7 Best Woo Commerce Platform

Let’s analyze the most common e-Commerce platforms.

This article would be taking you through the best woo-commerce platform, as well as their features. Still, nevertheless, there is no absolute free e-commerce platform because it further requires some payment for having a domain name, payment processing fee, and the likes of others. With the options below, you can go ahead in picking one platform with less expense to pay on the website and still help grow your online business.

Woo Commerce

WooCommerce is widely known and mostly used for online businesses, and it is free for download. This platform makes hosting available, so all you have to do is purchase a web hosting and a domain name so it would be accessible and used by multiple users around the globe, for example, I personally recommend Hostinger. You can read my full Hostinger review here. Woocommerce comes with its advantages and disadvantages mentioned below.

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Advantages of WooCommerce

Woocommerce is known for its simplicity when it comes to customization.

  • It allows users to start their online stores even as a novice.
  • It gives you the user, total control on how to do your preferred design choosing from its different themes and all that is necessary for your store.
  • It is also less costly to operate, and it does not charge for any transaction of any sort but only fees that have to do with banks and your payment provider.
  • It allows you to sell several products like physical products or even affiliate products and digital downloads; this is only a few, among others.

Disadvantages of WooCommerce

  • Woocommerce, even as it is easy to use, is a bit complex for beginners or starters, unlike some other platforms. Its requirements for proper maintenance can be more demanding, and if you are not skilled in this line, you might get frustrated and not attain your goal at the end of the day for your online store.


Shopify is also an e-commerce platform and has its advantages and disadvantages.

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  • Shopify is highly recommended for beginners and is easy to operate. It comes with features that assist a user in setting the site for online stores, and you can add more elements from an app marketplace.


  • Shopify comes with a 2% charge on transaction fees. Using Shopify comes with its cost, even as it is easy to use.

Constant Contact’s Website Builder

Constant Contact’s website builder is less costly, and it comes with a plan that allows you to make your online store free of charge.

Free provision of host and domain, but it is limited to having just three products on your platform, adding more products to your store would require an upgrade to a paid plan.

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  • It is free for a start and gets a domain name as well.
  • Physical and digital product sales are sold in your store and your inventory can be monitored.
  • You can add a platform for blogging, and it is for free.
  • It also offers support via live chat and access to nonstop emails on necessary information.


  • It comes with a free package, but you would be restricted on the name to use for your domain, the site gives you a name and advertisements can come up anytime on the site.

BuyNow Plus

It is not entirely an eCommerce platform, but make buttons that can be placed on a website, and creating a stripe account is needed to use this platform fully.

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  • This platform can be used to create buttons and placed on social media platforms, and its transaction fee is 2%. It can also apply to resolve payments that keep occurring on credit cards even when your customer has no account.


  • Sadly, there are no extra features like creating websites, and the rest also would be required to get an SSL certificate.


BigCommerce offers WordPress plugins, and it allows you as a user to build your store, which hosts entirely.

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  • It is easy to start with; it allows you to have a free domain if you cannot afford to pay for a custom one, and it has various payment gateways or platforms. You can also add a third-party application to your store for more functions.


  • When it comes to the free trial, it does not exceed 15 days, and this could be a disadvantage because by then there is a possibility that you would not have started making any profit from the store, not just that you would also be charged a certain amount daily to keep your online store running and lastly you would be limited when it comes to using some features on the platform like their themes and so on.


Weebly gives a platform for a free trial, but it is not well known, unlike other platforms.

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  • All kinds of products are sold on this platform, and it comes with lots of themes to beautify your store. If you want your site to be upgraded, it offers a low price for upgrade and some built-in features. It is a good start for little or upcoming businesses.


  • Firstly, the transaction fee is being charged for 3%, you can only sell 25 products on your store, and it comes with streamed advertisements at any time on the site. The payment of fees is not that friendly in Weebly.

Big Cartel

Big Cartel is best for selling products that have to do with craft and handmade products.

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  • Your store can be designed according to your taste and select the name of your choice. For the free trial, it offers a platform for you to sell up to 5 products on your store, and there is no transaction fee. Big Cartel teaches how to operate on the site and brand your store.


  • It takes a long process for editing your theme, and it is technical because beginners would find it hard to use it comfortably. It requires an upgrade for the usage of more features, and it is not free.

With all notes above, analyze all the platforms carefully and see which best suits your online business as every one of them has its features and advantages with disadvantages. Beginners should use Woocommerce because it is but doesn’t exclude its pros and cons

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