.
  2. Write lead-generating content. Make sure you write content that will generate leads. There are some questions people want to get clarified. They could search for healthy dog teeth or what harness suits best my cat. You can make a list or write a review and tell people why they should buy product A instead of Product B. If you feel uncomfortable writing yourself you can hire a writer on Fiverr or Hirewriters.
  3. Optimize traffic to convert by using targeted and low competition keywords. My favorite tool to find keywords is Keysearch and SemRush. Take it to a free ride for 7 days by clicking here.
  4. Create an email list. You can build your email list by offering a free e-Book, for example, so you attract people to sign up. An email list makes it easy to engage your customers and make them coming back to your site. AI recommend using Mailerlite. They are free to use up to 1,000 subscribers.
  5. Put your affiliate links near the top. When you position your affiliate links near the top, it will be easier for you to convert. Make the links clearly visible.
  6. Make video. I would also recommend launching a YouTube channel as it will give you the extra exposure you need to take full advantage of the audience. On the platform, you can create videos reviewing the products and drop links below that will guide your audience to Nike’s official website. Fitness niche sites are also an excellent platform for Nike shoes and other products, but their content must be relayed with what you are marketing. Otherwise, you will lose authority and trust during the marketing process.  There is a lot of free video-making tools out there like Blender, Lightworks, and Shotcut to name just a few.
  7. Always Monitor Your Conversions Rates. You can split test your landing pages or put the affiliate links in different ways on your page and see which one converts better.
  8. Use a clean template, so your visitors won’t get distracted. You get free themes over at wordpress.org
  9. Take advantage of social media. Social media allows people to interact. Grow your social media engagement by posting regularly on your Facebook Instagram page or Twitter account. The traffic from social accounts helps also to rank in google.

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spamzilla review

Spamzilla Review


First Spamzilla is not a spammy tool 🙂

The worst thing about purchasing expired domains? All the time it takes to sort through them all to find one that is decent.

It is a lot of work to go back into the Wayback machine each year and check domains for links.

Spamzilla automates all background checks for every domain. This allows you to quickly narrow down the most valuable domains at the best price. It claims that it does this. But does Spamzilla really work as claimed?

The short answer is YES. It is a fantastic tool for analyzing domains and finding things that domain-hunters may have missed.

It isn’t perfect, and it needs to be checked regularly to make sure the domain isn’t being spammed.

Continue reading if you’d like to know more!

What is Spamzilla?

Spamzilla is a cloud-based software that scans (no,  no not scams) auction and expired domain lists. It then analyzes each domain with its proprietary software to identify domains that were misused or abused previously.

This is done by first scraping Pending Delete and Fully Expired GoDaddy Auctions and GoDaddy Closeouts. Then they use Majestic or Ahrefs APIs to obtain the metrics, backlinks, and anchor text for each domain.

They then run each domain in archive.org’s Wayback machine, and Screenshots.com in order to determine if they have been used in the past as PBN’s or spam sites.

They may also be alerted to excessive 301 redirects, which could indicate abuse.

Spamzilla then gives you a Spamzilla score of 1 to 100. 

1 being spotless, 100 being definitely spammed.

The majority of domains are somewhere in the middle, and I haven’t seen any domain drop below a 3.


Get access to 350,000 new expired domains every day!

  • For automated spam checking, the best domains have been selected
  • Spamzilla analyzes historical data and backlinks data
  • Check out 12 tabs of Spamzilla data analyzed
  • Only clean domains with powerful backlinks are available!

Screenshot 2021 10 20 at 18.38.16

Try Spamzilla Today!

What does Spamzilla cost?

Screenshot 2021 10 20 at 18.52.01

Spamzilla is available in two versions: the free and the paid. Spamzilla’s paid version costs $37 per month and grants you full access.

You can only review 25 domains per month in the free version. The paid version has a full domain list, which you do not have access to.

You can analyze up to 1850 domains per month with the paid version. Additional credits are available if you need more.

Spamzilla’s paid version also has a database that contains expired domains, which is constantly being updated.

These domains are then filtered using industry-standard metrics like Moz (DA/PA), Ahrefs(DR,UR), or Majestic (TF/CF).

What is a good Spamzilla score?

Spamzilla scores below 20 are considered safe. Spamzilla has been used extensively by me over the last few weeks, and I have also purchased some great domains.

There have been instances when I found domains that were clearly spammed, with scores below 20. There have been domains that appear a bit shabby but have a Spamzilla score above 20.

Spamzilla Tutorial

Although the Spamzilla interface may seem overwhelming at first glance, it becomes very intuitive and easy to use once you have spent some time with it.

Screenshot 2021 10 26 at 15.00.11 wpp1635254136766

Spamzilla will open for the first time, and you’ll be presented with the following database. Below is a list of all the columns:

Domain: The website name you can buy

Source The source from which you can purchase the domain can be expired and available for free pickup anywhere. Or, it can be bought through an auction site.

TF Majestic’s Trust Flow is a great metric to use to determine the trustworthiness of a website. The higher the number, the better.

CF Majestic’s Citation Flow. You want the TF to be equal to the CF – if it is greater than the TF, it is likely that you are spamming.

Maj: Majestic’s Back Links. Usually, the more backlinks a site has, the better. Sometimes, however, too many backlinks can indicate that the domain is spammed.

Maj: Majestic’s Referring Domains. Again, the more domains that refer to Majestic the better. Sometimes, however, too many domains can lead to spam.

Maj Topics: Majestic’s Topics – A quick and easy way to determine the niche of a domain in order to locate topically relevant domains

Site Lang: Main Language The backlinks are in.

Moz Domain Authority: Moz Domain Authority is the most widely used metric to determine domain strength. However, it can be easily modified.

Moz D:Moz Page Authority – How powerful is the main page for a domain. Similar to Ahref’s UR metric

Age: Age at the time the domain was registered. It could have been dropped at any time, or it could not be active.

SZ Score This is Spamzilla’s spam score. The lower the score, the better.

Open the Filter

Screenshot 2021 10 26 at 15.00.30

First, click the filter button at the top. This will open the page that allows you to sort through the millions of domains available.

While I won’t go into detail about each metric, I will make recommendations based on your needs.

Domains that are no longer available

It is best to have low expectations if you are looking for good domains that have expired. These are my filters:

  • TF: 2
  • DR: 10
  • SZ Score: 0-20

Tip — You’ll still need to look closely at expired domains because they are often spammed. This means that you need to look at domain snapshots carefully and run the domain in Ahrefs to check if it is ranking for junk keywords such as “Nike Air Max shoes”.

Auction Domains

You can spend more if you are willing to invest. These are my filters:

  • TF: 2
  • DR: 20
  • SZ Score: 0-20

Auction ends: Today or one day in advance

Tip: It is best to not bid too early on auction domains. The price will rise quickly as a result. Pros wait until the last five minutes to place a bid on domains. This keeps the competition low, which allows you to sometimes jump in and grab domains for a very cheap price.

Spamzilla: How to Screen Domains

After you’ve narrowed down your list to domains that have link juice and aren’t spammed (hopefully), you will want to do some research and look into the domains.

Click on Spamzilla to do this:

Screenshot 2021 10 21 at 18.54.29

This gives you a great overview of the history of Wayback Machine. This is a great alternative to going through every year. It saves you a lot of time and is the most important aspect in screening domains.

You should carefully go through every screenshot. One small detail can make the difference between a good and bad domain.

It is also possible to view domain backlinks, redirects, and even domain historical wordcounts and drops. These views can indicate whether a domain was used for spam or as a PBN.

Price tag

Spamzilla costs $37 per month. It also comes with Spamzilla screening software. This saves you so much time when purchasing domains.

What about the Features?

Spamzilla is the best in terms of price, but what about all other features?

Spamzilla also displays DNS History and Domain Drops count. This information is helpful when manually checking if a domain has been used as a PBN.

Spamzilla has Historic snapshots from Archive.org, Screenshots.com. Spamzilla offers a WayBack Exporting feature that allows you to quickly and easily download a website from Archive.org.

Is Spamzilla Worth it?

Spamzilla is the best option for domain buyers who are looking to buy domains.

It does all it promises and is cheaper than other similar programs that have fewer features.

Screenshot 2021 10 21 at 18.44.48

Spamzilla is always adding new features to their site and working with more auction-domain companies, so it’s only a matter of time before they raise prices.

If you are looking to reduce your domain purchases, I recommend visiting Spamzilla and purchasing it at the current rate.

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target affiliate program

Target Affiliate Program

The Target Affiliate Program

You should definitely move towards the Target affiliate program if you have built up a genuine audience that trusts what you represent. Affiliate programs are prevalent nowadays mostly because it is simple to work on and it generates a hefty amount of income.

Target affiliate program is similar to Amazon associates. The best thing about this program is that you don’t have to spend time building your audience’s trust since everyone knows how credible it is. Conversions rates with Target have always been maximum since people trust what they sell.



The Introduction

This program is great for influencers, bloggers, and webmasters, who have a US-based audience. If you are confident that you can influence people to buy a certain product, you should sign up for this program. On signing up, you can promote products from Target. For each sale, you will receive a commission.

For instance, you have reviewed a bookshelf on your website and linked it to Target’s store. If someone likes the product, they can click on the link and make a purchase. As a result, you can receive a commission from 1 to 8%, depending upon how often people follow your links.

To be a part of the Target affiliate program, you should have a website with traffic from the US. Since Target is an American retail corporation and it does not ship to other countries, it would be useless if you don’t have a US audience.


There is a broad line of products that Target sells. From food supplies to home décor, everything is there in the store. Though Target offers affiliate products on millions of these products, it is upon the affiliate to select the high-paying products.

You can sell products from a variety of categories, yet there are restrictions to some products.

Excluded product categories

  • Baby care products
  • Books and magazines
  • Household sundries
  • Snacks and candies
  • Electronics, video games, and other digital products
  • Included product categories
  • Beauty products
  • Sports
  • Luggage
  • Clothing items
  • School and office supplies
  • Furniture
  • Home décor and essentials


The commission on Target varies from 1 to 8% that highly depends upon the sale of a certain month and the kind of product you have selected for promotion. For this reason, it is necessary to promote products that are in demand and generate enough sales at the same time.

In the Target affiliate program, the commission is structured according to the product category. You can make the most commission from the category of home and outdoor living and the apparel category. You can get a 5% commission in these categories even if the monthly sale is between 0 to 10. Gradually it will increase to 8% in case of 10,000 sales per month.

Health and beauty category makes the least commission out of all that is 1%, even if you sell 10,000+ products a month.

Apparel and Accessories – 5 to 8%

Home and Outdoor Living – 5 to 8%

Baby gear and Furniture – 5%

Health and Beauty – 1%

7-Days Cookies

This is so far the best thing about the Target Affiliate program. 7-days cookie duration means if the customer has clicked on your affiliate link and makes a purchase of that product within seven days of clicking, you will get the commission. Unlike other affiliate programs that have a tracking period of 24 hours to 3 days, Target offers the best.

Moreover, the commission will be all yours if the customer makes any purchase within the period of 7 days.

Let me explain this with an example. Let’s say you have a blog about home essentials. Someone clicked on your affiliate link to purchase a table. But they forget about it or just get busy with other stuff. Four days later, the same customer purchased the table. Thus, you will earn the commission for this sale. Even if the customer buys a chair two days later, you will earn the commission for that as well.

Tools and Support

Impact Radius manages Target. On joining, you will get access to a lot of creative materials, including banners for the promotion of products. You can use all those banners and swipes on your website if you like.

You can also make deep links to direct the customers to any of Target’s pages. Other than that, you will also receive weekly newsletters that have information about the promotions and other coupon codes.

Using Target Affiliate Program

You can promote Target products in different ways on the internet. There are some low-priced product categories with which you cannot make a commission. Even on the categories that are included, you will get a fairly limited commission per product.

The best way to promote Target products is to have a blog. The more targeted the blog, the better you will be able to sell things. It doesn’t matter where in the world you reside; you can earn commission through Target. However, the only condition is to have a US-based audience.

Thorough keyword research and quality content can definitely bring you lots of traffic. How you convert the traffic to sales is completely upon you. You can present the product in the best possible way and keep yourself in the buyer’s shoes to bring up the best strategies.

Joining Target Affiliate Program

The target affiliate program works with Impact Radius. By joining Impact Radius, you can get all the affiliate tools provided by Impact Radius.

Before joining the affiliate program, you should have a website with traffic mainly from the US. Enroll your blog in the affiliate program. Make sure to have a website that talks about a very specific topic to earn better through an affiliate.

You just need to fill a form to enroll yourself in the affiliate program. They will ask you questions about your website and business, which you can definitely answer quite easily.

If you are a suitable candidate according to their terms and conditions have all the criteria fulfilled, you are likely to get accepted for the program. It usually does not take more than two business days to respond to the application.

After that, you can start promoting the products once you receive affiliate tools and other banner ads.

Why Should I Join Target Affiliate Program?

Here is why Target Affiliate Program is best for you.

The best thing about this program is that your commission increases depending upon the sales volume of a specific month. This way, you can earn commission anywhere between 1 to 8% depending upon the products you have sold.

There is a large range of products on Target. The store has almost everything that a person needs. From groceries to clothing to house décor, people can buy everything from them. Apart from some excluded categories, you can promote a lot of their products and can earn a commission for each sale. There are about one million products from the included categories that can be promoted as an affiliate.

Since Target is already a reputable store that every US citizen trusts, you do not have to spend time explaining to your audience about its credibility. Other than that, some products can even be delivered on the same day with Shipt shoppers. This speaks volumes for their services.

The best thing about this program is the creative promotion for which they provide banners, ads, widgets, and other materials. Every time there is a sale going on, you will get updates with the banners so you can use them along with the affiliate link. For even more convenience, they provide banners of different sizes, so you can add any size that seems fit for your website.


While Target offers so many advantages, some drawbacks cannot be ignored. Some of the categories offer extremely low commissions even if you sell 10,000+ products per month. For instance, the Commission for Health & Beauty category does not exceed 1%.

This affiliate program will only benefit you if you have a US-based audience. Traffic coming from other countries will not benefit you with this program since Target does not ship internationally. Also, it is not much effective, there are almost 1850+ stores all over the US. Citizens can go and purchase the items any time from the store.

Final Verdict – Is Target Affiliate Program Worth it?

Target is worth it if you have just started blogging with an audience from the US that trusts what you say. Though it does not seem worthy compared to other affiliate programs, it is still good for you if you know how to convert traffic to sales.

However, if you think Target can completely replace the income you generate from the Amazon affiliate program, you are wrong.

This program will suit you best if you are just starting out and want to understand practically how the whole affiliate thing works. Also, if your blog’s niche falls into any of the included products categories, you are good to go.

Nevertheless, there are so many amazing affiliate options that you can pick from.

Getting started with a niche website

  1. Develop a niche-related website. To start your first website click here to learn more about it.
  2. Write lead-generating content. Make sure you write content that will generate leads. There are some questions people want to get clarified. They could search for healthy dog teeth or what harness suits best my cat. You can make a list or write a review and tell people why they should buy product A instead of Product B. If you feel uncomfortable writing yourself you can hire a writer on Fiverr or Hirewriters.
  3. Optimize traffic to convert by using targeted and low competition keywords. My favorite tool to find keywords is Keysearch and SemRush. Take it to a free ride for 7 days by clicking here.
  4. Create an email list. You can build your email list by offering a free e-Book, for example, so you attract people to sign up. An email list makes it easy to engage your customers and make them coming back to your site. AI recommend using Mailerlite. They are free to use up to 1,000 subscribers.
  5. Put your affiliate links near the top. When you position your affiliate links near the top, it will be easier for you to convert. Make the links clearly visible.
  6. Make video. I would also recommend launching a YouTube channel as it will give you the extra exposure you need to take full advantage of the audience. On the platform, you can create videos reviewing the products and drop links below that will guide your audience to Nike’s official website. Fitness niche sites are also an excellent platform for Nike shoes and other products, but their content must be relayed with what you are marketing. Otherwise, you will lose authority and trust during the marketing process.  There is a lot of free video-making tools out there like Blender, Lightworks, and Shotcut to name just a few.
  7. Always Monitor Your Conversions Rates. You can split test your landing pages or put the affiliate links in different ways on your page and see which one converts better.
  8. Use a clean template, so your visitors won’t get distracted. You get free themes over at wordpress.org
  9. Take advantage of social media. Social media allows people to interact. Grow your social media engagement by posting regularly on your Facebook Instagram page or Twitter account. The traffic from social accounts helps also to rank in google.

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aliexpress affiliate program

AliExpress Affiliate Program – Is it better than Amazon Associates?

AliExpress, a marketplace that sells products online to international buyers, is located in China. AliExpress makes use of affiliate programs to increase sales, just like any other large retail business.

This review will provide all the information you need about the AliExpress associate program. This review will also compare the affiliate program to Amazon Associates.

AliExpress connects Chinese companies with international buyers. AliExpress lists wholesalers and manufacturers. They handle shipping when you order any product. AliExpress does not sell directly to consumers, unlike Amazon.

AliExpress has low prices as its main advantage. They offer great deals because you buy directly from manufacturers and wholesalers.

As you might expect, however, because the products are made in China, and often cheaply, the quality is often questionable.

You can’t expect much if you purchase a camera for $15. AliExpress also offers quality products, but at a higher price.

Shipping time is the main drawback for most AliExpress shoppers. they offer free shipping Shipping for all orders. However, it may take several weeks or months for your order to arrive if you choose to have your products shipped from China.

AliExpress shipped my base cap to me in nine weeks. However, that is not unusual. Usually, shipping takes no more than three to four weeks. If you find a seller with a warehouse in the States, shipping of course can be pretty fast.

AliExpress sellers offer the option of shipping your product via DHL or other international couriers. If you are willing to pay extra, you can have your product shipped within a week.

Nevertheless, Aliexpress is a powerhouse with over 60,000.000 organic visitors per month!

Screenshot 2021 10 18 at 14.58.12

The AliExpress Affiliate Program

The AliExpress affiliate program is not as popular as Amazon Associates. Actually, not that many people know that AliExpress even has an affiliate program.

AliExpress is a dropshipping platform that has gained popularity among bloggers and entrepreneurs.

Start an e-commerce, import products from AliExpress to your store using Oberlo, and every time you place an order, you buy cheaply in China. Then you sell your items with a markup to your customers.

Oberlo is a dropshipping platform that can be combined with affiliate marketing. More on this later.

AliExpress Portals hosts the AliExpress Affiliate Program. However, CJ Affiliates is also available.

You can join the AliExpress affiliate landing site to get access to the self-hosted affiliate program.

Screenshot 2021 10 18 at 14.55.09

AliExpress doesn’t provide much information on their program, and what little they do give is often contradictory.

In their FAQs, they state that they use the session-based track, but on other pages, they claim that they have a 3-day referral window (and it seems as of I write this article the latter is correct).

It is easy to sign up to join the AliExpress affiliate program. After completing a brief registration form, you will be approved. The approval process is quick and only takes a few business days.

After your application has been approved, you can access AliExpress Portals.

AliExpress Portals allows you to create your affiliate links. Deep linking is possible with the program. You can link to any AliExpress product you want. AliExpress offers pages that can be linked to, and search results can be linked to.

Instead of linking to an iPhone 13 Case, you would link instead to a search result that includes all iPhone 13 Cases on AliExpress, so people can browse and pick the one that interests them most.

AliExpress offers a plugin called AliPlugin that makes it easier to create affiliate links. If you choose to dropship, the plugin allows you to import products from AliExpress into your store. The plugin is not free and costs $69 for a one-time payment. Oberlo is free for Shopify customers.

AliExpress Portals allows you to create deep links and also allows you to create tracking IDs for all of your links.


This is especially useful if you promote AliExpress products through multiple channels. You can compare performance with tracking IDs. For example, you might see that people click more on links on your website than on Facebook or other social media sites.

Tracking IDs are a great way to optimize your campaigns. It is important to concentrate on what is working, and not what is not.

You can also provide dynamic ads and banners to affiliates. Based on your visitor’s AliExpress browsing habits, dynamic ads will show AliExpress products.

AliExpress Affiliate Program Commission

AliExpress affiliate program commission ranges from 3% to 9%.

Hot products are not eligible for 0%, which is unfortunate since they sell well. The Costco affiliate program and Amazon Associates allow affiliates to promote hot products.

The table below shows the commission rates.

commission rates aliexpress affiliate

The commission cap for this program is $50. You will not receive more than $50 if someone purchases products worth thousands of dollars through your affiliate link.

People buy multiple things on large marketplaces such as AliExpress. Affiliates don’t often get the credit they deserve for their marketing efforts.

The program has one big drawback: affiliates cannot withdraw their commissions via international bank transfers. Pay Pal is not supported. There is an additional $15 processing fee for each withdrawal.

Affiliates cannot withdraw if they have earned at least $16 due to the withdrawal processing fee.

Each order is charged a commission to your AliExpress Portals Account. If a customer does not request a refund, an order is considered complete after 60 days.

You can withdraw your commission once it has been credited to your account. AliExpress only allows you to withdraw money on or before the 20th of each month.

Hypothetically, you could therefore wait up to 70 days for your commission if the purchase was made after the 21st.

You can also join the CJ Affiliates affiliate program, as I have mentioned previously.

CJ Affiliates AliExpress offers the same 3-day referral period but the commission is different.

All categories are eligible for a 4% commission. Download an Excel spreadsheet from CJ Affiliates that lists all categories where the commission applies. The program on CJ Affiliates does not permit the promotion of hot products, just as the AliExpress Portals are self-hosted.

The self-hosted AliExpress affiliate program has a higher commission than CJ Affiliates. There are some categories that earn 4% on CJ Affiliates and only 3% via AliExpress Portals. If you’re only interested in promoting a particular category, the program on CJ affiliates may be better.

How to Make Money with the Program as a Dropshipper

As I mentioned earlier, if you have a Shopify store and dropship products from AliExpress using the Oberlo app, you can get a commission for the products that you buy for your customers.

Oberlo will recognize your affiliate link when you place orders. Dropshipping can help you increase your profit.

Learn more at the Oberlo help center.

How to Make Money with the AliExpress Affiliate Program

I mentioned at the very beginning of this review that AliExpress focuses on international online buyers. The strange fact is that even though AliExpress is a Chinese company, the Chinese cannot shop at AliExpress.

AliExpress receives more than 500 million visitors each month from around the globe. Russia is the country where AliExpress is most popular.

20 percent of all visitors come from Russia, compared with 5% from the USA. This means that AliExpress is visited by approximately 25 million Americans.

Although this is a small number when compared to the amount of Americans who shop on Amazon, I’m trying to show that AliExpress products can be promoted to an American audience.

Understanding the right products to promote is key to your success. This applies to all markets, but AliExpress is a great example.

Ask yourself this question: “Why would someone buy from AliExpress instead of Amazon?” The answer is obvious. But the second reason is the uniqueness of the products.

After reading the second reason, you may have laughed. China is famous for copying western brands and products. I don’t object to that. However, as an AliExpress shopper, I know that AliExpress has many products that are not available at Amazon and other retailers.

In your marketing efforts, you should focus on only one of these items (preferably both).

You could, for example, review products and link to Amazon and AliExpress. It is a smart idea to choose products with significant price differences if you want to increase the number of people who click on your AliExpress affiliate link.

You cannot make a lot of money by selling the cheapest AliExpress products. A $2 iPhone case would make you almost nothing if you were to earn a commission. It would be necessary to search for products that are more expensive but still cheaper than Amazon or other retailers.

If you do decide to compare prices with other retailers, make sure that you are an affiliate for them as well. You would also be a good candidate for Amazon Associates in this instance.

AliExpress Affiliate Program vs. Amazon Associates

The commission for both programs is very similar. AliExpress commission ranges from 3% to 9% and Amazon from 1% to 10%. For some categories, you will have a better commission with AliExpress and for some with Amazon.

AliExpress’s referral period is where it has an advantage. AliExpress offers a 3-day referral period, while Amazon Associates only has 24-hours.

AliExpress ships to almost all countries in the world (175 countries), so you can promote AliExpress products even in smaller countries. Amazon ships to approximately 100 countries, which is still quite a bit more than AliExpress.

Amazon is more trusted than Chinese AliExpress. AliExpress is well-known in America, but AliExpress has not been popular in the USA. AliExpress is most popular in Russia and in some European countries like France.

Should You Join the AliExpress Affiliate Program?

AliExpress can be used not only for dropshipping but also for affiliate marketing.

There are some drawbacks to the program, such as the $50 commission cap or the inability of affiliates to withdraw funds through PayPal.

AliExpress products are cheaper than Amazon products, which is a major benefit. You could therefore have a higher conversion rate.

If you have a website that receives most of its traffic from the USA I would suggest promoting AliExpress products but focusing more on Amazon Associates. While some products might convert better than Amazon, I believe Amazon Associates has a better overall earning potential.

If you are a Russian-speaking website, you might consider the AliExpress affiliate program. AliExpress is very popular in Russia.

Getting started with a niche website

  1. Develop a niche-related website. To start your first website click here to learn more about it.
  2. Write lead-generating content. Make sure you write content that will generate leads. There are some questions people want to get clarified. They could search for healthy dog teeth or what harness suits best my cat. You can make a list or write a review and tell people why they should buy product A instead of Product B. If you feel uncomfortable writing yourself you can hire a writer on Fiverr or Hirewriters.
  3. Optimize traffic to convert by using targeted and low competition keywords. My favorite tool to find keywords is Keysearch and SemRush. Take it to a free ride for 7 days by clicking here.
  4. Create an email list. You can build your email list by offering a free e-Book, for example, so you attract people to sign up. An email list makes it easy to engage your customers and make them coming back to your site. AI recommend using Mailerlite. They are free to use up to 1,000 subscribers.
  5. Put your affiliate links near the top. When you position your affiliate links near the top, it will be easier for you to convert. Make the links clearly visible.
  6. Make video. I would also recommend launching a YouTube channel as it will give you the extra exposure you need to take full advantage of the audience. On the platform, you can create videos reviewing the products and drop links below that will guide your audience to Nike’s official website. Fitness niche sites are also an excellent platform for Nike shoes and other products, but their content must be relayed with what you are marketing. Otherwise, you will lose authority and trust during the marketing process.  There is a lot of free video-making tools out there like Blender, Lightworks, and Shotcut to name just a few.
  7. Always Monitor Your Conversions Rates. You can split test your landing pages or put the affiliate links in different ways on your page and see which one converts better.
  8. Use a clean template, so your visitors won’t get distracted. You get free themes over at wordpress.org
  9. Take advantage of social media. Social media allows people to interact. Grow your social media engagement by posting regularly on your Facebook Instagram page or Twitter account. The traffic from social accounts helps also to rank in google.

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wish affiliate program

Does Wish Have an Affiliate Program?

Wish can be described as an American online e-commerce application and website that facilitates transactions between buyers and sellers. Wish was founded in the year 2010 by Piotr Szulczewski James Prendergast and Danny Zhang. Wish is managed under the umbrella of ContextLogic Inc. out of San Francisco, United States ( Source).

Wish is in essence a massive marketplace with a variety of bizarre random items that promise big-time savings but lengthy shipping times. It is amazing that according to Forbes the site “is the third-largest e-commerce market across the United States by sales”.

It has a massive presence on the internet:

You can see that the brand averages about 13.5 million organic traffic per month.

Screenshot 2021 10 15 at 14.52.42

Does Wish have an Affiliate Program?

Yes, it is. You can join this Wish Affiliate program by clicking here. There is also the opportunity to refer friends.

Based on the Wish blog, the way in which the referral program works is “when your new referee purchases their first item, and you use your promo code, it allows you to enjoy discounts of up to 20%. After the transaction is completed, and you have received your reward of $5. If you refer 20 people within a month, you’ll receive an additional $100 in bonus.”

It is clearly different from the affiliate program which you receive actual cash in lieu of credits or rebates to make use of to purchase Wish.

If you’re interested in learning how to earn money through referrals, you must check out this Wish blog. They offer a step-by-step process for converting individuals, whether they’re your clients or friends.

Wish Affiliate Alternatives

If you’re in search of Wish alternative affiliates, check out the following brands, who are competing with Wish in the SERPs of Google All have affiliate programs:

  1. Aliexpress
  2. Etsy
  3. Banggood
  4. Redbubble
  5. Gearbest
  6. Teepublic
  7. Hot Topic
  8. Society6
  9. GameStop

Getting started with a niche website

  1. Develop a niche-related website. To start your first website click here to learn more about it.
  2. Write lead-generating content. Make sure you write content that will generate leads. There are some questions people want to get clarified. They could search for healthy dog teeth or what harness suits best my cat. You can make a list or write a review and tell people why they should buy product A instead of Product B. If you feel uncomfortable writing yourself you can hire a writer on Fiverr or Hirewriters.
  3. Optimize traffic to convert by using targeted and low competition keywords. My favorite tool to find keywords is Keysearch and SemRush. Take it to a free ride for 7 days by clicking here.
  4. Create an email list. You can build your email list by offering a free e-Book, for example, so you attract people to sign up. An email list makes it easy to engage your customers and make them coming back to your site. AI recommend using Mailerlite. They are free to use up to 1,000 subscribers.
  5. Put your affiliate links near the top. When you position your affiliate links near the top, it will be easier for you to convert. Make the links clearly visible.
  6. Make video. I would also recommend launching a YouTube channel as it will give you the extra exposure you need to take full advantage of the audience. On the platform, you can create videos reviewing the products and drop links below that will guide your audience to Nike’s official website. Fitness niche sites are also an excellent platform for Nike shoes and other products, but their content must be relayed with what you are marketing. Otherwise, you will lose authority and trust during the marketing process.  There is a lot of free video-making tools out there like Blender, Lightworks, and Shotcut to name just a few.
  7. Always Monitor Your Conversions Rates. You can split test your landing pages or put the affiliate links in different ways on your page and see which one converts better.
  8. Use a clean template, so your visitors won’t get distracted. You get free themes over at wordpress.org
  9. Take advantage of social media. Social media allows people to interact. Grow your social media engagement by posting regularly on your Facebook Instagram page or Twitter account. The traffic from social accounts helps also to rank in google.

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wayfair affiliate program

Wayfair Affiliate Program – Any Good?

If you’re looking for new ways to make money from the blog you run for home decoration or website for interior design You should look into the Wayfair affiliate program. Wayfair affiliate program. However, is it worth it? And can you make a decent profit?

That’s precisely the issue we’ll tackle in our article today and we encourage you to keep to read.

Screenshot 2021 10 02 at 16.33.43

Wayfair Affiliate Program Review

Wayfair is an American retailer of furniture for homes and accessories. They stock millions of items that come from more than 10,000 suppliers that you can advertise by joining the Wayfair affiliate program.

While Wayfair is a well-known brand, few affiliates know there is an affiliate program. In this article, you’ll learn more about the program.

The fundamentals

There was a time when you could join as an affiliate of the program by using ShareASale. But the process has changed recently and now it is operated by CJ Affiliate (which we’ve mentioned in one of our latest posts). You can now join CJ Affiliate and join the CJ program and change your affiliate hyperlinks if are already an affiliate with a Wayfair affiliate via ShareASale.

The greatest feature of Wayfair is that it’s well popular, particularly within North America. It’s among the options affiliates currently employ if they want to earn money by using Amazon Associates.

The website sells everything from furniture and kitchen items to pet products, garden products, and a range of others. If you sign up for this program, you become a member of Allmodern.com, Birchlane.com, and Jossandmain.com.

While you do not require an account with CJ Affiliate in order to sign up, be aware that Wayfair reviews every application for approval.

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In order to benefit from a speedy review process for approval, you must have a website that is functioning and has sufficient material, along with an adequate amount of traffic. Additionally, you must provide every method you intend to promote your affiliate links, including social media.

It is not possible to participate in the program if the website involves controversial topics like religious or adult-related topics or even politics. you’re also not likely of getting approved if your site is within the CBD sector.

Additionally, if you own an online price comparison, discount, or voucher site that is not a Wayfair affiliate, you aren’t eligible to join this program. Wayfair Affiliate program.


The commissions range from 5-7% on each purchase referred to. The benefit of the program is the fact that it can last for 7 days. This is a significant improvement when in comparison to other affiliate programs, especially Amazon Associates (where the cookie only lasts 24-hours).

When you could utilize Wayfair affiliate links via ShareASale the cookie was set to be valid for at least 30 days. Because the majority of purchases are about $300 it is possible to earn a decent amount of money through this platform even with a shorter timeframe for referrals.

In terms of payment, you can get your earnings through PayPal or direct transfer.

How do you make money by becoming a Wayfair affiliate

SEO, Content Marketing linking email marketing, and anything else you can think of (including Social media) are all allowed as well, so if you run your own blog about interior design, DIY and landscaping, home decor, and animals, then you could profit from this program.

In terms of social media, one of the more effective platforms you can make use of is Pinterest. If you type into your Pinterest search box, ‘home decor”, you’ll see various posts with affiliate links, be it for Wayfair or a different program.

Screenshot 2021 10 02 at 16.35.46

While difficult as Pinterest marketing may seem to some, however, it’s much simpler to utilize it for this purpose since the majority of items that Wayfair sells are visually appealing and therefore appeal to potential buyers in this way.

Should you join?

There aren’t any disadvantages to this program that is rare. There are affiliates who may have difficulty being approved and this can happen when it comes to price comparison websites.

If you’ve got a regularly updated blog that you write about interior design, and you receive an adequate amount of visitors in a natural way, every month, you don’t need to be worried about getting rejected.

There are plenty of reasons to join instead of not joining. You can access more than seven million items you can advertise as well as, if you’re involved in the home decor, wedding, garden, or event planning industry You can also earn incentives for each item within this category you recommend.

The 7-day cookie is superior to the other programs, and the 57% commission rate is worth writing home about.

Are you interested in learning more about SEO and affiliate marketing? Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you.

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best luxury affiliate program

The 24 Best Luxury Affiliate Programs Of 2021 And Beyond (Hand Picked)

The world of luxury has always been in high demand since the public started to demand expensive goods. The demand for luxury will only increase as time passes.

The luxury affiliate programs are the most appealing features for high-end items and commissions that range between 4-9%. This means that one commission can easily earn more than $100 per. However, it’s not just about selecting a costly item and placing it on your site. It is essential to select an audience who will spend money and is able to trust your style.

Furthermore the fact that many of these affiliate programs require applications to sign up, and aren’t usually accessible through aggregators such as Skimlinks or Sovrn although there are exceptions which we’ll list as well.

The benefit? A lot of the top affiliate programs listed below are eager to discuss rates and terms with partners that deliver them high-quality traffic. Up to 10% for the top performers. This means that you have the chance to earn more from the same quantity when you’ve mastered the art of effectively promote their products.

Are you ready to find out about the top luxury affiliate programs that you can use to promote yourself as a luxury lifestyle or fashion publisher or blogger?

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I recently did a search on Google Trends to demonstrate how many people have an interest in this area all over the globe.

Screenshot 2021 09 25 at 17.33.29

As you can see, people are looking for expensive items regardless of what the world goes through.

If you’re an affiliate marketing professional, how do you don’t you focus on a market that has lots of money? This will allow you to boost your revenue significantly.

To conclude, in this article I’m going to share the top luxury affiliate programs each blogger and affiliate marketer ought to look into in order to boost their income.

Let’s get started!

1. Fartetch Affiliate Program

Screenshot 2021 09 25 at 18.32.30

Farfetch is among the most prominent suppliers of premium goods and products and has been in business since 2007.

These include clothes from one of the largest brands around the globe. I love checking the Instagram pages of these luxurious brands before mentioning them in this article.

Farfetch has quite satisfied me. They have more than three million users on Instagram as well as a large number of users on various social networks.

It is evident that the company sells goods that are sought-after by those who are keen to know what the business offers on social media.

Anyways, coming back to the article, the company sells products such as Gucci belts, Moncler Jackets, Rick Owens shoes, and other designers/fashionable items for men and women.

It is the Fartetch affiliate program is open to affiliates from every country in the globe. It is administered through VigLink as well as DCM Network. For more information, you can go to the affiliate sign-up page on the Fartetch website.

The commission rates vary However, VigLink has provided the commission rate as 32.61 percent. Click here to learn more about this commission rate.

Official Website: https://www.farfetch.com

Affiliate Sign-up Page Farfetch’s affiliate program

Commission The rates are 32.61 percent and variable

Cookie Duration: Variable

2. Puffy Mattress Affiliate Program

Screenshot 2021 09 25 at 18.35.13

The luxury bedroom is among the first items that are on any list of options for living a luxurious life. This is the place where Puffy Mattress comes in.

Puffy Mattress is said to make and sell the best American mattresses that anyone looking for comfort can buy.

The mattresses start around $599 and can go all the way up to thousands of dollars. This is why I have included this company on the list.

I’ve also discussed this Puffy Mattress affiliate program in my list on Sleep affiliate programs and also, if you’d like to test it out.

The company pays a twenty percent commission on qualified sales. The affiliate program can be found on ShareAsale.

If you sell a product that is worth $5000, you could expect to earn around 1000 dollars from affiliate compensation. The EPC is approximately $365 and the length of a cookie is an impressive 180 days.

The banners and text advertisements are available as well branding opportunities, links discounts, and other unique materials that are available to affiliates. They also have an exclusive affiliate management team.

The official website is: https://puffy.com

Affiliate Sign-up Page: The Puffy Mattress Affiliate program

Commission Costs Commission 20%

Cookie Duration: 180 days

3. Open For Vintage Affiliate Program

Screenshot 2021 09 25 at 18.38.57

Open For Vintage is one of the most reputable companies selling high-end vintage fashion items in addition to jewelry.

If I searched the name of the business, I could see a knowledge panel that suggests that the business is not just established but also trusted.

If your clients are looking for luxury watches, luxurious necklaces, trendy vintage belts, handbags, and scarves or associated accessories Open For Vintage sells everything they need at one stop.

In the affiliate program, Open For Vintage uses Awin (Affiliate Window in the past) to manage and run the program.

Awin is the perfect affiliate network for anyone who doesn’t want to spend time researching the interface for users since it’s extremely easy to make use of.

This premium affiliate program earns a five percent commission to new customers as well as a 3 percent commission on sales made to existing customers. If watches are purchased via your affiliate link, the commission will be 3 percent per watch.

Affiliates can advertise Open For Vintage from the top companies and can expect good commissions. The average price for orders is in excess of 700 pounds (about $970).

Official Website: https://openforvintage.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Open For Vintage affiliate program

Commission Prices: 5percent on all new clients, 3 percent for existing customers, and 3 percent on watches

Cookie Duration: 30 days

4. The most luxurious Garage Sale Affiliate Program

Screenshot 2021 09 25 at 18.42.40

Luxury Garage Sale can be described as a luxury marketplace for shopping that I was unsure whether or not to include in this list however, after doing some research and checking the website’s reputation in Ahrefs I decided to add it to some of the initial choices.

The market is extremely well-known and the best part is that you are able to offer a variety of high-end products, not only a few specific kinds of goods.

From designer watches, clothes fashion items, shoes, belts, and jewelry, to high-end accessories for women and men They sell an assortment of second-hand items.

Over 14000 items from the most renowned brands such as Prada, Louis Vuitton, and Gucci to advertise on the official Luxury Garage Sale website.

Rakuten is the platform through which Luxury Garage Sales’ affiliate program is administered. You’ll first need to sign up for a Rakuten account, and then apply to join the program.

The commission rate that is offered to affiliate partners is 5 percent. It increases to three percent once the sales reach $5000.

A dedicated team is available to assist affiliates with any concerns or issues. Promotional materials are also available.

Official Website: https://luxurygaragesale.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Luxury Garage Sale affiliate program

Commission The rates are 5percent on legitimate sales and 3% on all purchases of $5000 or more.

Cookie Duration: 30 days

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5. Luxury Moments Group Affiliate Program

Screenshot 2021 09 25 at 18.44.12

The 3rd company we’ve selected includes Luxury Moments Group. The name is very well thought-out.

Before you go to the official site, I’d like to warn you that this business is only suitable for the affiliates only if the majority of your viewers/visitors are coming from the United Kingdom, Spain, or any of the close European countries.

They provide many life management solutions in Spain that range from providing luxury vehicles and VIP access to yachts, and bookings for luxury transfers.

Affiliate programs are run by the company itself. There is no need to sign up on any other platform, such as CJ Affiliate, JVZoo, and so on.

The other information about the program will be revealed once you visit their affiliate page and then contact Support.

Official Website: https://luxurymomentsgroup.com

Affiliate Sign-up Page: The LMG Affiliate Program

Commission Prices: Not disclosed

Cookie Duration: Not disclosed

6. SuperJeweler Affiliate Program

Screenshot 2021 09 25 at 18.44.29

SuperJeweler is among my top premium jewelry brands that offer premium jewelry like diamond rings that are valued at thousands of dollars gemstones, earrings, and bracelets, as well as other accessories.

I went through the Instagram handle and discovered only a handful of followers. I was unsure whether or not the firm is reliable however Ahrefs has once more cleared all of their accounts.

Customers and associate marketers are able to trust in the business as they purchase and sell products as well as affiliate marketers. They’ve been in business since 1999. That’s pretty impressive!

SuperJeweler utilizes CJ Affiliate (earlier CJ Affiliate was formerly known as Commission Junction) to manage its affiliate program. Before I tell you what commissions are charged, it is important to be aware that the conversion rate that the company claims to have is 5percent.

The commission rate is between three and six percent of all qualified sales. The 3 month EPC (earnings per click) is $42.11 and the duration of the cookie is 60 days.

Official Website: https://superjeweler.com

Affiliate Signup Page SuperJeweler is a luxury affiliate program

Commission Ratios 3.6% of commission for all sales

Cookie Duration: 60 days

7. AMARA Affiliate Program

Screenshot 2021 09 25 at 18.45.25

AMARA is among the most well-known and reliable luxury homeware and gifting retailers that stock more than 20,000 items from more than 300 top luxury home design brands.

The company ships products to nearly every country on the globe. From luxurious furniture for your home lighting, sheets and dining items kitchen appliances, bathroom products to various other accessories for your home or outdoor space most products associated with home decor can be purchased at AMARA.

AMARA’s home affiliate program that is luxurious is available in Rakuten LinkShare. Commission rates are 6 percent. Six percent of a 10000 dollars of sales equals 600 dollars. It’s cool, don’t you think?

In the meantime, before I get any further take a look at this article where I’ve presented a selection of the top high-end affiliate programs.

There are many resources available, such as banners and hyperlinks, text, tools for tracking, and other creative assets that affiliates can use to be successful.

Contact the support team of affiliates should you encounter any issues. The duration of the cookie for the program is 30 days.

Official Website: https://www.amara.com

Affiliate Signup Page: AMARA affiliate program

Commission Rates: 5% baseline commission

Cookie Duration: 30 days

8. Time & Place Luxury Travel Affiliate Program

Screenshot 2021 09 25 at 18.47.02

Traveling is among the most romantic experiences of life. When you can explore new destinations without compromising on luxury, it’s so amazing.

This is the kind of thing Time & Place helps people accomplish. It’s a luxury vacation rental service that was created in the year 2000 by Mitch Willey.

They are focused on providing the most memorable travel experience for customers and making their trips more enjoyable.

In order to be eligible for the Time and Place luxury travel affiliate program, you’re going to have to go to their affiliate sign-up page and mail a letter.

I’d love to provide some additional details about Time and Place by the time you’ve done this. The average amount of money spent on orders Time & Place has shared exceeds $300.

A commission fee is 3 percent. Commissions are paid 30 days prior to departure. Additionally, the duration of the cookie is one year. This is pretty impressive, isn’t it? Learn more about it by visiting the links below.

Official Website: https://timeandplace.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Time & Place affiliate program

Commission Costs: 3% on all bookings that are qualified

Cookie Duration: 365 days

9. OceanScape Yachts Affiliate Program

Screenshot 2021 09 25 at 18.47.50

If you’re talking about the luxury of life, you cannot ignore yachts surely, don’t you think? OceanScape is the ideal solution for anyone in love with extravagant tastes and wishes to charter luxurious yachts.

You can create a customized cruise with OceanScape and select your own adventures. If your target audience is attracted to premium products and experiences, they’ll love OceanScape.

The OceanScape luxury yachts affiliate program is administered by the company itself. It’s free to sign up and the process is very simple.

It costs at least $25000 to hire a boat The minimum commission affiliates could expect to earn per transaction is $1250.

You can also earn a 500 bonus for anyone who clicks on your affiliate link and then joins the OceanScape Premium membership. The commission rate standard is five percent, and an average commission rate of two percent for bookings to come in the future.

There are lots of resources as well as an experienced team that can help affiliates with anything they require. The cookie duration is for lifetime that means you get the same amount of commissions for life.

Official Website: https://oceanscapeyachts.com

Affiliate Signup Page: OceanScape affiliate program

Commission Prices: 5.5% for new orders and 2% on all future bookings

Cookie Duration: Lifelong cookie duration

10. Raffles Luxury Hotels Affiliate Program

Screenshot 2021 09 25 at 18.52.42

Raffles is a luxury hotel chain established in 1887. Raffles allows travelers to book extravagant hotels in the most gorgeous destinations across the globe.

I’ve toured the hotels they have located in Asia Pacific locations, Europe as well as locations in the vicinity of those in the Indian Ocean. The hotels are excellent and your customers will enjoy staying in.

This Raffles affiliate program has been available and controlled by CJ Affiliate. Be aware that the affiliate program requires websites that have real traffic.

If you’re not yet having an existing audience for your business, the people might not agree with you. Signing up is simple and also free but.

The commission rate is five percent. The cookie duration is thirty days. All kinds of promotional tools are provided to affiliates in order to advertise luxurious hotels and resorts in a way that is effective.

Official Website: https://www.raffles.com

Partner Signup Page Raffles Luxury Hotels Affiliate Program

Commission The rates are 5.5% of all sales that are qualified

Cookie Duration: 30 days

11. Vestiaire Collective Affiliate Program

Screenshot 2021 09 25 at 18.55.21

The tenth choice we’ve included on our list of premium affiliates includes Vestiaire Collective. Vestiaire Collective is a luxury retailer that allows customers to browse and purchase used luxury items.

Their feeds of products include an array of items including designer clothing from top brands such as Gucci vintage bags, jewelry, shoes, and luxurious watches, fitness and lifestyle products, etc.

Before I discuss the affiliate programs they offer, I’d suggest you visit their website. Perhaps, it is one of the most professional websites I’ve encountered!

The store is a luxury resale shop and runs its affiliate program via CJ Affiliate. Affiliates can earn up to 10 percent commission on sales they consider to be a success.

The average value of orders is 500 pounds and their conversion rate is also impressive. Affiliates also benefit from a wide range of advantages and resources such as real-time data, creative content, and dedicated support for affiliates.

Official Website: https://us.vestiairecollective.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Vestiaire Collective affiliate program

Commission Prices: Up to 10 percent commission

Cookie Duration: 15 days

12. Gucci Luxury Fashion Affiliate Program

Screenshot 2021 09 25 at 18.55.51

And who doesn’t know about this company? It’s among the very initial names people get to recognize in the realm of luxury lifestyles.

For those who aren’t familiar with the label, Gucci is a luxury fashion label founded in 1921. It sells incredibly expensive products.

Okay, great but what sort of items?

While Gucci belts and bags are extremely well-known, the company also sells an array of trendy products like shirts, shoes and glasses, watches, pants, and more.

This Gucci Affiliate program is administered through VigLink And before I reveal the details to you, I’ll be clear that you’ll see insane conversion rates if you opt to endorse Gucci.

In the meantime to the Gucci partner program is open to affiliates from countries that are top of the line. Affiliates can earn up to 8 percent in commission.

Text links, banners along with an affiliate team management are accessible. The cookie duration isn’t publicly disclosed but you can learn more about it by clicking the navigation links listed below.

Official Website: https://www.gucci.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Gucci affiliate program

Commission Costs are 7 to 8% per transaction

Cookie Duration: Not disclosed

13. Saks Fifth Avenue Affiliate Program

Screenshot 2021 09 25 at 18.56.03

Saks Fifth Avenue is another famous luxury department store chain that was established in 1867. The company is currently based within New York, United States.

Customers can purchase stylish women’s clothing, male apparel, handbags, belts, shoe jewelry, and other fashion accessories on the official site.

The truth is that all items are expensive. It is possible to expect some decent numbers if you are able to attract the type of customers that your business needs.

Again it is again, Saks Fifth Avenue affiliate program is run on VigLink Affiliate marketers earn up to 11.83 percent commission for all purchases.

VigLink lists that their EPC is $.094 however I know this isn’t accurate. It’s even Google Adsense pays way higher than this. It is definitely possible to advertise this brand’s luxury and earn a lot of cash.

Official Website: https://saksfifthavenue.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Saks Fifth Avenue affiliate program

Commission Prices: up to 11.83 percent commission

Cookie Duration: Not disclosed

14. Money Metals Affiliate Program

Screenshot 2021 09 25 at 18.56.16

Money Metals is a renowned dealer of silver and gold. In reality, Investopedia named this company as the most reputable dealer on precious metals online.

This is quite cool, isn’t it? It’s funny to think that when I entered working in the corporate world, I wondered what the heck would people invest in purchasing silver and gold coins!

However, as I got to meet more people I was amazed to find people purchasing ‘tons of them. It was still a bit odd for me!

The Money Metals official website, everything from gold coins to gold bars, silver coins platinum coins, silver bars and bar, copper bars, etc.

Money Metals uses ShareASale to manage its affiliate program. I was expecting them to be paying thousands in commissions but they pay one fee of 16 dollars.

Although the commission rate is low, however, the EPC is very good. It is possible to earn more than $30 per click when you are able to find a trustworthy source of traffic. The duration of the cookie is 30 days.

Official Website: https://www.moneymetals.com

Affiliate Signup Page Money Metals affiliate program

Commission Costs $ 16 per brand new user

Cookie Duration: 30 days

15. JR Dunn’s Affiliate Program for Jewelry

Screenshot 2021 09 25 at 18.56.40

JR Dunn is top-rated designer jewelry and engagement rings vendor. Their official website features many luxury items such as Rolex watches and diamond jewelry and earrings Gucci merchandise, presents, and many other items that are considered to be luxury.

The official site’s homepage features many cool watches. This was a bit confusing for me, and I needed to check again to make sure I was on the official website of Rolex”! This was funny, isn’t it?

JR Dunn uses the ShareASale network to run and manage its affiliate program. Affiliates keen to join are likely to be required to set up an account on the ShareASale Account first.

The company claims to have an extremely high average value for orders that exceed $1000. In addition, you will earn a 3 percent commission for being a partner. You can anticipate earning a large amount of money from only a handful of ‘good’ sales.

That’s why people are promoting high-end brands, isn’t it? The period of referral is fifteen days. You are able to learn more by going to the links below.

Official Site: https://jrdunn.com

Affiliate Signup Page JR Dunn affiliate program

Commission Rates: 3% on qualified sales

Cookie Duration: 15 days

16. Oberoi Hotels & Resorts Affiliate Program

Screenshot 2021 09 25 at 18.57.58


Oberoi Hotels is one of the largest hotel chains in India with its headquarters in Delhi. I’ve been to a handful of their hotels and I can say, their list includes some of the most luxurious hotels of the past I’ve ever been to.

They have hotels across seven different countries that include India, Egypt, Indonesia, UAE, Morocco, Mauritius as well as Saudi Arabia.

The company has been offering excellent stay-in facilities since the year 1934. Today, they have thousands of customers that are new to booking frequently.

It is the Oberoi Hotels affiliate program that is operated and listed on Awin. It is accepting affiliate partners from all the major countries around the globe.

The typical order value is $332. The commission rate is 6 percent. It is enough to have at least two or three major sales to earn a decent amount of money from this hotel affiliate program that is luxurious.

Official Website: https://www.oberoihotels.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Oberoi Hotels affiliate program

Commission Prices: 6per reservation

Cookie Duration: 30 days

17. Bloomingdale’s Affiliate Program

Screenshot 2021 09 25 at 18.58.12 1

Bloomingdale’s is a very well-known brand across the nation. It’s a brand of luxury department stores also, don’t you?

They have a huge selection of merchandise, such as designer clothing, shoes, jewelry bags, clothing for children high-end gifts cosmetics, and many other costly fashion items.

It has been since 1861. As of today, it’s located in New York, New York, United States.

Bloomingdale operates its affiliate program within the platform of Rakuten LinkShare affiliate network. it can join by any person across the globe for no cost.

The company offers its affiliate partners up-to-date innovative assets, newsletters guides, guides as well as loyalty rewards. decent rewards, as well as an efficient support team.

Official Website: https://www.bloomingdales.com

Affiliate Sign-up Page: Bloomingdale’s program for affiliates

Commission The rates are 2 percent commission

Cookie Duration: Not disclosed

18. Etihad Airways Affiliate Program

Screenshot 2021 09 25 at 19.03.49


Etihad Airways is a luxury airline from the UAE which allows passengers to travel across the world, without compromising on luxury.

Visitors can access the responsive Etihad Airways website and book first-class or business-class flights so that they can travel in comfort.

Etihad Airways’ affiliate program is in operation in the most prestigious countries, however, affiliates will need to join multiple affiliate networks/platforms in order to conduct promotions.

For instance, affiliates from America for instance, affiliates from the United States can join on CJ Affiliate, however, affiliates from the UK must sign up on Awin Affiliates from India must join the same network on Optimize Media.

It is 2 percent per booking, and the other information isn’t revealed. Yes, there’s support staff to assist you.

Official Website: https://www.etihad.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Etihad Airways affiliate program

Commission Prices: 2% per booking

Cookie Duration: Not disclosed

19. MSC Cruises’ Premium Affiliate Program

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Who doesn’t like taking cruises and relaxing in the blue ocean? Try advertising MSC Cruises to your audience in the niche of luxury.

Oh, I didn’t even describe the features of MSC Cruises is, right? Let’s look at MSC Cruises, a global cruise line that is based in Geneva.

Customers can make reservations for cruises on MSC Cruises’ MSC Cruises official MSC Cruises website to enjoy their vacations or other. I would suggest you recommend the company to your followers to see what response they get.

The cruise line runs its affiliate program via LinkShare operated by Rakuten Advertising. You are permitted to be a part of the program for free without having to pay any upfront fees.

For each customer or referral that you refer to a qualified person that you refer to your affiliate, you will receive a one-time hundred-dollar fee. The time period for tracking is 30 days.

Official Website: https://www.msccruisesusa.com

Affiliate Sign-up Page: The MSC Cruises Affiliate Program

Commission Prices: $100 for every new customer

Cookie Duration: 30 days

20. L’Occitane En Provence Affiliate Program

Screenshot 2021 09 25 at 19.04.17

L’Occitane sells premium natural beauty products like creams, hand care products, and dry skin products.

Before I tell you about their affiliate program, let me tell you that not all of the products they sell have a price tag below $10 or $20. Most of their products are very expensive.

The company is also highly trusted and has been on the market since 1976. Let’s now talk about their partnership program.

CJ Affiliate manages the L’Occitane Affiliate Program. CJ Affiliate earns a commission of two-and-a-half percent on all sales.

All affiliates receive creative banners and optimized links to optimized pages. There is also a responsive management team.

Official Website: https://www.loccitane.com

Affiliate Signup Page L’Occitane associate program

Commission Rates 2.5% for all qualified sales

Cookie Duration: 45 days

21. The Stylemyle Affiliate Program

Screenshot 2021 09 25 at 19.04.27

Stylemyle, a luxury fashion company, sells fashionable apparel and stylish products to people who are interested in keeping up with the latest trends.

The luxury fashion affiliate program at Stylemyle is managed in-house. Stylemyle affiliates interested in becoming partners with Stylemyle must send their information (alongside the URL of their website) to Stylemyle’s associate management team. They will then review your information.

Within 10 days of submitting your application, you will receive a response from the team. The commission rate is 15%. Resources such as tracking tools, banners, and accurate reporting are also provided.

Official Website: https://www.stylemyle.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Stylemyle affiliate program

Commission Rates 15%

Cookie Duration: Not disclosed

22. Villiers Jets Affiliate Program

Screenshot 2021 09 25 at 19.04.43

Nothing spells luxury quite like a private jet, does it?

You get what we mean, even though it is not literal.

Villiers can access over 9,000 private jets in 40,000 locations.

You only need to search, book, and fly.

There will be no more worries about delays, queues, or free-range children running around your cabin like it were some sort of stratospheric playground.

Villiers has dedicated charter flights. However, you can also book empty-leg flights. This is when the person renting the jet only needs a one-way flight.

Affiliates receive a generous 30% commission and the chance to earn recurring compensation for every customer you refer.

A charter flight that is just a few minutes long can easily cost more than $10,000. This commission equals $3,000 for you.

You also get a 365-day cookie so that potential sales can be tracked for up to one year.

URL: Villiers Jet affiliate program

Commission rates: 30%, recurring

Cookie duration: 365 days

23. Urbilis Affiliate Program

Screenshot 2021 09 25 at 19.05.06

for any reason furniture shopping is a passion for many.

They are also willing to spend ridiculous amounts of money on outdoor and indoor furniture.

You can find planters (things that you place plants in) on the Urbilis website which retails for more than $1,000.

These are more popular for people to purchase in multiples or sets.

For example, their retro-styled seating can be purchased for $800+ per seat.

These aren’t the products you’ll find at your local IKEA.

Their average purchase is $707.99. With their 8% commission rate, you get a $56 payout.

Remember that you can easily make thousands of commissions from one sale, especially if the client is furnishing their entire house.

Anyone who has an interior design blog/YouTube channel can make a lot of money by being an interior designer.

URL: Urbilis affiliate program

Commission rates: 8%

Cookie duration: 45 days

24. Meli Joe Affiliate Program

Screenshot 2021 09 25 at 19.05.35

Nathalie Genty, mother of 4 children founded MeliJoe in 2007. They are a specialist in children’s fashion (0-16 years), carrying luxury brands like Burberry, Chloe, and Dolce & Gabbana as well as Gucci, and many others.

CJ Affiliate manages the affiliate program and pays a 10% commission along with a 30-day cookie duration. Luxury items are a big seller, but the niche for children is great.

This company is well-suited to promote fashion to children’s parents. They have over 10,000 items and many designer brands.

Affiliate URL: https://www.melijoe.com/us/page/affiliation

Commission rate: 10%

Cookie Duration: 30 days

My final thoughts on luxury affiliate programs

Promoting luxury products can be as easy as any other affiliate product. It is all about reaching the right niche audience.

For affiliate commissions, it is ideal to create a niche site. It’s how I run my business online and it’s the best way to affiliate market.

You can earn commissions from sleeping, running errands, and spending time with loved ones.

Beginning entrepreneurs may find it difficult to get started. Click Here to get started with Your First Website.

start your website

samcart review

SamCart In Depth Review- Is It Worth The Money

What is SamCart

SamCart is an online shopping cart that sells digital products. SamCart can help you set up a membership area and sell ebooks, courses, coaching, or online courses. It’s a hosted service and doesn’t require technical knowledge.

SamCart, a piece 3rd-party shopping cart software was developed by Scott Moran and Brian Moran. ThriveCart has been considered to be the closest competing service.

It’s a simple addon that allows you to make the most out of every sale. By optimizing your checkout pages experience, you can increase conversion rates from sales pages.

Try SamCart for Free for 14 Days


    ksnip 20210918 160215

  • New Customizable Order Bump Layout Multiple order bumps can be presented to increase your LTV.
  • New SamCart Courses — Create online classes using SamCart without any additional services
  • Integrations – 3 payment processors, 18 email service providers, 7 membership systems, Zapier, custom webhooks
  • Upsells in a Click
  • You can pay what you want
  • Subscriber Saver
  • Cart Abandonment
  • Advanced Subscriptions
  • Coupons and Discounts
  • Premade templates
  • Reporting (sales and refunds, subscriptions upsells, fees, traffic, etc.)
  • Triggers — Fire events that occur at specific times
  • A/B Split Testing — Test which layout is more popular (but not pricing).
  • Marketing Analytics (aka. UTM codes
  • Affiliate Program
  • You can set up custom domains per product

Payment Options and Coupons

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SamCart offers many options to position and price your products.

  • Subscribe to our newsletter (weekly or monthly), quarterly, annually, or on a custom day
  • Amount of rebills (nonstop up to ‘X’ amount).
  • Trail period
  • Price at the beginning and the recurring price
  • Both digital and physical products
  • Shipping costs can be added to physical products depending on where they are shipped
  • Coupons — Recurring or one-time. Flat rate or percentage
  • You can choose from a variety of payment terms
  • Buy Bumps
  • Taxes — Sales tax and VAT

SamCart supports the sale of physical products but it’s designed to be part of a sales funnel, like a newsletter or book. It’s not intended for one-off purchases.

Try SamCart for Free for 14 Days

SamCart Templates

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SamCart’s templates are a popular feature. There are two options: premade templates or empty layouts.

The empty layout is a collection of simple designs that can be used to match different cart designs. There are eight empty layouts available:

  • Blocky — Simple design that includes contact information at the top, middle order summary and payment methods at the bottom.
  • Startup — This is a modern layout using the Blocky template, with the payment options in the middle.
  • Launchpad — A different version of the Startup template.
  • Accelerator – Two-column layout, with product information on the right and order information on left.
  • Multi-Step — This breaks down the sales page in multiple steps (Contact Information and Order Details as well as Confirmation).
  • Popup template — Create a popup order from orders received from another website.
  • Full Width — This layout is perfect for mobile ordering.
  • Two Column — This layout is similar to the Accelerator layout but the order information can be found on the right. The content is in the left column.

There are also pre-made templates. These templates can be used for specific niches. There are 19 options to choose from

  • One-page Blueprint – SamCarts has recently promoted the idea of having all your information on a single sales page.
  • Publisher — This template can be used to sell a book or an ebook.
  • Fitness — A sample design to promote your book or course in fitness.
  • Video Sales letter — VSL can be used to sell products and is a popular sales tool.
  • Masterclass — A way to make an online course sellable
  • Portrait — An example online shopping cart from a photography studio.
  • Trainer – An example of an online personal trainer.
  • Studio — A mockup of a dance studio to promote live coaching.
  • Avo — This is an example of a product-based, all-in-one sales page.
  • Webinar — SamCart used this example to show how webinars can be an effective way to sell high-ticket products.
  • Inventor – This template can be used to sell a high-end physical product.
  • Nutrition — A sample layout to sell healthy dietary ebooks or memberships.
  • Classroom – A template that makes it easy to market courses to students.
  • Traveler – Sell travel information online
  • Author – Promote your book using this design.
  • Agency – Sell pre-prepared consulting work in this simple-to-change format.
  • Authority — This template can be used by experts to promote your course.
  • Software — A template to sell software as a download or as a service.
  • Trial – Sell some before you charge your customers full price.

Although the templates are not terrible, they could be a bit cleaner in terms of removing design elements. These templates show the flexibility of SamCart’s editor.

These designs are both mobile- and desktop-friendly. Mobile ordering is a key aspect of online shopping today. You should make sure that your service supports mobile ordering. SamCart’s pre-made templates and options to enable/disable items on mobile, as well as wallet support, make SamCart a great choice.

Drag & Drop Builder

SamCart’s visual editor offers many options for making your order page stand out and increasing conversions with various promotional techniques.

The Core Features

There are many options for displaying information on your order form.

  • Headline
  • Text
  • Divider
  • Bullet
  • Button
  • Image
  • Video
  • Icon


These tools can be used for increasing sales of your product. There are many styles available for each of these tools.

  • Progress bar — Displays the progress of the user during the order process.
  • Countdown Limited time offer It can be the date they entered the sales page, or a specific date and/or time.
  • Guarantee – One of the easiest ways to reduce risk is to show a seal.
  • Testimonial — Another way to make sure the buyer is making the right choice is to use social proof.
  • FAQ – Get rid of common objections with the frequently asked questions section.
  • Tabs — Too much information on a sales page can make it confusing for the buyer. Tabs make it easy to present many information.
  • Custom HTML – Add custom HTML to your order page,

SamCart’s editor also offers a collection feature, called Collections. This feature can be thought of as mini-templates that you can use on your order pages. These are pre-designed layouts you can use on any page.

You can choose to display or hide all of these on mobile and desktop devices. You can save your winning design as a template if you have a design that you like and want to reuse (which I highly recommend).

Affiliate Program

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SamCart’s affiliate program is simpler than ThriveCart. SamCart’s settings are global and can not be modified by affiliates or products. The reporting for affiliates is, well, basic. Affiliates don’t have any option to add their own pixels or create an exclusive bonus.

SamCart does not have a postback function for super affiliates such as me. Affiliates who want to track conversions have only one choice. Affiliates have only one option: the Marketing Analytics option, which is available only with the Scale plan. As a SamCart customer, you must enable Utm_content so that your affiliates have access to traffic source information. This is not a practical solution.

SamCart’s Affiliate Program works but it is not the best part of their service. You should consider ThriveCart or adding an affiliate system such as TUNE or Cake to meet your affiliate needs.

Try SamCart for Free for 14 Days

SamCart Integrations

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SamCart offers Zapier integration and webhooks for extending their service.

Payment Gateways

SamCart offers slightly more payment gateway options than ThriveCart. SamCart uses Braintree, while ThriveCart uses Authorize.net. This restriction may limit your choices in your shopping cart system.

SamCart is able to support Stripe. It’s easy to set up and apply for. PayPal is another popular payment method that SamCart supports. It is highly recommended that you enable it. My experience shows that many customers prefer PayPal due to its security and the ability to pay using a checking account and concealing credit card details.

SamCart also supports Stripe if you want to accept a digital wallet such as Apple Pay, Microsoft Pay or Google Pay.

  • Braintree
  • PayPal
  • Stripe

Email marketing providers

SamCart has many email providers that you can choose from.

  • ActiveCampaign
  • AWeber
  • Bronto
  • Campaign Monitor
  • Campaign Refinery
  • CM Commerce
  • Constant Contact
  • ConvertKit
  • Customer.io
  • Drip
  • E-goi
  • Eloqua
  • EmailOctopus
  • Emma
  • Feedblitz
  • GetResponse
  • HubSpot
  • iContact
  • Infusionsoft
  • iPost
  • Iterable
  • Jilt
  • Kajabi
  • Kartra
  • Klaviyo
  • Mad Mimi
  • MailChimp
  • MailerLite
  • Mailgun
  • MailPoet
  • Market Hero
  • Marketo
  • Maropost
  • Moosend
  • Ontraport
  • Pardot
  • SendinBlue
  • Sendloop
  • SendPulse
  • Sendy
  • SharpSprint

Membership platforms

Try SamCart for Free for 14 Days

Membership service is necessary to sell digital products or monthly subscriptions to private areas. ThriveCart is compatible with a variety of membership services and WordPress plugins.

ThriveCart is a direct partner with these membership programs:

  • Digital Access Pass
  • Kajabi
  • MemberMouse
  • MemberPress
  • OptimizeMember
  • Thinkific
  • WishList Member

Zapier allows you to connect with other memberships.

Fulfillment Services

You only have one choice if you want to sell physical products.

  • ShipStation


Other services are not included in this category

  • Intercom
  • Register as an Affiliate


When a particular event occurs, you can send events to external services. These events can be for each product or all products (global). These events can be performed:

  • Place your order
  • Add Product to Your Order
  • Product purchased
  • Product Refunded
  • Product Partially Refunded
  • Prospect created
  • Cancellation of Subscription
  • Failure to pay a subscription fee
  • Subscription Fee
  • Subscription Delinquent
  • Subscription Recovered
  • Subscription Restarted
  • Subscription Started
  • Subscription Charge Refunded
  • Partially Refunded Subscription Charge
  • Upsells Available

These triggers can be used with SamCart’s built-in integrations, Zapier or webhooks to create your custom integration.

SamCart Pricing

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SamCart has four pricing options.

  • Launch Plan: $49/month
  • Grow Plan: $99 per month
  • Scale Plan: $199/month
  • Enterprise Plan: $399/month

SamCart Launch plan is for entrepreneurs who want to launch their first digital product. This plan is not suitable for subscription businesses or people who need the one-click upsell and payment plan features. These features cannot be unlocked with the Grow or Scale plans.

The SamCart Launch Plan has what the Launch Plan doesn’t. It features customer management, subscription charges reminders, advanced cancellations, upsell capabilities, and many other features.

Advanced SamCart features are included in the SamCart scale plan. This plan includes all features of the Launch and Grow plans, as well as their Affiliate Center, cart abandonment and built-in A-B testing. It also integrates CRM integrations, webhooks and priority email and chat support.

For large companies, the SamCart Business Plan can be used. This plan includes a dedicated account manager and integration setup. It also gives you everything you need to get going quickly.

Notification: SamCart updated its pricing page and changed the names of their plans (originally called the Basic Plan, Pro Plan & Premium Plan).

Every SamCart pricing program comes with a free trial and a money back guarantee.

ThriveCart vs. SamCart

Both SamCart and ThriveCart have very similar services. Which would you choose? The choice between the two can be difficult. As with most competing services, which one you choose is up to your particular needs.

ThriveCart seems to be a little more professional, at least in my opinion, when i t comes to creating shopping carts and the visual editor. I was happier with the results of ThriveCart. I found the administration area to be more intuitive.

I liked ThriveCart’s affiliate system, which has more functionality and allows affiliates to create their own bonuses. This is something that most third-party affiliate programs don’t offer. SamCart’s affiliate program, on the other hand, is extremely basic. I would recommend using an affiliate service if you are serious in affiliate marketing.

Many people will choose between SamCart or ThriveCart based on the services they are currently using. If you use Braintree to process credit cards, this will restrict your options to SamCart as ThriveCart doesn’t offer it.

SamCart Alternatives

What are some alternatives to SamCart These are some of the most popular alternatives to SamCart:


Try SamCart for Free for 14 Days

My Recommendation

SamCart accounts are a significant monthly investment but it is still a powerful platform for internet marketers (especially those who have the Scale Plan).

You will be able to create beautiful checkout pages with their advanced features and easy-to-use interface (and a new drag-and-drop editor).

SamCart is an excellent online shopping cart for bloggers or people selling digital products. 

SamCart is not the best choice if you sell physical products.

SamCart’s biggest drawback is its high price. SamCart can be quite expensive over time. SamCart has made numerous improvements to the service since its launch in 2015.

As an alternative, I recommend ThriveCart.

My personal experience with ThriveCart was a result of its powerful affiliate program and one-time fee.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

What is SamCart?

SamCart is a shopping cart for checkout platforms that simplifies the process. It offers a number of features such as one-click upsells, order bumping and subscription pricing. SamCart allows you to create membership websites with a solid payment structure.

SamCart offers a free trial.

SamCart’s pricing page clearly shows that they offer a 14-day free trial for all plans (Pro and Premium). There is no money-back guarantee.

How much does SamCart cost?

SamCart offers three pricing options that are affordable for all budgets. The basic plan, the Launch Plan (which costs $49 per month), includes everything you need in order to get started. The Grow Plan, which costs $99 per month, includes features such as upsell and the most costly Scale Plan ($199 per month), which includes affiliate tracking.

How can I cancel my SamCart Account?

SamCart dashboard users cannot cancel their accounts. Either use the SamCart dashboard’s live chat or send an email to support@samcart.com. You don’t have to worry because they are always responsive.

Try SamCart for Free for 14 Days



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