5 Best WordPress Backup Plugins

Selecting the 5 best WordPress backup plugins can be very difficult, we came across several WordPress backup plugins, and I was initially confused, which plugin gives the best solution to my needs! 

Which led us to write this article, we will help you choose the 5 best WordPress backup plugins, which suits your need. We shall also be comparing the most credible and accessible WordPress Backup plugins available.

Taking your time and investing in a useful WordPress backup plugin is very important. Regardless of your business size, it’s worth every dime.

It can be tough to choose a backup plugin because it can be time and money-consuming, but it’s cheaper than having to lose all your work. We at Hostfacts, certain factors are to be considered when choosing a useful WordPress backup plugin.

  1. Website speed
  2. Option offered.
  3. Data restoration capability.
  4. Automatic Backup, backup retention
  5. Good pricing
  6. Option available to store Backup

Backup location

 Most WordPress backup services let you store your backup files only on your server. Now, to improve security, few  WordPress backup plugins support sending your backup data to remote locations such as Dropbox, Google Drive, or Amazon S3. That way, you can quickly restore your files, even if your entire website gets hacked.

Now it’s time to take a look at the 5 best WordPress backup plugins on the market!

1. UpdraftPlus:


UpdraftPlus is the very best and most popular free WordPress backup plugin.  Rated 4.8 stars on WordPress.org and the most used on WordPress because of its functionality.

UpdraftPlus has the highest functionalities so far, giving you the option to back up your Computer, File manager, Cloud, Google Drive, Amazon, and more.

UpdraftPlus Backup to remote storage locations: Both Free and Premium, providing options to avoid loss of data, UpdraftPlus provides Backup to remote cloud storage.

 It also supports scheduled backups and on-demand backups. With an option to choose the files, you want to Backup.

Our super Migrator feature allows you to clone and migrate your website directly to a different site, URL, or host super easily! You can do it all from the dashboard in a matter of minutes. Or use UpdraftClone to clone the test site to our servers in a matter of seconds.

Also, support various database options encrypting your sensitive databases (e.g., customer information or passwords); Backup external databases. Provides lock settings, reports for your Backup

UpdraftPlus has over 2 million users actively using their plugin and a 4.9-star rating, making them one of the best WordPress backup plugins on the market. UpdraftPlus is rated as the most popular backup solution for WordPress, with over a million active installs.

Price: Free  version while the premium comes for as low as $70

2. BackupBuddy:

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 Gives you a reliable backup strategy using a trusted WordPress backup plugin like BackupBuddy.

BackupBuddy was built in 2010 to meet the need for a reliable WordPress backup solution, protecting over 500,000 WordPress websites.

It enables you to Backup your entire website, automatic schedule backup, Backup to a remote location.

BackupBUddy Saves hours of work with BackupBuddy WordPress Migration features. You Need to change hosts or domains for your WordPress BackupBuddy helps you move a WordPress site to a new host or area quickly.

Automatic domain/URL replacement. BackupBuddy has a tool for replacing all URLs and text when you migrate to a new domain. Replace text automatically in your database. Provides developer feature, malware scan, server tools

Repair and optimization of your database are some of the critical elements of BackupBuddy, and you’ll get 1 GB free Stash Live storage when you purchase a plugin.

PRICE: Free while Premium Version from $80

3. VaultPress:


VaultPress is one of the most reliable WordPress plugins we have, developed by “Automattic” the engine room of WordPress.com.

Providing robust security for users, giving electronic files repairs, detects a malware, and dangerous attack with any issues, and provides a fix with a single click: automatic Backup, spam defense, site migration, file repair.

Jetpack owns VaultPress, so to use VaultPress, you need to install Jetpack and register for a WordPress.com account. 

Cons of VaultPress

First, it is costly to use because it doesn’t support multiple WordPress sites; each plan limits you to a single location.

Secondly, VaultPress provides the only option of backups for the time limit of 30 days for lower plans, which is expensive

Thirdly, unlimited backup times cost more and limits per site, which is undoubtedly reasonably valuable for small-scale businesses compared to other free and paid versions. VaultPress doesn’t offer free  WordPress backup.

Pricing: From $39 per year  

4. BackWPUp:

WordPress backup BackWPup

 BackWPUp has over 600,000 active users and more than 5 million downloads. It’s also one of the most popular WordPress plugins worldwide. Providing both free WordPress backup and a paid version. With the paid version, you are getting the all-in-one backup solution for WordPress with great support.

Extremely easy to use and allows automatic backups according to your site’s as choose.

Back up your complete WordPress installation and with the option of saving to a remote location. Back up multiple destinations per job, the backup-specific file path of your site synchronizes your file remotely on Google Drive, Amazon, and more.

Site restoring from BackupBackup is also elementary. BackWPup Pro version comes with priority support, the ability to store backups on Google Drive, and some unique features.

Price: Free, Premium plan available

 5. Duplicator:

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Duplicator is a straightforward and free WordPress backup plugin to use in backing up your WordPress files. It gives you the option of backing up in zip format and download them offline. There’s also a crucial feature of cloning your website, eliminating the manual process.

Duplicator also allows you to schedule backups, cloud storage, email notifications, auto database corrections, massive site support

Get started with Duplicator today. It provides free WordPress backup, which is reliable. 

Price: Free

General Review

Every WordPress backup plugin/ service that we discussed above has its pros and cons, but all of them offer superb WordPress files and database backup features.

We at HostFact use UpdraftPlus mainly because of its flexibility and reliability giving us the option to enforce manual retention.

Please do not store your BackupBackup on the same server as your website, and it’s highly advisable to save your BackupBackup elsewhere.  Should, in case your server fails, you will have the chance to restore it.

We highly advise you to store your backups using Goggle Drive, Amazon S3, DropBox, One drive, etc.

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