Ever Wondered If Airbnb Has An Affiliate Program?

There’s a little confusion over what is the Airbnb affiliate program. It is due to the fact that the company was forced to close the affiliate program in the year 2015, allowing only certain partners to stay.

While they have relaunched an affiliate program with a brand-new name in 2017, there’s some uncertainty about the future.

Does Airbnb have an affiliate program, does it? Airbnb is a partner in two different affiliate programs: Host and Guest. Airbnb guest program permits you to display an Airbnb listing on your website to earn a commission on bookings. In the Airbnb Host program, you provide hosting opportunities that earn you a profit for each new sign-up.

If you’re interested in investigating affiliate programs, it’s essential to be aware that there is a strict threshold for joining, and it is difficult to locate a wealth of information on the program on the internet. To learn more regarding the affiliate program, it is necessary to have to first apply, and then be able to qualify in order to find out more about the specifics of the program, including how commissions are structured.

We have the details you need to know prior to submitting your application, and you’ll be able to figure out whether these programs will be a good choice for your site.

What do you need to know in order to qualify to be eligible for The Airbnb Affiliate Program?

Airbnb is seeking experienced companies and partners with established names. To be an Affiliate Partner (Guest as well as Host) and to promote Airbnb’s more than four million homes across 191 countries as well as more than 600,00 cities, your website or mobile app should have greater than one million visitors each month.

Airbnb is seeking the most effective match partners, and they pick websites and applications that are relevant, creative, and well-known to the people with the intention of renting or hosting their houses.

Airbnb is also seeking enthusiastic affiliates who can leverage their website or app blogs and social media channels. 

What is the difference between the Airbnb Affiliate Programs and the Airbnb Referral Program?

The Affiliate programs should not be confused with the Referral Program, which allows users to can send their friends and family links and receive travel credits for each reservation or booking made by a host or guest by using the link. The Referral program offers you to get $20 for every new user and a maximum of $5,000. The travel credits expire at the end of one year.

Through the affiliate program, you are a partner in generating more traffic to the website. Affiliate Programs aren’t designed for users, but for websites and apps which are within the travel sector and increase traffic. They can attract more guests and hosts to book their rooms and join Airbnb and, consequently you earn a commission.

Does Airbnb’s Guest Program make up a part of an Affiliate or Referral Program?

This Guest program forms a part of the Affiliate Program. The program gives access to all Airbnb listings, which means you can advertise reservations on your website or through your app. You’ll be able to provide more than 4 million Airbnb homes in 191 countries to customers and earn a percentage for each new booking that is made via your website or app.

What is Airbnb Affiliate Commissions and Percentage?

Two ways that you earn money through Airbnb’s Affiliate Program. With their Guest Program, you are paid for every booking made by your guests. The Host Program is where you are paid a fee for each time new customers sign up to become hosts.

Unfortunately, Airbnb does not have details about the commission structure on its website. It is impossible to find this information on the internet due to their closed affiliate network. This means that only members who have been approved are able to access where all the details are available.

What other Travel Affiliate programs are available?

If you run a travel or hosting app, there are many opportunities to increase your revenue. There are Affiliate Programs that will increase your website’s traffic by promoting sites that are relevant to your field. If you are looking to promote multiple affiliates offers, it is possible to achieve this and boost your revenue as well as traffic.

If you don’t qualify for programs such as the Airbnb Affiliate Program due to their minimal traffic requirements There are a few affiliate programs you can begin using as a beginner:


Hotels.com is another website that has an attractive Affiliate Program. You can display more than 290,000. Hotels across over 60 nations. The site manages its affiliates via a third-party service such as TradeDoubler, Affiliate Window, and Commission Junction among others.

To begin, you’ll be paid an initial 5.5 percent commission for each purchase that leads to the booking of a hotel room, however, there are performance levels: 5.75 percent for monthly sales that are equal or more than $8,000 and 6% for sales of more than $12,000 per month.


Expedia is among the biggest travel brands worldwide providing access to over 140,000 properties across the globe, as well as discounted airfare and cruises, vacation packages, and car rental.

Through its network of over 500 alliances with airlines and accommodation providers, It allows travelers the chance to cut down to 500 dollars when they combine flights or hotel reservations.

Through its loyalty program, customers earn points that can be used on future trips, which is another incentive to book with Expedia.

It is the Expedia affiliate program that offers different commissions depending on the kind of referral that you are successful in which ranges from 2percent on rentals to 6 percent on cruise reservations.

While the seven-day window for cookies is one of the least effective of these affiliate program options listed on this list but the seven-day EPC of over $83 indicates there’s plenty of affiliate income to be earned with this program.


Agoda is among the largest travel booking platforms, boasting more than 200 million rentals, as well as hotel reservations.

Instead of focusing on one specific segment of the travel industry the site offers discounts for leisure, business, or solo travelers, from the biggest resorts to the tiniest treasures. This means that there are more people which travel blogs can attract.

Travel bloggers are also very important to Agoda’s travel affiliate program since it’s only available to those with their own websites. Also, there are No social influencers.

If you are eligible and qualify, you can make up to seven% in commissions per successful referral which is higher than what other big booking sites offer.

Additionally, you can access hotel power advertisements along with text links as well as other tools to boost affiliate marketing commissions.


Booking.com is the leader in the world in the booking of accommodation online. Their Affiliate Program allows you to gain access to more than 23 million rooms that can be booked in more than two million properties.

It’s simple and cost-free to join. With just a few simple steps, you’ll be able to join their extensive network of more than 12,500 affiliates around the world. It is suitable for both large and small-sized sites. Additionally, its commission structures are tiered, meaning that it grows the additional affiliate-related sales. The commission can range from 25% to a maximum of 40 percent.


CruiseDirect.com is an internet-based cruise travel business that offers fantastic deals on cruise vacations around the world. Their Affiliate Program offers an average of 3% which isn’t as high as other programs, however, it is crucial to remember that the price of their cruises is more expensive than other travel options.

One of the greatest benefits of CruiseDirect? They provide 45-day cookies that mean you’ll receive credit for all bookings completed up to a minimum of a month in a half after the user has visited their website. There are no prerequisites or minimum traffic requirements to be eligible for their affiliate program. Therefore, the program offers a fantastic opportunity for sites as well as apps.

Click here for the list of more travel affiliate programs.

Getting started with a niche website

  1. Develop a niche-related website. To start your first website click here to learn more about it.
  2. Write lead-generating content. Make sure you write content that will generate leads. There are some questions people want to get clarified. They could search for healthy dog teeth or what harness suits best my cat. You can make a list or write a review and tell people why they should buy product A instead of Product B. If you feel uncomfortable writing yourself you can hire a writer on Fiverr or Hirewriters.
  3. Optimize traffic to convert by using targeted and low competition keywords. My favorite tool to find keywords is Keysearch and SemRush. Take it to a free ride for 7 days by clicking here.
  4. Create an email list. You can build your email list by offering a free e-Book, for example, so you attract people to sign up. An email list makes it easy to engage your customers and make them coming back to your site. AI recommend using Mailerlite. They are free to use up to 1,000 subscribers.
  5. Put your affiliate links near the top. When you position your affiliate links near the top, it will be easier for you to convert. Make the links clearly visible.
  6. Make video. I would also recommend launching a YouTube channel as it will give you the extra exposure you need to take full advantage of the audience. On the platform, you can create videos reviewing the products and drop links below that will guide your audience to Nike’s official website. Fitness niche sites are also an excellent platform for Nike shoes and other products, but their content must be relayed with what you are marketing. Otherwise, you will lose authority and trust during the marketing process.  There is a lot of free video-making tools out there like Blender, Lightworks, and Shotcut to name just a few.
  7. Always Monitor Your Conversions Rates. You can split test your landing pages or put the affiliate links in different ways on your page and see which one converts better.
  8. Use a clean template, so your visitors won’t get distracted. You get free themes over at wordpress.org
  9. Take advantage of social media. Social media allows people to interact. Grow your social media engagement by posting regularly on your Facebook Instagram page or Twitter account. The traffic from social accounts helps also to rank in google.

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